A Day in The Life of A Public Schooler

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I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  Most bloggers that I follow are homeschoolers.  They often post things I could never even begin to understand, since I am a public schooler.  True this was a tad on the dramatic side, but who really cares?  It was fun to write.

So I decided to make a post about an Average day here at school…

8:00~Free For All

You slam your backpack down on the side of your classroom, kicking other student’s to the side, piling up.  You nervously creep up to the blacktop, and scan it with burning eyes, searching for your friends.

You saw their backpacks by their classes, so you knew they were here.

You dart in between an intense four square game, getting scolded by a fifth grader, who tries to kick you.

Then, you sprint across a the basketball court, while the players are occupied on the other side.  You take a deep breath as you see your friends on the opposite side of the field, they had already made their perilous journey…. A Frisbee hits you.  Man down, Man down!   , screams your brain, as you fall to the grass.  Kids laugh.  You awkwardly stand up, and then just 5 feet away from your friends, some jerk kicks a soccer ball at your head on purpose.  You stumble to them, barely conscious.

8:30~The beginning, the sanctuary

You line up in your alphabetical ordered spot, and sling your stuff on your back.

The line leader is worshiped, and he takes a few dramatic seconds… and calls the other line inside first.  How dare he?

The teacher abruptly cuts off all the chatter, and demands you get a book out, so you do.  The students around you pull out their beginning  35 page chapter books, and you get out your hardcover limited edition copy of Jane Eyre, a classic.  This is your sanctuary.


9:00~ MATH.  (Dun, dun, DUN!)



Above is the fox that teaches us algebra.  Our class named him Delvin.  So Delvin explains to us how to calculate the area of a 20 sided polygon, statistics, and algebra.  Though sometimes it’s in a woman voice, and other times in a man voice, which is very confusing.

Otherwise, math is OK.  I like math, because it’ challenging to me.




Jiji the penguin made me hate penguins.  He is my nemesis, and he makes everything so darn confusing.

I don’t know much about penguins, but I know they can jump so…

Screenshot 2017-03-26 at 7.46.47 AM

First, you enter this long drawn out password you can remember, because they drill it in our heads in the beginning of the year.  (Mine is the horse thing in this one, but I’m also the kangaroo, the milk, the grass, the fishing pole, the feet, and a bunch of other stuff.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 at 7.47.32 AM

This is the level I failed over 10 times.  See those little dots at the very bottom?  Those are the times I have failed this level.  The point is to make the worms meet so they can drop their seed in that little pot thing at the bottom.  how is this even math?

Screenshot 2017-03-26 at 7.47.43 AM


Screenshot 2017-03-26 at 7.47.44 AM

And then the penguin gives you the meanest look in the whole wide world. 

So that’s Jiji math for ya’!



11:05~Prepare to explode with boredom

This is language arts.  the students take turns reading aloud, and stumbling across words like “duck”.  Then, we take a spelling pre test, and I’m the only one that passes it.  My brain explodes with boredom

12:40~Scavenge for food

If you have a pack of gum, you’re done.  

“Can I have some gum?”

“You gave her gum, give me some!”
And then the whole table rips your gum apart live savage wolves eating their prey.

This is lunch time, where the poor souls that have hot lunch are forced to eat moldy grilled cheese that is packaged and warmed up so it’ll burn your fingers.

1:30~There’s a way out

The teacher lectures you on all the jiji you haven’t finished this week, and then you give her a superior look, take your clarinet, and run out to the band room.  You pump your fists on the way out

Image result for fist pump gif



2:00~Physical “Education”

Students line up on one side of the field, gazing anxiously at the other end.  The teacher hits the play button on his stereo and a cheery woman’s voice echoes throughout the open field. She explains the rules as the children break a sweat.  Get to the other side before the beep sounds out.  Simple, correct?  I think not.

Ready, Begin, in 5….4….3….2…..1!”

