All The Bright Places was…

Almost a waste of time??  It was one of those books when I was expecting A LOT.  I kept thinking, “Oh the good part’s coming up after this,”  and then it was five pages to the end and the GOOD PART NEVER CAME.  It got to the point when my eyes were moving across the pages, but the words?  Couldn’t see them.


Don’t let the crown of flowers deceive you.

green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (16)

  • The characters took the form of their illnesses

Not cool!  I’m still looking through those messed up descriptions of their issues and all that for, oh, I dunno, a PERSONALITY?  I feel like Violet’s world and every single action she took revolved around her sister.  Every word that came out of her mouth.  And Finch… WE GET IT.  he’s ‘quirky’.  So much quirk.  I had no idea quirkiness could replace emotions or a personality.

  • I thought the descriptions of mental illnesses were not focused.

I LOVED how Violet and Finch always were honest with the reader, but when I was reading it, the character’s voice wasn’t exactly on point. Some phrases were in Finch’s voice, others were in the author’s voice, ya feel me?


  • It felt like an indie romance, not a contemporary??

SO much instant love and travel and literal inspirational quote facebook messages.  I was there for serious themes, I was down for the topic of depression and PTSD and all that, but not for a cheesy love story?


Like what happened to that thing about Finch’s abusive father?  Why don’t we make that a theme rather than quirkiness?  Let’s hear more about Violet’s digital magazine please!  And also maybe cool tidbits about Indiana’s locations that they go to?



  • Finch was either a stalker or crazy in love, apparently, those are easy to confuse

Violet became a part of Finch’s life in an unhealthy way, triggering lots of red flags.  RED FLAG NUMBER ONE:  he barely knows her and becomes Facebook friends just to talk to her and quote things  RED FLAG NUMBER 2:  after he friends her on Facebook, he forces her to talk to him all the time and hang out with him and tell him many personal things about the traumatic experiences she has been through, wth?  RED FLAG NUMBER 3: he forms his entire existence and reason to live around her, even though they had only known one another for a couple of months

The author expects us to LOVE this relationship and make us root for the relationship, yet it was built on unhealthy boundaries…

  • Finch was also an attention seeker, btw

He’s quite dramatic with everything he says, and you can’t take him seriously when he talks about huge topics.  You don’t know if he needs help or is just trying to get a reaction out of you.  This makes adults reluctant to say anything to him.  This makes even his councelour not sure whether or not to help him.  He clearly also has some behavioral issues, aside from alllll his other issues.



    Let’s be real for a sec… I knew how the book was going to end from the very first page.


It makes it a part of Finch’s every day to research death, and contemplate ways we would do such a thing.  There is a touch of almost describing the matter as haunting and beautiful.  Um, hello!  This is not ok!!!!


I did actually give the book credit for a few things.

  • I LOVED how Violet wasn’t a typical popular girl

She wasn’t a mean cheerleader who calls people losers.  In fact, in the book, she was described as quite popular and pretty.  Not all popular girls are cheerleaders, guys.  They don’t all go around making fun of people.

  • I was obsessed with the idea of an Indiana school project relationship!

Although it was the typical “aw darn we’re partners for a school project now I guess we’ll just fall in love,”  it was still really cute.  ❤




  • a quirk
  • an excuse for every single thing you do
  • something that blossoms into an indie romance
  • what it is portrayed as in All The Bright Places




(I’m sorry but like not sorry at the same time because you can never be sorry for a Taylor Swift Reference)


It’s beyond fangirling at this point it’s screaming and jumping around for 5 minutes straight when I hear Look What You Made Me Do or when I GOT TICKETS TO HER WORLD TOUR??



*inhales deeply*  ok I need to calm down and turn off the caps lock and just write this post?  What do you guys think?  Basically long obsessive 700-page long story short, I love Taylor Swift more than you no matter how much you think you love Taylor Swift, I love her cats and I listen to her music 24 hours a day and I know every single song in the order she put them in the album. AND I have a shrine with posters and three copies of her new album. OK I’M DONE NOW.


