A Day In The Life of A Redhead (Collab with Rose@APurposeOfWingedDogs)

A Day In The Life Of A RedheadYou may not know that I’m a redhead

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No I’ve never made it clear at all… my hair color is a mystery.  IT COULD BE PURPLE YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

But as far as you know, I have red hair.  😉

Here’s a few things you may not have known about us amazing redheads:

  • no we do not dye our hair I’m like 12 why would I dye my hair not a fun color
  • we struggle!

So I present to you… A day In The Life Of A Redhead!

*angelic choirs*  Yes I swear this is something you will need for future reference I promise it’s USEFUL.  Who knows maybe you’ll eat to many carrots and BAM your hair will turn red.


I should stop talking now.

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I roll out of bed, my hair along with me*.


And as I look in the mirrror….

You see, lemme educate y’all for a second.

When I wake up my hair is either in two little nice pippi-longstocking braids…



Knotted, tangled, everything you can imagine.  I’m literally more terrifying than an actual lion.



I flip my head over and pull my stubborn locks into a tight bun, suffocating the craziness I refuse to let out in public.

RIP to all the hairties I have lost in my hair.

There should be a memorial for my hairties… OH WAIT**.


AND CAN WE TALK about when hairties break.  I don’t know why, but whenever I hear that life changing snap of a hairtie that’s been used once too many times, I feel like questioning my life choices.  What did I ever do to that hairtie?  Did it deserve to die so early in it’s lifespan?  What could I have done to save the poor thing?  If I had only used it in my hair and not the dolls’… WHERE IS another HAIRTIE?


And there are NO hairties that camoflauge in my hair.  Brown may be the closest, but EVIDENTLY nobody thinks about us gingers when designer hair tie colors.

Image result for thats a lot of work gif

And then there are the days when I can’t tame the lion that lives with my hair….

*duh why would my hair not be with me when I roll out of bed (????)


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Teacher:  Ok, so who knows the answer to this question that will NEVER come up in real life?

*raises hand*

Teacher:  “Oh, RED, what do you think the answer is?”

Every. Single. Teacher.  At some point in the school year, calls me red.  I swear they don’t know my actual name.

I mean yes, the term is considered endearing, and yes, I do like it a little bit.  But sometimes it’s just too much….


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Ok, so I’m in the locker room, and I’ve changed into my PE clothes, and two random girls I’ve never seen in my life*** approach me..

“Is your hair actually ORANGE or do you dye it?”


What I want to say:

“EXCUSE ME you monsters my hair is not orange how dare you now I shall let loose my fiery RED dragons upon you, you have insulted my entire family one day we will meet again, always be watching because when you think you’re alone you won’t be and when you think you’re safe you’ll face MY WRATH!”

What I say:

“Nope, my hair’s natural, and it’s actually red,”

The amount of politeness I have to muster when answering this question.


And by the way the dress code policy CLEARLY states that there may be no unnatural hair colors as it may be distracting to fellow classmates soooo….

The myth that gingers have bad tempers is a LIE.  I control my temper PERFECTLY NORMAL DON’T YOU DARE ARGUE.  😉


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I’m stepping off the bus, fully prepared for freedom from the authority of the education system, and the bus driver tells me…”Your hair color is so pretty!  Redheads are very rare, did you know that?”


And I say, “Thank you!”

But inside, I’m thinking…

yes I know that I’m a rare and special unicorn with beautiful hair thank you for boosting my confidence I hope you get a good fortune cookie soon.

ONLY 4% OF THE WORLD HAS RED HAIR I feel so special.


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I’m at Olive Garden, (aka my favorite place on earth but that’s another post)  and the waiter comes to take our order, and the first thing he says is not “HI my name is Billy Bob I’ll be your server today, what would you like to Drink?”  Noooo it’s “Wow, you have red hair?  Where did you get it from?”

Because you must first understand that neither my mother or father have red hair.

Now there are many ways I have responded to this question throughout the years, from age 4-8 I would simply reply, “I got it from God…”


But it’s harder now that I understand the concept of not making conversation awkward, “Thank you!  My Dad used to have red hair when he was a kid!”

And this is when my Mom cuts in by telling Billy bob that we would all like waters.  XD

My dad did used to have red hair when he was a kid, and my great grandma had red hair too.

