Wreck This Journal Giveaway for 140 Followers


Hi everyone!  So.. This post was supposed to go up weeks ago, and it was also supposed to be for 100 followers.  But now, it’s for 140 followers, and I’m so excited!  I never really thought that redheadwithabook would take off like my doll blog did, but it did!  And I’m so thankful that this whole blog is loved. ❤

I decided to call you guys something, like a family for this blog, and I decided on Bookish Beans.  So thank you Bookish Beans!

Anyways, so yes, this IS a giveaway!

I am giving away ONE copy of a Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.  There are tons of posts I’ve seen all over the internet about people’s completed Wreck this Journal, and I think it’d be so cool if one of you could get one for free!  I also have one, so we can be #twinning.


This Wreck This Journal is super cool because there are no limits to your creativity!


There are a lot of cool pages you can fill out, destroy, or be artsy with.  So you’re never limited!


This page has to be my favorite page, because I love Washi Tape!  In mine, I plan to cover up the whole page with all of my Washi tape!


Instructions on how to enter:

  • You must be following this blog AND My doll blog.  I’ll be checking!
  • Comment below saying you would like to enter, and also please tell me what your favorite post I’ve ever done on this blog is!
  • You must live in the US to enter. (Sorry international readers!)
  • You must have a parent’s permission to enter if you are under 18

Extra Entries  (Leave a link to each one you accomplish in your entry comment)

  • Tell your friends about this giveaway
  • Reblog this giveaway, or post about it
  • Pin this giveaway on Pinterest
  • Post about this giveaway on Instagram if you have it

The giveaway ends June 8th, and the winner will be announced June 9th!


Are you excited to get a chance to win this?  Go ahead now, go enter!


Summer Bucket List!

Hello loves!  I get out of school on June 8th, so I have 18 more days of school left.  I’m pretty much have my Summer mood on, and what’s great about this Summer is that the only commitment I have is Volleyball camp, which will be both awesome and intense!  But other than that, all I have to do is relax.

So at this point, I feel like my summer is a blank canvas, and to keep it from being BORING, I’m painting some activities I’d like to accomplish.  (Wow, did I just basically sum up a bucket list?!)

{Images are not mine, they belong to This site, and This site.}

have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:

1.  Have a Water Balloon Fight

My brother and I did this during Spring break, and it was awesome!  We used that thing where there are a bunch of balloons tied to this thing where you can fill up hundreds through a hose, so it only took us 5 minutes to fill up 700 water balloons.  I’d like to do that again.

2.  Make a Rainbow Cake

I think this would be awesome, I’ve actually tried this a LONG time ago, like maybe when I was six or seven?  Anyways, I’m curious as to how my mediocre baking skills will respond to this.

3.  Send a Message In a Bottle

This would be awesome!  I wonder what I’d write.  I’ll most likely go to the beach this summer, (Duh, I’m a Californian,) so I’ll do this…if I remember.  😄


4.   Have an Acai bowl

Laurdiy, my favorite youtuber, has these A LOT, and they looks amazing! I bet Jamba Juice sells them.  I go to Jamba Juice a lot.  😄

5.  Pull an All-nighter

I’ve done this before with my Best Friend, we stayed up until 6 AM the next morning and then we slept for the rest of the day.  😄  It’d be cool to do it again this Summer, maybe at my house this time.

6.  Make S’Mores

I love S’mores.  CHOCOLATE.

7.  Attend Paint Nite

This would be fun, and I’m pretty sure that my local painting place has this kind of thing.  (Obviously minus the alcohol  😄  )

8.  Own a fujifilm instax mini camera

Pretty much just for aesthetically pleasing polaroids and pretty camera.

9.  Visit a Trampoline park

I like bouncing and jumping.  It has to be a trampoline park though, because I broke my elbow on a bouncy house in the fourth grade and I now refuse to go on a bouncy house.

10.  Play Messy Twister

This would be fun to just mess around one day with my friends.

11.  Have a water gun fight

Cool.  I love water guns. It’s Nerf or nothin’!

12.  Meet my Online friends in person

I actually am planning to do this.  Mya, my pen pal and awesome twin who lives way too far away from me is visiting California.  Hopefully, we’ll meet up!

13. Win a giveaway (s)

Obviously, this isn’t up to me. It’s up to a random online name picker.

14.  Get a free Slurpee at 711 on July 11th

Well this has no need for explanation.  Free sugar is always excellent.