Sooo (it goes)  I’m pretty much matching some of my favorite books up with a Taylor Swift song.  Like a soundtrack to each book, but not really.  More like the lyrics go with the basic idea of the book.  And yep, you guessed it.  I know every single lyric to every single song.


Fifteen//The Fearless Album

Basically a really mellow little thing all about first love and being fifteen and high school, need I say more?  Just listen to it and become obsessed please.


I matched fifteen with Rules of Rain by Leah Scheier because it’s freaky how the song matches the entire plot?  Lot’s of first love and high school stuff.  The lyric, “And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind”  is literally pretty much the whole book.  Except it was the girl who changed her mind… and then I feel like the melody is just a really nice little background song I would be down for listening to when rereading this.


Mine//The Speak Now Album

It’s a lot of background vocals and amazing bursts of the chorus!  It’s about a devoted love story and the fake scenario in the song is basically goals!  Taylor Swift is also literal Goals so it’s no surprise…


Starfish, by Akemi Dawn Bowman!

OK so the first element is all about damaged relationships with parental units and HOLY HECK this book covers a lot of that. Also, the little romance in it is so pure and adorbs as it is in the song.  Lots of fighting and making up.  A lovely pairing, I think.  🙂


All Too Well// The Red Album

THIS is the anthem that will make any Swiftie cry and compare themselves to a crumpled up piece of paper, think of all their exes and lyric scream via text message.  Enough said.


They Both Die At The End// Adam Silvera

This is the only one I could think of?  The two main characters obviously die in the end, and all their loved ones remember them ALL TOO WELL.

see what I did there??


Wildest Dreams//The 1989 Album

FIRST OF ALL this thing is a masterpiece?  It’s all about, yep, wildest dreams.  Like a dreamy vacation and sunsets and beaches,  The harmony is just Taylor doing this dreamy sigh and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH GUYS.


Everything, Everything// Nicola Yoon

So the main character FINALLY gets to go outside with her true love, and they go to Hawaii and have an amazing time even though they’re not supposed to be there.  They literally are on a beach and she follows her wildest dreams.  the book and the song are perfect for eachother, ok?


Look What You Made Me Do//Reputation

This is the most iconic song.  Who can forget:

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…


Oh!  Cause she’s dead!  


Well one of the characters literally DIES in the Pretty Little Liars book.  I bet you she can’t come to the phone right now… It’s basically just a ton of drama, karma, and general mean girl vibes.  Just like LWYMMD.  So there.


Maybe there’s an off chance that you might have enjoyed this sloppy mess of fangirling?  idk.  All I know is that it was fun to have an excuse to listen to every single album.



After watching bullet journal “plan with me” youtube videos for hours on end, I decided to make a Bullet Journal.

Also being addicted to pinterest looking at ALL THE PRETTY LITTLE SPREADS.

I consider myself a very *air quotes* “organized” and “artsy” person.  So I blew my amazon gift cards on a bullet journal and a heck ton of stickers and stencils!

So I got my bullet journal at the beginning of february, but it was literally full of a ton of spreads that I honestly didn’t use and I realized I wanted to make March my official first month that I became proud of how my bujo looked and how much I used it.

What else am I supposed to say? Can we please just cut to the pretty pictures now?


The first page is the title page.  I basically drew this potted succulent because the theme I chose for this month was botanical/succulents.  Even though I clearly don’t know how to draw them.  I’m a writer not an artist.  I’m not very good wat my hand lettering either though??  Honestly why am I even doing this?  That succulent should not have taken 10 minutes…

But I made a scribble circle around it and drew this little ‘hello spring’ thingy.

The next spread is this thing where I write a little one sentence highlight of my day and then I have 31 sentences to sum up my month!  I drew a little hanging potted succulent with this long and wide font.



Next is this calendar! I drew a vine creeping across the top and each square is 6 dots across and 7 dots tall.

I used this lined scrapbook paper from paper source as lines to write down important dates because obviously they’re too important for me to forget.