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So I’m consuming my Chicken Parmesan meatball sandwich and an elderly lady sitting in the booth beside us interrupts my eating with, “Oh you have such beautiful hair!  You know, my stepfather’s neighbor’s aunt’s 4th cousin has red hair!  He’s the only redhead I know.  He’s the only redhead in his family, I wonder where he got it from!  I wish I was a redhead!”


And I say, “Thank you so much!  That’s cool!”

The point being, I don’t care about what hair color some person I had no idea existed until this moment, and I don’t see the need to just tell me about every single redhead you know, and all about their favorite food, and where they arr tonight.  I just want to eat my food.


And the of course, when I get home at 8:00…

I have to douse my hair with water, and smother it in conditioners and formulas to keep it healthy and I have to dry it because it’s as thick as War and Peace and spend half an hour brushing it, braiding it, and finding two hairties to tie it with.


I hope you enjoyed hearing a day in the life of me… a redhead…AS FAR AS YOU KNOW.

jk I’m actually a real redhead here’s a photo of me with red hair:


img_2285 (1)

So yes.  This is my day.  Pity me, envy me?? idk, do whatever you want.  😛


Also be sure to check out Rose’s post all about the struggles of a redhead!  She’s a redhead just like me, and she run’s and absolutely astounding blog! I’ll link her post once she posts it.  😉


TacoBoutIt (2)

are you a redhead?  did you relate?  what is your hair color?

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Virtuous Bookworms

-Virtuous--Bookworms- (1)Welcome Back!

I know what you’re thinking…

“Um Sam…I don’t think books are the thing that make me virtuous..”


Excuse me?!  If you’re thinking this, you don’t have the virtue of humility!

Books are the reasons that bookworms are such good people.  People who have no literature are uneducated pieces of rude scum.  (Me?  Hating non readers?? No…..)

But lets think of the top virtues…


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I could literally use up all of my WordPress storage space just by writing about how patient we bookworms are.

But literally, just think about it!!

We spend so much time and energy reading our book, it’s like we’re in a very close relationship with this one book.  We bring it to school with us, we kiss it, we hug it, we introduce it to our cats… We spend so much time with it, it’s like we’re dating books.


And then we’re done.  We’re over.  It could either be a mutual decision, like, “Hey sorry, but I think we’re done.  We need to start reading other books.  It was great while you lasted though.  I got a blank space on my bookshelf for you though.”

OR it could be a horrible breakup, “You gave me nothing!  You never did anything for me!  How could you be so lazy?  All I wanted was a satisfying ending… and now it looks like the story of us is ending!”



You never know how you’re going to break up with a book!

Another aspect is how we bookworms wait forever for new books to come out.

Shannon Messenger, I’m looking at you.


I’m pretty dang sure we all know the struggles of cliffhangers, but that’s a whole ‘nother post, because I can’t get any more rant-y about those.  *composes herself*

So we read an amazing, life changing book.  And one of the following happens:

  • The ending sucks and there isn’t a sequel

And we have to wait!  Sure, we cry for days, and consume an unhealthy amount of nutella over it, (but let’s be honest, we consume an unhealthy amount anyways!!?) but we still have to wait and learn to deal with it. It rips our heart apart.


And then the reward for all our patience comes, and we finish that book in literally like 3 days.  362 days to go until the next one.  Yooo hoo.


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EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Every single time we open a book, you have high expectations, right?!  You hope that the book will change your life, or make you laugh.

We bookworms have standards.  And we expect, (or as I would say, hope,) that the books we read meet those standards, right?!


So we have hope built inside of us.  No matter how ugly the cover is, we have hope for what’s on the inside.  That’s all that matters!  you hypocrite sam

Our hope is crushed so often, yet we still hope for that perfect book, and sometimes OUR PATIENCE is rewarded.



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It is sooo easy to spoil a book.  It can just spill out of you, and you aren’t even aware.  

It’s just like you’re spilling the spoiled beans, and then then the person you spilled spoiled beans onto is pretty mad at you, because nobody wants spoiled beans on their books!


But we learn how much it tears out our hearts, darkens our days, and leaves us in a sad, heap of a worm on the floor.  Our book is officially spoiled.  It’s rotten, it’s dead to us.