15. Eat a cake without using my hands

Free excuse to be messy.

16.  Write a Book

I am determined.  I just need a good idea.  😄

17.  Take one picture every day

And post it at the end of the Summer.

18.   Finish a Wreck this journal

This will be fun.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my exciting Summer that I have all planned.  I probably won’t be able to do most of this stuff, but A girl can hope.




The Candy Book Tag

The Candy Book tag

Hey people!  I was recently tagged by Rebekah to do this awesome tag!  The Candy Book Tag!  And you should read this because I’m going to maybe, possible tag YOU!

Thank You Rebekah!  Follow her blog, Head in The Clouds 5!

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you and give a link back to their blog, (check), To every description given, match a book to it and share a little bit more about why you chose that book.  Tag up to ten people to have them answer the same descriptions.

I’m ready!

I made all the images that have the descriptions on them, so please don’t steal them!


Image result for the isle of the lost cover

Well, I just kind of noticed that this had an apple on the cover!  How ironic!

Anyways, I had high expectation about this book.  I’m a sucker for Disney Channel movies, (AND Disney Pixar movies), and I liked the movie that went with this book, so I was excited to try this one.  It certainly did not go as planned!  The layout was clunky, the writing tended to get too fast paced, and I just didn’t enjoy it.  Way too overrrated, in my opinion.

Apples (1)

Image result for you make my heart swing sideways

This was AMAZING!  I finished it almost immediately!  It was heartbreaking-ly amazing, and it is totally my type of book!  It was filled with adventure and beautiful adjectives, and I adored it!  (Also, the cover is SO PRETTY!)

Apples (2)

Image result for the waterfire saga

I tried out Deep Blue.  It was horrible!  Everything happened too fast, there was so much action before I even got to know the main characters.  It was confusing, because there were too many characters as well.  So, I think this series was like black jelly beans.  I spit it out as soon as I tasted it.  😄

Apples (3)

Image result for everything everything

I literally got this book yesterday, and I have a few more chapters left.  This book is crazy good!  I love everything about it.  It’s so simple, yet so complicated, and there is love, and sickness, and I’m head over heels for this one!

Apples (4)

Hmm…I don’t read any horror.  😄

Apples (5)

Sorry, Canva wasn’t cooperating.  The image should say:  This took you forever to get through, but hey-You did it!

Image result for jane eyre penguin classics

Jane Eyre took me a few months to complete, but it was so worth it when I was finished!

Apples (6)

Image result for ivy and bean

I loved Ivy and Bean!  It was a sweet little series. ❤

I hoped you enjoyed reading this!  My nominations:


37 Things that make me…ME!

Thirty Seven

If NONE of us hid behind a wall of social conformity, we would all be so much more interesting.

But it can be hard sometimes.  So this post kind of serves as a reminder to me… and a chance to get to know be better for you!

  1.  I wear converse All.  The. Time.  24/7, I’ll be wearing converse
  2. I’m very particular about my pencils, they have to be pretty.  I don’t use plain yellow pencils
  3. If I ever wear a ponytail, it HAS to be high
  4. I own 10 dolls, take pictures of them, and I’m PROUD of that
  5. I am a real writer.   I fill notebooks upon notebooks of writingIMG_5788
  6. I am a bookaholic
  7. I wear clothes that are modest.  I don’t show off my skin to impress others
  8. I am Caltholic, and an alter server at my church
  9. I don’t need to grow up too fast and have an iPhone, an instgram, a snapchat, etc
  10. I detest cantaloupe and avocado
  11. I’m a tidy personIMG_5096
  12. I don’t like covering up my freckles, they’re part of me
  13. I spend my life between the pages of books
  14. I notice all the little things in life
  15. I don’t need to be popular to be happyIMG_4622
  16. I believe that “The popular girls”  are only popular to themselves
  17. My cat is my BFF
  18. I’m really sensitive
  19. I’m a fangirl, and can be crazy about fandoms at times
  20. I’m addicted to bloggingIMG_5813
  21. I’m not perfect, never have been, never will be
  22. I’ll never stop loving Harry Potter
  23.  I play volleyball, but not much else
  24. I speak my mind
  25. I love making thingsimage
  26. I want to travel the world
  27. I want to exceed expectations
  28. I take baths, not showers
  29. I’m in band
  30. I can spends hours doing nothingIMG_20151204_155331
  31. I procrastinate
  32. I’m enthusiastic
  33. I can never put a book down
  34. I have pale skin
  35. I smile at people instead of staring
  36. I am confident in myself
  37.  I am uniquely me

Can you relate to any of these?