Now we have this blog post tracker!  So on one side I put the title/description and the other is the to do list for each post!  I don’t know if I’m going to have any motivation to fill it out because planning posts is actually really easy for me to sort through??

I also included a little habit tracker because I have a ton of habits to track!  I’m not a fan of the boxes and the filling out of all that stuff, so I just put these little heading and I’ll put a little dot with one of my markers every time I get to my habit!

I used this leaf stencil and all these other little icons from stencils!


After that, I put in this split spread!  The top half is my blog following tracker where I track how many followers I get by the 10s.  My goal is 40 because my blog has been growing so much recently and uggh thank you guys so much!!  ❤

I made these little squares and put a plant border around them!

After that is a March Reads section where I put in the covers and titles of all the books I read, and track the star rating I give each one.  I gave it a little watercolor detailing and two potted ferns.

The next page is my page for all the various lists I write every month!  I write an insane amount of lists so it’ll be nice for them to have a set space instead of piling up on my shelves.


Oh, and guys!  As for my supplies, I got the ghost grid dot journal!  It was black and boring, so I covered it in cute scrapbook paper!

For my utensils:

  • the crayola supertips are amazing guys and you can buy 50 of them with all different shades of every color you can think of at walmart
  • I use this really flowy ballpoint pen to go over everything
  • I also use pencil before I use pen because otherwise this journal would not even look as half as decent as it does
  • After that I have this watercolor palette I love using because watercolors are so fun even if it’s a constant struggle to keep a certain cat from knocking over the cup full of toxic paint


And we’re finishing with my first weekly spread of the month!  I used watercolors for all of the headings.  On the sides I have some more of that lined paper for any notes I have for the week, along with a weather tracker so I can have an excuse to draw cute mini suns and clouds.  🙂

And that was my first plan with me bujo post, let me know what you thought of these spreads in the comments!  ❤  ❤

green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (1)



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What do you love?

This is a simple question, I will give you a bit of time to leave it in the comments.  (scroll super fast down there please, no peeking!!!)





When I think about this question, I think of the cliche yet truthful answers:  God, family, loved ones, friends.

Then you go to the other stuff: Pets, chocolate, music, books, writing

These are all the generic answers. God, loved ones, tangible objects, things you’re passionate about, etc.

But how long would it take you, how long would you have to keep listing things, for you to say that you love yourself?

boom there it is.

Media has programmed us into thinking, no… believing that we are not beautiful.  That the only way you could possibly be loved is because of how you look.  You see these skinny models showing off everything.  They are everywhere you look.  They are the models that showed off the clothes that you’re wearing right now, the ones that you are drowning in at any public place.  We are led to think that we are nowhere near as beautiful or skinny as the model, so we buy the clothes.  It’s genius actually.  Photo shopped girls make us wish we were just. like. them.

We need body image representation because nobody should wish to be like someone else just because of the number on the tag of their pants.   


And I’m not just saying this as thin privilege or anti-thin people or whatever.  A lot of people are born skinny.  A lot of people are born with more curves.  It’s not all about what you eat, people.  Most of the models you see are photo shopped to the extreme.  What media wants you to believe is real beauty isn’t existent.

Because the truth is that everyone is beautiful.  Everyone deserves to be loved.  Everyone is ethereal.


In starfish, by Akemi Dawn Bowman, we can tell that Kiko has a normal body.  But she is still not confident in herself.   Blonde girls with blue eyes and the “perfect” figure are pushed into the eyes of all to see and envy and aspire to be.  Kiko still is pushed to perfectionism.  We all are.  Even if you’re thin or curvy, or in between like many, we are never good enough.  Everything we see or have ever seen has assured us of that.  

We need focus on body positivity, or at least someone to relate to.  We need characters of all shapes in sizes. Because as you have noticed, America is filled with different races and cultures and religions and ethnicities.  But have you also seen how many different body types there are?

You can be healthy but not lose a single pound.  You can eat all you want and not gain a single pound.  The weight on the scale does not determine your worth.  The amount of space you take up in the world doesn’t either.  Because that’a all it is.  It’s how much space you take up.  And you have a lot of space, so take up all of the space you want!!  Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful!  You don’t have to suck in.