So when we are about to spoil the book, without even knowing it, we just bite our lips.  A bookworm’s lips have holes in them.  We do our own lip piercing.

So instead of spilling beans, we’re disciplining ourselves.

Another example, reading ahead.


You know that moment when you’re like, “Oh I’ll just read ahead a few hundred pages, I’m sure it’ll be just random dialogue that has nothing to do with the story!”

Of course, because it’s MY bookish life, I always “accidentally” read the page where someone dies or the couple I ship finally kiss.  It’s like spoiling it for ourselves.

So while we read, we develop this sense, almost.  It’s like we physically can’t turn the page past the next page we’re supposed to read like the good child that we cost definitely are not.

So yes, we bookworms develop discipline.


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All you bookworms reading this, if all else fails, you can always be a judge, because we bookworms give justice to our books.

If a book is horrid, and it was like a rotten piece of cantaloupe or avocado, we will tell EVERY.  PERSON.  WE. KNOW.  (of course that’s not very many people because we have limited social skills but STILL.)


We will give the book what it deserves.  I will only speak of it’s name in vain, I will throw that piece of disgust under the bookmobile.  I will give it justice.  I’m like a book gossip girl.  Like, I’ll tell all of it’s dirty secrets. (I won’t spoil it though, we just went over that.)

HOWEVER, if the book changed my life, that is all I will talk about.

So in a conversation I’ll be like, “Oh, your dog died?  That’s tough.  But I read this book the other day, and…”



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Bookworms work HARD.

We carry so many books.  Yes mom, I will read all of these 873 books on vacation.

If you’re a logical human being, you know that carrying that many books get you RIPPED.  And they’re not even paperbacks!  Who cares about lifting weights, I’ll lift books while reading them all day.


Now THAT’S a gym class I would want to take.  They’re all doing pushups and I’m lifting all my hardcover books, guess who’s getting the better workout?? Me.

Let’s all stop pretending that this has never happened to us before:

So you’re reading a book, (no duh,) and there’s this really horrible situation, and you’re trying so hard not to cry this time, because you know that if you DO, the pages of your book will be stained. With your tears.

But not this time, you tell yourself, NO.

You will be Strong.  

and then you cry anyways.


Maybe that wasn’t the best example. It just brought back bad memories.

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TacoBoutIt (2)

are you a virtuous bookworm?  did you relate to anything?  any more virtues that bookworms have?  talk to me in the comments!

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DISCUSSION: Bookish Conspiracy Theories


All over my Pinterest, I have pinned and saved thousands of bookish things.

It’s an obsession.  So when I see a bookish conspiracy theory, I flip out.  


I have decided to compile them into this post and show you them, because then you can flip out too!  and we can scream in the comments about how crazy they are?? omg I’m so excited for this.

This post was very painful to write.  Why?!  I have no idea people.

I really was trying not to be so deep with my words, but this post is deeeeep.

I love you superwoman

The main point of this post is to tell you about all the bookish conspiracy theories floating around, and throw books at you while I tell the world my opinion on them.  (don’t worry smol child, they are paperback.)

But please comment your opinions down below!  I can’t wait to hear what YOU think about these bookish conspiracy theories!


After all this IS called a discussion.  So let’s discuss!

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I bet a billion dollars that absolutely none of you can look me in the eyes and tell me this is not true with a straight face.

Do you have another explanation for the reason why you get so attached to these fictional boys.

Why do you think of them as so handsome?


You’ve only seen him in your head, and society tries to convince you that he is just words.IMG_2379

Why else do you cry when he ends up with another “fictional” girl?  Why do you get jealous of her?

You cry every time he is hurt. You feel like punching a hole through the wall when he dies. You dream about him…


Someone please tell me this isn’t only me.  Someone please tell me this resembles the characteristics of a “real life”  relationship.  This is so painful to write.  It must take a special person to be writer who supposedly makes up these handsome characters and makes you want to escape the real world and fall for them instead, even though you’ve already fallen for him without even shaking hands.

Not many girls can say they’ve fallen in love with people authors have created, but I certainly can.

Can we also just talk about a different kind of fictional love?  FICTIONAL FOOD.