The beep sounds, and the students  jog to the other side, with 5 seconds in between each beep.  Each time you get to the other side, the woman calls, “Level one completed.”

You cheer for yourself in your head, but you have no idea what’s coming next.  This isn’t too hard, you think.  Next comes Level 7.  Level 8.  Within each beep, the interval between shorten, and you’re sprinting as fast as humanly possible to the other side.  You hit it with your foot, and the beep plays again, just in time.  You turn, and run to the other side.  Your throat is on fire an your legs feel like jelly.  One of the girls crawls over to the instructor, embarrassed. After finally seeing at the first to fall, other students begin to join in, like a stampede.  Clutching their throats they bail out of the test.  One girl is crying,  You’re not quite sure if that boy on the ground is alive or not.  2 friends left for the water fountain and have been there for over 20 minutes.  They are not expected back anytime soon.  The students that quit  are forced to sit there and watch the kings of the school,  who are on Level 100, Level 120.  The field erupts in a cheer as the last girl in Cross Country gives up, she’s worshiped, she is a legend.

The students drag their useless bodies to their lines, and line up for class.

This isn’t even an exaggeration.


3:00~The end

You wave goodbye to your friends, and rush out of the gates.


(somebody get that reference.  😄  )

Did you enjoy reading this?  Do you go to public school or homeschool?  Let me know in the comments below!





7 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

I love the little things in life.  So I thought I’d share some of the little thingsI’m obsessed with right now in this little post.


At the Natural History Museum, I picked up this pencil that has a tube stuck at the end, and in that tube is a whole collection of gemstones from all around the world.  It’s really fun to write with because it shakes whenever you do.


A cup of Happy.  Because happiness is in writing utensils, am I right? And food


A beautiful copy of Love And Friendship by Jane Austen.  I’m hoping to read this soon.

My Best Friend came over a few weeks ago, and we made scrape art from Pinterest and had a watercolor Ombre contest.  My watercolor failed, so she helped me with the design, but I think my scrape art turned out OK!


I tack up my fortunes on my Messenger board.  They’re mostly from Panda Express… 😄

I love Panda Express, do you?



There’s nothing like a roll of snazzy dressed up kitten tape.


This sea spray from lush smells amazing.


I saved the best for last…


I sometimes want to go around commenting on other people’s blogs, “Oh, and I have a Unicorn head in my room, so…”

I love unicorns and gemstones, and I hope you enjoyed this little post mainly about those two things.  😄



My Love/Hate Relationship with Star Wars

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So, a lot of my best blogging friends are obsessed with Star Wars.

But I have to admit….I’m not.

My fangirl feels never seem to appear when Star Wars is mentioned, as it is with fandoms like Warrior cats, Taylor Swift, or Harry Potter.

And, I’m a little bit hesitant to fandoms outside of my fangirl expertise.  

For example, I can name every single Warrior cat ever in Thunderclan, I can recite every spell in Harry Potter, and I can Name every district’s purpose in The Hunger Games.

All that is useful information, I swear.

But if you come up to me asking to recite even one or two of the names of the Star Wars planets, I would be brain dead.

I have watched the 2 latest Star Wars movies, and THEY WERE AMAZING.  However, I pretty much had no idea about the background story, though I had a pretty clear idea.



My brother, however, LOVES Star Wars.  I keep trying to get through the first movie without exploding with boredom.

I’m not even sure how many movies there even are.

But I haven’t watched them.

I dunno, maybe the whole alien and human thing doesn’t appeal to me as much as to other people,

But I desperately want it to!

I got so sad for some reason about Carrie Fisher’s death, and I’ve only seen her in The Burbs and the latest Star Wars movie.

Plus, Lightsabers are cool.

And so are droids, BB-8 is darn hilarious.

I’ve also found that I’ve never really been into sci-fi anything.  I only read fantasy.