We need both characters who are happy with their bodies just the way they are.  Those characters should be our role models, not the super models.

We also need character arcs where they are not comfortable or confident in the skin that God gave them, but learn to be.

We need to talk about the topic of eating disorders, the topic of unrealistic body expectations.

We need books where these types of characters have romance and love interests.

We need to show people that the Victoria’s secret models are not the only ones who are able to be loved.

We need this in modern literature, and we need it badly.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could be her!”  Think about what you would miss if you really were her.  You wouldn’t know your friends or family.  You would never fulfill your dreams.  Because those are the things that are more important than any body ever could be.


Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy really truly showed me what I have always wanted in a book.  It shows a woman confident in her body, who learns to be even more confident.  It shows that Willowdean can be a true beauty queen.  That she can be loved.

Willowdean was relatable.  Sometimes you want to be so confident about yourself and feel like you can take over the entire world, but everybody is constantly embedding in your mind that you can’t.

Required reading for people who have even the slightest insecurities about themselves.  I sat for hours reading it, crying over the realness.


You may not be like the women in the magazine.  You’re real, and that makes you just as beautiful as them.  You may not be hourglass shaped, but you’re awesome shaped.  There are big girls who like their bodies, there are big girls who hate their bodies, and there are thin girls who hate their bodies and thin girls who like their bodies.  And there are a lot of girls in between ‘big’ and ‘thin’.  But that’s ok!  Because the worst thing you can do to your body is wish parts of it away, and to torture it just to fit the world’s standard.

You can be any size and be healthy.  If you eat well, you can still stay the same size.  You don’t have to go on a huge diet to make healthy choices, guys.

There is so much more to you or anybody than what they look like, even the models.  You can be the nastiest person and be any size.  And you can be the kindest person and still be any size.  Remember that.

Beauty comes in so many figures.


For Grandma


For Grandma.

For the ranch,

For the countless adventures,

For the late night storytimes,


For the hand me downs that smell like peppermint,

For the homemade meals,

For the early morning office good mornings,

For banana splits,


For special mini ice cream cups just for me,

For Christmas mornings with you,

For keepsake birthday cards,


For reading every single word I write,

For deep conversations,

For red hearts after text messages,

For checking out the stars and the constellations with me,


For complimenting everything and making me feel amazing,

For checking out my room every time you come over,

For being proud of me always,

For surrounding me with all your love,

For spending long summer afternoons at the river with you,

For grocery shopping trips,

For our secret expedition to Wendy’s,

For teaching me how to set a table the right way,

For telling me about the past,

For coco puffs,

For just about everything else,


I ❤ you so much!!  Happy birthday!!  ❤




YOU CANNOT TELL ME that you are a bookworm but you don’t stay up late to read

I’m sorry, you just can’t.

I consider myself a pretty accepting person.  But if you call yourself a bookworm and have never stayed up late to read, you might as well be a book that has been thrown in a muddy puddle.


green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (9)



You’re with your family, and you remember that you have a job to do.  aka you have a huge book to finish.  So you say…

“I’m SUPER tired everyone, I think I’m going to bed now.  Goodnight!”

But you lie.  You aren’t tired.  You’ve probably scheduled at least three naps throughout the day so that you are not tired.  I mean, you ARE going in your bed.  You’re just not going to… sleep in your bed??  At least not for a few hours.

According to bookworms, beds aren’t really a place for reading, more of a place for reading.


This bed is used for getting a good night’s sleep for 30% of the time, and for reading 70% of the time.

(wow i can do math guys)

But most bookworms snuggle into their covers, but I don’t believe in that???

I throw off all the pillows that are asking for back pain and solely for decorative purposes.  For example, that unicorn pillow??? Try sitting on that one, I dare you.  Take my advice from experience.

Then I sit ON TOP of all my covers because I don’t necessarily want to fully destroy my made bed yet.  Maybe I’ll bring out my mermaid tail blanket it I get cold in my sweatshirt, but who gets cold in a sweatshirt?