Like what the heck.  These characters gets fancy banquets filled with amazing delicacies and desserts.  Like Katniss gets chocolate cake at the 74th hunger games feast.  Sign me up, I will literally die for chocolate.  And then in the 75th hunger games she literally got to stuff herself with chocolate custard dotted with cherries…  I volunteer as tribute.


And Keeper of the lost cities has mallowmelt.  Like a cupcake combined with a marshmallow?!  What?!   Why does this only exist in the elvin world?!

I fall in love with made up food too.

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FullSizeRender (1)


Why else would everyone always say, “This is my story.”  WHAT IF DESTINY IS AN AUTHOR.  why else would that be a name?  Destiny is the author of our story.  And we are like her little puppets.


This one is creepy!

What would your book be called?  WHAT IF TAYLOR SWIFT KNOWS ABOUT THIS.  The story of us… Next chapter…it’s a love story…and the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now…

Woah this is a scientific breakthrough people.  I feel like Destiny backspaced on me a ton.  I can’t speak english sometimes.


What if she uses caps lock when we scream.  What if she has writers block when we’re sick.  (She’s having writers block on me right now…)  What if she literally ships us with other people and controls our real life love triangles.  What if school is character development.  I think my mind is blown.  Maybe brain farts is when an destiny needs to research something.

This makes so much sense I’m crying.


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This is a full explanation of my previous post, Roasting Non-Readers//#GETBOOKT.

This proves to all you non readers that you are:



But part of this doesn’t make sense….


You hear me novelists?  Hear me loud and  clear.


I would not try to be thinking, “Oh, my fictional character should die right about now!”

I do not do that.  Why?  Because that would make me sob uncontrollably.

Some may say I’m too emotional over books.   BuT FiCtionAl SwEEtHeArTs

On the flip side, 80% of the time, I can kind of predict when the character is going to die.

iF yOu CoUlD sEe InTO tHe FuTuRE

The author leaves clues and stuff, so I know it will eventually happen.  (No duh, everyone does sam.)

BUT, would that mean I’m responsible for my fictional character’s death?



This cannot be true.  I refuse to believe it.  I will continue to blaim their murder on the cruel authors.  *whispers* always…..

However, I would also be responsible for ships!

I would be the creator of ships.  If this was true, I would turn this experience into a lucid one, and there would be a shipping party.  THE SHIPS WILL SAIL.  (my presidential election promise)


RHWAB divider


Well I think that it’s safe to say that that post was a mess.

TacoBoutIt (2)

What do YOU think about these theories?  Which do you believe?  Do you fall in love with fictional characters and food?  Do you have any more bookish conspiracy theories of your own?

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Roasting Non-Readers//#GETBOOKT

In Which I Roast Non Readers

Welcome back!

Today we are speaking about the scum of the earth…


I have nothing against you if you don’t particularly like reading.  But if you want to think that I am weird for liking to read, then you, my friend, have a problem!!

If you think its fun to insult people… you have a problem!




Today, I am roasting non-readers!

We shall call it #getbookt


Let’s make it a thing.  Then again why would you make it a thing?

I will list some insults and then tell you what I would have said.  And these are phrases I have actually heard on multiple occasions!  Real people have had the nerve to say this to me, a hardcore reading fan!  Unfortunately, I didn’t actually say these roasts to them, but I was certainly thinking them.


Let’s just get started, because this is hard to explain.  I’m also a failure at explaining things.

RHWAB divider

1. “Why do you always read everything, can’t you just go watch the movie?”

Um.. why do you actually get out of bed and drive to the theater to watch a over-dramatic version of an amazing story instead of getting really engaged in what the author was saying?


RHWAB divider

2. “Reading sucks.”

Yeah, well I bet whatever you do with your life sucks even more.


Ok this is mean.  *hides*  But come on people, you can’t just generalize something that you don’t enjoy!  AND you also shouldn’t say it in front of the one person who worships books, pets them in her spare time, SMELLS THE BOOKS, bathes in the scent of a newly purchased paperback-

Too much?? Got it.

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3. “Maybe someday you’ll have a real boyfriend”

(Ok nobody has actually said this one to me but I thought it’d be fun to add in the post.)

Does your boyfriend fight dragons?  I don’t think so…

Seriously tho.  My boyfriend is a swan.  Would you like to meet him?


Feast your eyes.  He’s mineeee people.  Mine.  Only Mine RUTVI.  We’re engaged.  I kiss him on the beak every single day.  