Donut Fear~Classic Novels+Review of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Don-ut Fear

I was so excited to finish my copy of Jane Eyre Last night!

I’ve been reading this book since Valentines day, and I FINALLY finished it.  Which is happy because 1)I get to post about it, 2)I get to review it

But also sad, because my experience with it is OVER.

Image result for over gif


I was thinking about a post idea with my Mom this morning*, and she suggested that I review Jane Eyre, since I finished it…


But I realized…I WAS AFRAID

Some things I was afraid of:

  • It would be hard
  • Nobody would want to read it
  • It would take a long time
*Mother Daughter goals

And then, I thought, “THIS IS HORRIBLE.  I cannot be afraid of such things, I am a gallant bookish knight, I WILL review this!”

Image result for i accept the challenge gif


Donut fear these little classics!

Untitled design (10)

1.  They have the prettiest darn dang it covers I’ve ever seen in my life


My grandma bought me sets  of the classic Penguin novels, and they ARE MY PRIDE AND JOY!

Jane Eyre

JUST LOOK AT IT!  It has the leafy things, the title is the same size as the Author’s name**, AHH!

Related image


*What?!  Are you judging me??

Untitled design (10)

2.  They are not JUST BOOKS, they are an experience!

Well, I suppose no books are just BOOKS.

But these things are an experience.  Due to the old English prose, they require your attention and concentration, which I think allows for better comprehension, believe it or not.  They have indexes in the back to look back to, in case you don’t understand some of the terms that would be used in the 1890’s.

They are super long!  Jane Eyre was 520 pages.  That isn’t much for a modern book, but for a classic book with many phrases that you need to think about, similes you need to decipher, and large pieces of vocabulary***, It just takes longer.

But all those things that I mentioned above are fun!  Classics are like puzzles, each sentence MEANS something, the author really had a purpose for putting it there.  

***Keep a dictionary near by

Untitled design (10)

3.  They almost all have movie adaptions you can make fun of!

We book worms are bullies to movie adaptions.

Related image


I can’t wait to watch the movie to Jane Eyre, and I’m hoping to be able to make fun of it.

MAYBE it’ll be a good movie adaption to a good book.  

Untitled design (10)

4.  It’ll make you want to be a pretty English Lady in the 19th century

I’ll expand on this in my review, but WOULDN’T IT BE SO COOL TO BE JANE EYRE??
I mean, I’d get to wear pretty dresses, teach a little girl, live in a huge house for free, and I’d also get to have TWO men propose to me!

Image result for living the life gif


Now that you know that Classics are not rude little onions, but kind little watermelons, I’ll review one for you all now!

Redhead’s Review~Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

Untitled design (10)

Jane is innocent, she is sure.  But somehow, under the roof of her aunt, Ms.Reed, no matter how perfect she acts, she is always guilty of something.  Her father and mother have died, and her cousin, John Reed, expresses a deep hatred of her through abuse.  Ms.Reed soon tires of Jane and her unpleasant appearance, and sends her off to the strict and foreboding boarding school for girls, Lowood.  As she grows up, she is faced with many hardships.  When it’s finally time to get her life together, she applies for a job as a governess.  Thornfield hall, owned by Mr.Rochester, houses a ward named Adele whom Jane is paid to teach.  Slowly but surely, Jane and the strange Mr.Rochester fall in love.  But what other obstacles will Jane have to face to be happy?

I was excited to get a taste of a biography,(inferred by the title), and I dove right into this the moment I received it, and was HOOKED!

First, we must talk about the glory that is Jane Eyre.

She is ugly, faithful to God, modest, kind, sweet, generous, stubborn, A BOOKWORM, and basically just a perfect character that is completely nice and loveable and cuddly!

The childhood sadness set up was great.

It really made the reader pity Jane, and all the hard times she had made us LOVE HER even more!

Jane Eyre is organized in 38 chapters, 521 pages, an introduction, and an index for better reader engagement.  It is written in 1st person.  The intended audience is most likely for lovers of English classics.  

The whole theme was amazing

The them of the whole entire novel was to be faithful always to the Lord, no matter what YOU want.  Which is basically the theme of Christian Life.

The ending was oh-so satisfying

Everything was so happy!  Her heart was clean, and she made the right decision.  The concluding chapter also documents ten years after the book “ends”,which I LOVE, because nothing is left hanging.