I pick up my book, and flip to the page that I dog eared.  Because who has time for bookmarks honestly?

I analyze where I am in the book, and I always, always ALWAYS tell myself I can finish the book tonight for sure!

If I stay up 5 hours and read at least 80 pages per hour.

I usually finish my books in hundreds.  I read about 100 pages per night, maybe more if I physically cannot out it down.  Or if I’m paralyzed and there is no possible way I can put the book down without help.



green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (10)



I read a couple of chapters.  Sure, I’m interrupted a few times by my idiotically adorable cat, who bats the book out of my hand and demands attention.


But then the distraction comes.

I am reading, and for some reason I zone out.  Maybe I’m looking at something distracting in my room.  Maybe I’m chanting band lyrics in my head because I am band trash.  But for some reason, I read the SAME PARAGRAPH over and over again yet I still don’t process the words??

And then I have the deepest thoughts.

My thoughts at that moment are so deep, the lifeguard at the pool tells you to be careful.

My thoughts are so deep, they fry the best in the deep fryer.

(i’m sorry  xD  )

But I think the following deep thoughts

  • if you’re at a restaurant waiting for the waiter aren’t you the waiter
  • the brain named itself
  • why are the called apartments if they’re so close together
  • if you’re a security guard at a samsung store are you the guardian of the galaxy
  • isn’t it weird how we have voices in our head like the one you just used to read this
  • how do you die in your living room
  • do clothes in china say made around the corner or something
  • is a group of squids called a squad
  • when you clean the vacuum you are the vacuum cleaner
  • if tomatoes are a fruit isn’t ketchup a smoothie
  • do you think sand is called sand because it’s in between sea and land



green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (11)



You’re reading.  You hear the TV turn off.  You hear your father of mother get up from their chair and you hear their footsteps on the carpet.

Quicker than you’ve ever moved during gym class, you throw your poor book across your room, it skids across the carpet.  The parental footsteps come closer and closer to check on you.  They’re mostly checking to make sure you didn’t get kidnapped, but they’re also coming to make sure you’re face isn’t glued to your book.  But it is.

Most parents check to make sure they’re not texting or watching Youtube so late, but mine… they want to make sure I’m not READING.

You throw everything on your bed off, maybe accidentally your cat in the process, dive under the covers, and think of the most natural position.

Maybe… lying down so your facing the ceiling?

No, too generic.

Drooling and face buried in the pillow?

Now you’re trying to hard!

You don’t have time.  The time is ticking.  If you don’t close your eyes now, they will catch you in the act.  Of reading a book in the middle of the night.  On a… SCHOOL NIGHT.

And this is how you end up:


and you either find yourself in one of two situations:

situation one:

you are dead silent.  you breathe slowly and steadily, squeezing your eyes shut.  You hear your parent close your door and dim the lights a bit more.

situation two:

you do all that, but once you think they are gone, YOU OPEN YOUR EYES fool.

“What do you think you’re doing?”  you hear their voice and fear runs through your spine…

“Um…  I was, uh, reading,”

“But it’s late!”

stating the obvious, you think,

“Yeah, er… sorry.  One last chapter, please!”

“Alright then.  It’s late, and you have school in the morning, finish up!”

“I know, I’ll get to sleep soon,”


green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (12)


when you said, “Yeah, er… sorry.  One last chapter, please!”

you know you meant, “I’ll read to THE last chapter!”


Because really, I don’t care if you’re the future president of the united states, NO ONE may tell me to put down my book.  It will not happen.  Not one person can do it.

So do you really thing MY PARENTS CAN DO IT?  Heck to the no?

I will read my book as long as I see fit.  I will read until dawn.  I will burrow in my closet and scare the death out of you, reading, so I don’t have to go to school.  I’m mostly an obedient smol child but when you tell me that I cannot READ I will become a jedi master.

Because I will rebel.  And I will DO IT WELL.

green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (13)


it’s late.

ok, yeah.  We’ve established that it’s late sam.  NOW who’s stating to obvious huh???

but at this point, your body is going through some weird ish.  You feel your eyes droop?? You feel compelled to burrow under the covers or just sleep.