Oh yeah and of course he fights dragons, I would never lie??!

RHWAB divider

4.  Books make no sense

But neither does whatever you do with your free time.


But legitimately, what DO you non readers do in your free time??  Like, sit on the couch eating pizza?  I CAN DO THAT WHILE READING SO.  BOOM.  YOU GUST GOT BOOKT.

Ok the cleverness of get bookt is wearing off.  Please come up with something better in the comments.  Please.



RHWAB divider

5.  Reading sucks

Your attitude sucks.


hahahahahahahaha.  Why do I find myself hilarious?  Do you guys find me hilarious?

This post is probably boring you to death.  Here is a joke:

Once upon a time, an alien came down to earth.  First, he went to a Panic! at the Disco concert.  (lucky alien)  So Brendon Urie said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  so the alien said “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  And then the alien went to a candy shop where a little girl’s younger brother snatched her lollipop right out of her hand.  The little girl went, “He stole my lollipop!”  and so the alien said, “He stole my lollipop!”  Finally, the alien went to a restaurant where he saw a little boy learning his silverware, so the little boy said, “Fork and knife, fork and knife!”  So the alien said, “Fork and knife!  Fork and knife!”  The alien was walking down the street when a cop came up to him with a photo of a man and said, “Did you kill this man?”  So the alien said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  So the cop said, “Why did you kill him?”  So the alien said, “He stole my lollipop!”  so the cop said, “What did you kill him with?”  So the alien said, “Fork and knife!  Fork and knife!”  And with that the alien went back to his planet.

RHWAB divider

6.  You actually LIKE to read?

You actually LIKE to watch a screen and melt your brain?


Does TV literally melt your brain?  I don’t think it does.  But whatever, it sounds true, even though when you think about it, it’s obviously not.

RHWAB divider

7.  I hate this book!

What did the book ever do to you?



Maybe I am funny… nah.  Has a book ever seriously harmed you?  Have you ever had to file a lawsuit against a book?  Has a book ever made you cry?



ME?!  Liking Panic!  At The Disco??? Nooooo!  😉

RHWAB divider

8.  Books take forever to finish, it’s never worth it.

Your insults to books take forever to think up, are they really worth it?IMG_2343

Burnnn.  To totally contradict this, I spent probably more time than I should have thinking of these comebacks.  I could’ve used that as valuable reading time.  Reading time people!  Reading time.  

The saddest part about school is that by the time I’m done with all my responsibilities I have zero time for reading.  I want to cry.  I want a donut.


And here we can see a VERY RARE perfectly used GIF in it’s natural habitat. 😛

RHWAB divider

9.  You actually spend your money on books?

Yes, and I get the hardcover books.  I’m no cheapskate.

Yes I am.


Yes Liza.  I am a hypocrite.  

RHWAB divider

 I think that this has been beneficial to ALL of us!

a) all you *cough* non readers *cough*  have GOTTEN BOOKT!

b)  Hopefully all of you readers laughed a little bit, even though I am in now possible way funny.  


TacoBoutIt (2)

Let’s TACO ‘Bout it.  GET IT??

have you ever silently roasted a non reader in your head? Should GET BOOKT be a thing?  Do you like my boyfriend?  You better not.  HE IS MINE.  *hisses*  Am I funny?  No.  If the answer is no, don’t worry, I won’t be offended.  *sobs in a corner*  Have a nice day!  school is miserable.

But I’m sooo pumped because I’m finally getting a post up EARLY!  This is unheard of!

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How To Keep Up With Your Blog During School

Screenshot 2017-07-20 at 6.41.05 AM

Welcome Back!

So… I started school on Wednesday!

I know, I know, begin the routine screaming and shouting rebellion of teens against the school system.


But hold up for just a sec…


I know.  Go ahead, throw all your mechanical pencils at me.  (Those thing actually hurt!  I accidentally stabbed someone in the forehead with one… long story.)

But the one thing about school that I detest is… less blogging time.

C’mon!  I mean, I really enjoyed those Summer mornings where I just sat in PJ’s and spent hours typing up a blog post for you guys to see.