The index was SO helpful

I loved how everything was so neat and organized, you got a ribbon bookmark, and the index dated back to the origin of the phrase, and gave you some extra KNOWLEDGE.  Which is awesome, because since Jane is a teacher, it makes you feel even more like Jane.

Untitled design (10)

The Love triangle sometimes tended to drone on and on, AND ON.  

We get it Jane, you think God doesn’t want you to end up with Mr.Rochester, but you love him.  And St.John likes you too, WE UNDERSTAND.  

Jane made some unnecessary decisions.  

There was a point in the book where for 4 straight chapter, Jane was just running around from town to town, begging for food, and feeling sorry for herself.  I though that part was quite long, and contradicted Jane’s string personality that we all know and love.

Untitled design (10)

Did you like the book?

I loved the book!  I loved how long it was, and I was very happy that this was my first classic.

What was your favorite part of the book?

My favorite part was the beginning, because everything was short and sweet, yet gave you the perfect amount of information to know what was going on.

Do you have a least favorite part of the book?

There was an unnecessary character, Mrs.  Fairfax.

Jane talks about Thornfield’s maid, Mrs.Fairfax about 55 times, and they are not generally close to one another,  She is just kind of there.  Sure, she’s very nice to Jane, but she certainly isn’t nice enough to be noted so many times in the story.

If you could change something, what would it be?

I think I would take out Mrs.Fairfax, and also make the whole love triangle part a lot shorter.

I loved this book! 

Untitled design (10)

Do you like classics?  Have you read any? Have you read Jane Eyre?  Talk to me in the comments!



We have a giveaway for 120 follows coming up!

Easter Eggs that Are TO DYE for

(See what I did there  😄 )

On Saturday my family dyed Easter eggs, and knowing me, you know that I took a DIY spin to most of my eggs.  I also painted my nails Saturday, they’ll probably scratch off at some point today, but whatever.   Please ignore my ugly pink fingers with specks of white spray paint on them… Happy Late Easter Guys!  I hope you had a good one, and remembered how important Sunday was.


I dyed this one pink first, then put a ring of washi tape around the middle.  Then I dyed it with the blue to make purple, and voi la!  I found that this is really the only time in life you ever use your kindergarten knowledge of primary colors.  😄


I put another ring of washi tape on this one, dyed one side blue, and the other side yellow.  Perfect!


This one took me half an hour.  😄  So I took 2 long strands of washi tape and put them like a plus sign or a cross in the center.  Then I used more washi tape pieces to section parts off as I dyed them different colors.


I dyed this one yellow, then dipped it sideways in pink dye.  Next I dipped it vertically in blue dye, and it gave it a cool color block thing.


This is the dress I wore Sunday, I love it!  It’s my favorite color too, and it’s lace!  ❤  ❤  ❤

So…Happy Late Easter!  I have tons of new book I got in my basket that I’m excited to share with you!

Have some chocolate.


Rainbow Photo Dump

Rainbow Photo Dump

I ❤ Rainbows.

When I’m bored, I’ll sort things into rainbow order.  It’s quite therapeutic for any stress I might have.

When I saw in the bath the other night, I sorted my Bubbles bath bottles into rainbow order, and I though of how pretty a photo of it would be.  And naturally, since I’m always thinking of you guys, I decided to make it into a photography post.

This morning, I remembered my idea, since I had written it in my bullet journal a few nights ago.  (I’m trying out bullet journaling, and it’s on my “Will Blog About Soon” list),  and after I was ready for school by 6:30, I took a good 2 hours for me to take these photos.  Half of them turned out looking like cow poop, so this post doesn’t have as many pictures as I hoped for, but the other half turned out great!


*Yes, that handwriting is SUPPOSED to be messy*

I love the song, “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

Idk, but I though this turned out pretty tumblr-y!


Drawing mandalas and coloring them is one of my hobbies.


My bookshelf is in rainbow order..

(This is looking quite like an obsession, isn’t it!  Meh, I guess it is)




The original idea…




The huge rainbow ball my brother and I play with all the time.



Pretty pattern inside my bullet journal.







There is no possible way I would ever not photograph Rainbow Pusheen for this.  😄

Did ya’ like?  What picture was your fave?  Comment down below, and thanks for reading!

Oh, and just so you guys know, it’s POURING outside right now, so of course, with my luck, I’ll get a picture of a rainbow AFTER my rainbow photo dump post.  Whatever, you stupid weather.