Your eyes are sticking together.  Your eyes are the complete opposite of any couple in hollywood.

Your eyes are straight up all the ships you have ever made before from your books.


but you can’t resist.  it turns out you aren’t as good of a rebel as you thought you were, because suddenly you can’t fight anymore.  You’re like whoever died in the last star wars movie.

and you realize that you can’t do this anymore.  you see that you are IN DENIAL.

so with fumbling hands, you close the book, don’t even dare to look at the time and…




I wanna know if you stay up late to read.  what book has ever made you stay up late to read?  and most importantly, DID YOU RELATE?? Because I need to know!!  Talk to me please I’m lonely  xD


The Month Of A Redhead: JANUARY// HARRY POTTER WORLD & My Cat Is An Angel

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1/12 of the way into 2018 everybody!

And people are eating tide pods and the government shut down.  What an amazing start to the year!

But who cares about that part of the month?  How about MY month?  Let’s talk about me!  After all the title is, “The month of a redhead,” so what redhead did you expect to be here?  Gerard way circa 2011?  Emma Stone?


the HIGHLIGHTS of my month

hehehe look at the picture ^^^

pink (12) (4)




My birthday was on December 31st!  Not in January, but it’s in here because we celebrated by going to the one place in a 4 hour radius that is possible to go to that I’ve always wanted to go to…

You guessed it!

(k maybe you didn’t, and then you’ll feel like a toddler when Dora asks, “What color is the banana?”  and you say, “Blue!”  and she says “You guessed it!”)

I went to Harry Potter world??


It was SNOWING… not actually but like the roofs of the buildings did a pretty good job of convincing me that it was so…

We got no melt ice cream but it was frosting, so it was a rip off but I’m not complaining because I got a cup of chocolate frosting.  BUTEERBEER was iconic and it tasted like everything amazing in the world.  Also Pumpkin Juice is very pumpkin-y, and I spilled it all over my white shirt on the way home so that’s great.


I’m not doing so well in Hogwarts so this awfully nice wizard taught me how to cast my spell on the chocolate frogs.  I aspire to be him, tbh.  I was smiling ridiculously as I was walking down the place, some muggles gave me some strange stares, but we don’t speak of them.

But OMG the forbidden journey was… okay I have to take a deep breath every time I speak of it because it was FRICKIN AWESOME.


Here is me standing awkwardly after the the studio tour, still probably dreaming of Dumbledore.  The rest of the park was mediocre comparing to HP world, but still loads of fun!!!  My second fave ride was probably the transformers one even though it had no meaning to me because I haven’t seen a single movie of it so all it was was just a bunch of huge robots crashing into each other.  It sucked for my little brother (YES I’m aware that he’s only 10 and taller than me)  because the Jurassic Park ride was closed and it was quite tragic, but he cheered up after we fed him some sugary butterbeer.


Bookish Highlights?



I read five books this month, all of which were quite good for my first round of newly acquired books!

BTW I got a GOODREADS a few days ago.  So yeah, go friend me please!  HOORAY for bookish friends

Thirteen Reasons Why//Jay Asher  ★★★★☆

wowza. The voice of Hannah is one of the voices you can hear in your mind (im not schizophrenic I promise) and it’s full of all her tragic stories. Justification is all she’s trying for, for herself and the people on the tapes. It was wonderfully written, but I felt like the end was very abrupt… It had some sexual content that I was not expecting as well.

Dumplin//Julie Murphy     ★★★★★

this book is literally everything. Willowdean is my new role model because of the confidence she grew in this. Every character was so well developed and I squealed several times while reading it. Now I want a cherry flavored sucker…

Tiger Lily//Jodi Lynn Anderson  ★★★★☆

the pages of this book are tear stained bc it made me cry so much… it was so quietly beautiful also the cover is gorgeous I’m gonna have to borrow that dress from tiger lily. As for one of my first fairy tale retellings, I am going to have some SERIOUS thinking to do when I watch the Disney Peter Pan next time.