Image result for typing gif

Unfortunately, I get out of school at 2:30.  I have to do homework first, and then practice my clarinet, and my bedtime hibernation period is 8:00, but I read until 9:40.  I also have to spend time with my family, and eat something.  So if you can do some math, you know that leaves almost zero time for blogging. 


But girl, I gotcha back!


I know all the secrets.  I’m like the Regina George of Blogging.


So if you have a similar problem, then read on!  If you don’t have that situation, and you are a homeschooler, then you, my good sir, are a lucky duck.  I am also extremely jealous of you.  Read on.

RHWAB divider

Don’t you just love the new blog design? I especially love my nice new dividers. They make me feel like an organized human being. 🙂  It was all done by the wonderful Megan!

1. Create a Schedule

I know some of you are hissing at me and shouting:


Let me explain smol child.

Schedules are something that you need during the school year because:

  • You will be less stressed to post
  • It will keep you from PROCRASTINATING


  • You can create transitional schedules (Which I’ll show you how to do in a sec,)  that are SO MUCH easier to stick to
  • You will be much more motivated to finish your post because you know you should get it done by the end of the day


RHWAB divider

How to make an Effective schedule

The one formula you need to make a perfect schedule is to make sure you feel more compelled to follow it!


I recommend a transitional schedule!

This is the idea of making a schedule where you have a period of two days to publish your post!  So amazing.  Life changing, really.


Here is my schedule!

Sundays: RHWAB post

Thursdays/Fridays: RHWAB post

Saturdays:  AGDA post

Wednesdays/Tuesdays: AGDA post

So I have Both Thursday AND Friday to publish a nice quality post.

This is best for posting during school days, because I happen to have limited blogging time on those days.  However, on WEEKENDS, I have hours to finish my post.

How to finish your post during the entire week

I start writing my weekday post a day or two before the post actually goes up.  This gives me enough time to design the graphic image, write the post, and add pictures.  🙂

For example, I am currently writing this sentence on Thursday afternoon.  This post will go up the day you’re probably reading it, Friday!  😀

This is my ultimate secret to my schedule.  And if I can, I write up all my posts on the weekends and have them ready to hit the publish button during the week.

Whatever schedule strategy works for you is the one your should use, but I prefer my way.  🙂

RHWAB divider

2. Get er’ done…


But you need to remember what’s more important.. quality or quality?  (hint: it’s quality)

This is why I only post twice a week. I get home from school, and I spend time on my blog.  I pull up my editing page, and start working.  I write out my whole post, which takes an average of about 2-3 hours, and then I spend around 20 minutes finding the perfect gifs, and another 30 working on the featured image.  This is how long it takes for ME personally to create a great blog post but if you have your own way, you do you.

You shouldn’t be speeding through this process of perfecting a post… but you shouldn’t go along at a snail’s speed either!


Sometimes music helps me work fast, but sometimes it distracts me.  When I’m really stumped on something and need to get focused, I stop texting and pull my earbuds out.  I exit all my YouTube tabs.  XD


This makes it less time consuming to put together an amazing post, which means more free time, and a that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a post will come sooner.


RHWAB divider


3.   It’s Not The End Of The World

Trust me, it will be so hard sometimes to get on top of blogging… sometimes it will be more of a privilege rather than a necessity.  Sometimes you just might not have time to finish your posts during the busy school week.  As long as you try your best to work on your post, do everything you can to get it up, it really doesn’t matter.  Sometimes school takes over your life, and that’s ok.  🙂


RHWAB divider

4.  Make it a Routine

I treat writing a post like a study session!  I listen to music, I eat a snack, I make sure nobody bothers me.  😛

It’s important to to remember to open your post editor FIRST.  This means before you check your followed posts, before you check Youtube, and before you check your email.


I usually just tell myself that every time I put a new divider in the post, I get to watch a video or reply to a comment or mail back email.

This is another thing about distractions.  If you don’t feel like writing your post, even though you know you should and it will make you happy once it’s finished, then block those websites from your train of thought.


RHWAB divider

5. Set priorities

I would say that the number one thing to remember for your schooling/blogging life, is that school will always and should always be your priority.

School is something very important for your future, and blogging should be a little hobby you have.


I know blogging could seem better than school right now.  And believe me, I would rather be blogging than being in class, but in the long run, school will get you farther.  🙂



So that, my dear friends, was my guide to keeping up with your blog during the school year.  