Andd I haven’t had time yet to Review Daughter Of Smoke and Bone, When Dimple Met Rishi, and Turtles All The Way Down.  I’ll get to it.  Or I’ll procrastinate.   We shall SEE.


Idk, I feel like I’m rating the books I read wayyy too high?? Maybe I should raise my standards??  But I also feel like I JUST got out of a reading slump and every book I have read this month was pretty dang decent.  XD   OR I’m just a fluffy unicorn and I’m way too nice to my books.

I actually lied and said I read all 5 books, but I’m really close to finishing When Dimple Met Rishi but I CAN’T there’s too much cheese.  Ohh the cheesiness.  It’s KILLIN ME.



Fave book of the month?

For sure Dumplin’.  I sometimes struggle with body image, but don’t we all? I feel like it really gives an important message.  It broke my heart to be honest, and uggh I wish I could put it into the hands of every girl/boy who thinks they’re body isn’t good enough.

(also, did you see the cracked spine??  If my book has a cracked spine, then it either means I was reading on a table and too lazy to hold the pages down, or carried it with me everywhere because it was so supremely fabulous)


I also felt like the main reason why I didn’t finish so many books is because I spent so much time STARTING books and peaking in between pages (cmon people you do it too) that I got really picky and started like 2 chapters of 20 books and ultimately decided on like one.  So that took up a ton of time.  xD

I also baked COOKIES!  To match my book?? To take an artsy pic of??

But not going to lie I also made them to eat…

pink (12) (4)


Blogging Highlights??




You guys can use my handy dandy charts to make your own unique pen name?? how cool is that??

DIY Bookmarks that You Absolutely Need In Your Life//Easier Than Eating Potato Chips

I showed you some ridiculously easy peasy as apple pie bookmarks.  The last part of the title was a result of waking up at 5 in the morning, but I forgot to delete it  xD

Copying Bookish Tumblr Photography No. 2: In Which I Copy People Because Original Content is Overrated

I recreated a ton (3) of tumblr photos and they turned out either decent of mediocre.


After being just plain lazy and not posting since Christmas, I decided it was about time to make this post.

  • I gained 38 WP follows and 1 email follower

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Photography Highlights?


Honestly, the reason I’m breathing and actively functioning as a live human being is because of my DSLR camera.  And my editing software.  😛



Twila likes the camera I think??? I was setting up the fairy lights for this shot and without me even (gently) forcing her, she plopped herself right in the position I needed her in.  SHE’S SO CUTE I CAN’T


We took a G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S drive down the ranch and  had to stop the jeep to get a pic of this glowing moss.


The best part was that my grandpa took us all the way up LITERALLY above the clouds.


And OH MY it made for a perfect photo op.  I love.  ❤  ❤

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General Life Highlights??

  • k so I would usually do a WRITING HIGHLIGHTS
  • but I literally did no writing?? At all???
  • That’s a problem, but oh well.  I expected to at least write 1k but surprise surprise!  I wrote 0!!


  • I’m salty @ my ortodontist because she made me wear rubber bands that fix my overbite
  • aka rubber bands that tear up my tongue and hurt like heck
  • my school had an award ceremony and the only thing I got for my straight A’s was a handshake from the principle’s germy hands and a useless piece of paper
  • I got to text Rose @apurposeofwingeddogs  !!!
  • I made a mug cake?? And it didn’t taste like you know what?


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Music Highlights?

Writer In The Dark//  lorde

Dollhouse// Melanie Martinez

Florets//  Grace Vanderwaal

Lucky One// Taylor Swift

Perfect Places// lorde


There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Figured It Out Yet// Panic! At The Disco

In My Dreams// Ruth B

Sing// My Chemical Romance

You Are In Love// Taylor Swift

Ready For It Bloodpop Remix// Taylor Swift

Sober// lorde

Satellite// Gabbie Hanna

oh you know just your typical emo/ Taylor Swift obsessed girl.



I love you guys and I demand that you have a wonderous February!!!  ❤  ❤

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