TacoBoutIt (2)

did you like this post?  Are you stressed about the school year, or are you happy?  do you like my new blog design?  do you have any more tips for dealing with blogging while school is going?  do you like mean girls?  😉


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How I Did On My Summer Bucket List

-How I Did On -

It’s official.  My Summer is almost over.  Almost.  

I start school on Wednesday!

Back in May, I wrote this post all about my Summer goals and daydreams and called it my bucket list because I think that’s what all the cool bloggers do.

I was so confident.  I thought I could do it all.  So I was like…


But my Summer is literally only 2 months.  2 months and one day.

Literally, I got off on June 8th, and August 9th is my first day of school.

Because I am quite fond of breaking the stereotype, I’m actually excited for school to start.

I accomplished quite a lot during my 2 months of supposedly doing nothing.  So today, I’m here to tell you all about my awesome summer!


have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:

Have a Water balloon fight, accomplished

I did it!  I actually did it 3 times over.  Yesterday I had one with all my tiny cousins, I had one on 4th of July, and I had one in the beginning of Summer with all my tiny cousins.

Make a rainbow cake, unaccomplished

Ahh, I wish I could’ve done this.  But I usually do all my baking at my grandma’s house, and she moved so we didn’t quite get a chance.  :/  But maybe I’ll save this for another time.  😀

Image result for meet my online friends in person bucket list

Meet my online friends in person, accomplished

AHH I MET RUTVI!  She came to my house and we basically fangirled for 20 minutes and then she had to leave.  But it was such a cool experience!  Now we text and Facetime and all that.

Untitled design (16)

I’m also meeting another blogging bestie on August 19th in LA!

13 days Mya.

Finish a Wreck This Journal, unaccomplished

Unfortunately, I’ve only completed about 1/4 of my copy.  But hopefully I’ll have it finished soon!


Get a free 7-11 slurpie on July 11th


I think it was lemon flavor, but whatever it was, it was pretty darn good.


Send a message in a bottle, unaccomplished

Sadly, I did not complete this, but I had the perfect oppurtunity!  😦

I don’t think I have a bottle tho.  :/

Have an acai Bowl, Accomplished

OH MY WORD I had one at Jamba Juice and it is my new favorite thing in the entire world!!!


It’s like a purple smoothie, with granola and a whole bunch of fruit on top.


Unaccomplished :/

I really, really want a polaroid camera, but I’m virtually broke so….



This wasn’t up to me!  I could’ve won one, but the online random name picker the bloggers used did not favor me.  😦



Let’s get real here, my parents would kill me if I did this, because I would make a huge, gigantic mess.



Save it for Nano“, I keep telling myself.



Once again, something fairly untidy.




My grandma even bought the stuff for the S’mores, but we forgot about it.  XD

Or someone ate all the Hershey’s bars before we got a chance



That was how I did on my Summer bucket list!  Despite all the unaccomplished things, I’m pretty satisfied with how I did!

I’m a natural dreamer anyways, and I’m just pretty surprised that I got any of it accomplished!


I hope you had a great Summer.  Make me jealous in the comments.  Tell me all about your summer!

did you make a summer bucket list?  how did you do? is your summer almost over?  when does school start for you?



The Bookish Pair Up Tag//A Wonderful Tag in Which we Discuss Fictional Characters


The Bookish Pair Up Tag 7

WordPress is being a rather disgusting turnip right now so this is my second time writing this post in one day.  

But all complaints aside, Welcome back everyone!  Today we are discussing a wonderful bookish tag that has been floating around the book blogging world for a lil’ bit, and I thought it would be fun to try out!  So sit back, get yourself some caramel M&M’s, and enjoy!


This tag is awesome because I get to actually take pictures for it, set up my photography set up, and talk abut fictional characters!  😀 😀

I was certainly not nominated for this.  (Because it makes so much sense to do the tags you weren’t nominated for, and not do the ones you were nominated for… hmm.)

Also, this tag does not have a name, so I named it!  The Bookish Pair Up tag!

But if you decide to do this tag, feel free to name it something else.  🙂



All you have to do is write down 30 fictional characters from a variety of favorite books/series on paper slips.  I put them into a bowl, but you can put them in a hat, or whatever you want.  Then, you draw out the slips in pairs and take pictures of them!


In case you were wondering about my new photo background, all it is is a few yards of fabric I got from Walmart, kitty fairy lights, and a bunch of random hispter things I found around my room.  😛

So… we have the fictional characters… Now let’s pick favorites according to each prompt!  😀  Also, I was trying to make the slips of paper pretty, but my horrid handwriting obviously ruined that daydream…

You have one more spot on your spelling team. Who gets it?


I think I would choose Fintan…


Now hear me out!  Katniss isn’t so great at teamwork, and it’s a spelling team. Fintan is amazing at teamwork, he almost overthrew a goverment of intelligent elves multiple times with his team.  So if he was on my team, I would make absolute sure that he tried as hard as he tried with the Neverseen.  We would probably win.  The blackmail notes he writes also always have spot on grammar so…


Both characters want to kill you. Who would you kill first to have a better chance of survival?IMG_0486

I’m not a big fan of Gale, and I know he’s a good hunter.  So before he could shoot me from behind a bush, I would kill him first thing.  😛

And Piper and I would be Besties before I killed her.

You’ve been chosen for the hunger games. Who is more likely to volunteer in your place?


I honestly thing that Primrose would, since she has experience of what her sister did for her.


You are the next Marvel superhero. Who is your sidekick?IMG_0495


Cat’s would make excellent sidekicks. Yellowfang would scold the villain before she clawed their eyes out of their skull.  She’s also a pretty big cat.  I would also like to pet her fluffy gray fur when I’m bored.  🙂

You are stranded on a deserted island and you must engage in cannibalism to survive. Whom do you eat?


I would eat Ron, because he has more meat on him.



You’re the manager of an avocado company. Who would you fire for poor communication skills?IMG_0483

I would fire Hera right from the start and use the poor communication skills as an excuse.  XD

Also I hate avocados, so everyone’s fired.


You’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. Which character would be more likely to comfort you?IMG_0488

This is the hardest one so far, since both of these characters are pretty sentimental and would comfort me… But I would probably choose Ginny so she could make me forget about that one character.

Because let’s face it, I would be a sobbing mess on the floor.


Your birthday has finally arrived. Who would have the nerve to forget?IMG_0492

Tbh, I think Dex would most likely forget.  Yes, definitely Dex.  Hermione is my best friend, so she would of course remember my birthday.

Also, don’t you guys think that my birthday is like, super easy to remember?  It’s new years eve, for gosh sakes. Everyone is celebrating on MY birthday.  

You have just found an upcoming youtube star. Who is it more likely to be?IMG_0485

Cass would be too busy with her adventures and decoding to be a Youtube star.  Honestly, I think that if Jane Eyre started a Youtube channel about feminism and how to be proper and act like a well mannered human being I would totally watch it.

You can only invite one person to your sleepover. Who would it be?


I would invite Sophie, because she would bring Iggy.  Then, I would color Izzy’s hair red, so we could be #twinning.  Also it would be cool for Sophie to show me her powers.  😀


You have just woken up and it is time for breakfast. Your mom has been replaced by…… whom?IMG_0489

Well I sure hope it’s Kira… the human and the woman in this situation.  :/

Bam, your pregnant. Who is the mother/father?IMG_0491

Ok, I know Jonas has a thing for redheads, and since he can’t have Fiona, he can have me and it would be so awesome.  I LOVE JONAS.


Add him to my list of husbands RUTVI

You have just written a super important text. Who would have the nerve not to reply?


Professor McGonogall would be too busy being a kickbutt professor to check her phone, so I think she wouldn’t reply.

 You’re on the bachelor/bachelorette and down to two characters. Who gets your rose?



Why did I pick these two characters last?  Why does fate absolutely hate me?

I hardcore ship Percabeth, but I also hardcore ship Persamantha, so it would be Percy.  😀 😉

I nominate:





If you feel compelled to do this tag, go right ahead.  🙂

I thought that this tag is the most fun tag I’ve ever done!  I loved it!  It was amazing to do, take the pictures, and choose!

~Let’s Chat~

did you like this tag?  would you like to do this tag?  did you agree with me choices?  would you have chosen differently for some?  which ones?  which characters would you have added to the mix?  do you like it’s name?  do you have a better name?  LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!