Dialogue between me and Sci-Fi:

Me:  “Get away!”  *throws precious fantasy books at Sci-Fi’s face*

Sci-Fi:  But maybe if you just gave me a try-

Me:  *Steals Percy Jackson’s sword* Thwap

Sci-Fi:  *Screams*

Me:  *Evil Laughter*

Now, what do YOU think?  Should I give Sci-Fi a try without killing it with Riptide?  Do you like Star Wars?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat!



Always Wandering


I love photography.  The aspect of capturing random things in life and holding them in a camera forever is an idea that makes me incredibly happy.


So I took my camera out to the Ranch, where my Grandparents live, by the rich coast of California.


Everything is alive right now.


The river is rushing…

And the Turtles are here!  My aunt is kissing the turtle.  😄


We got a flash flood over there, and it left some cool ripples in the mud.








In other news, tommorow I have to wake up at 5:20 to go to a Gifted and Talented Education class field trip to the Natural History Museum in LA!  I’m very excited.


Listening to:

~Green Light by Lorde

~Chained to The Rhythm by Madelyn Bailey

~Shape of You By Ed Sheeran


That’s all for today Lovelies. Hakuna Matata.


Snippets of The One and Only Twila



Meow.  (Hi)

Some of you may already know me, but for those who don’t…

My name is Twilight Bells, Twila for short.  I am 8 years old, and Samantha is my owner!

And today, YOU have the privilege of hearing some much needed snippets from ME:  Twila!



IN FACT, here’s a snippet of wisdom:  convince your favorite person on earth to make you a bed.  Sammy sewed one for me using a cute cat fabric, it’s fun the lick the furry flannel.


In this picture Sam’s brother is holding me in a very uncomfortable position, as you can see.  LET ME GO!

I do love him though… ❤





I love hiding under the couch.








Comment and like this post if you’d like to see more of moi-Twila!  

~Twilight Bells


On Changes, My Purpose, and Random Kablobs


I’ll admit it.  I’m often more inclined to post on my doll blog over this blog.

But I plan for that to change, and VERY soon.  And this post is filled with random kablobs of me explaining how exactly I’m going to do that…

Because the thing is, I’ve been under utilizing this blog.  I can fill it’s posts with all my dreams and hopes and reckless fangirling and all my bookish thoughts…But I haven’t been doing that.  It sucks, because I know I can do better.

I can spend SO much more time than I do right now on redheadwithabook.  But I’ve been feeling…uninspired.

I CAN take better pictures.  I CAN spend more time writing all these posts.  I CAN be a bit more professional on here.  I CAN have more fun with this.

So… Why don’t you and I brainstorm some ways to help me  become re-inspired?

  • I’m going to focus on my 2 favorite things:  Writing and Reading.  I need to post more of my stories, because there are so many to be told.  And I could talk about books FOR HOURS.  So maybe I’ll channel that into future posts.
  • I’m improving.  Slowly, but surely on my photography.  No more blurry pictures, just pretty, lush photographs.  
  • I need to act like this blog is a place to write my personal events too.  How about another Redhead With a Book talk shoPleaw?  

My new schedule is underway as well.  I am going to post here on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.   

This post was created just to keep you updated.  I want this blog to be the best it can be, and I’m just telling you that I’ll be doing a better job at that.

Go ahead, comment which posts YOU would like to see.  I’m listening!




Testing Harry Potter BUTTERBEER!


So I’ve been wanting to make Butter Beer for a LONG time!  

I mean, like I started reading HP in 2nd grade, and I finished it in 2nd grade so…

So when I found this post by Loren:  HERE. DRINK THE BUTTERBEER HERE. DO IT!

There was a lot of screaming and fangirling going on.

I went to my Grandma’s the other day because it was my brother’s Birthday, (cake pic later on), and we made butterbeer!


The inside is Cream soda, rum extract, and butter extract.img_4912

The yummy fluff on top is marshmallow, rum extract, and whipping cream.



How it turned out:

Well, it’s FOR SURE an acquired taste, but I personally LOVED it.  Especially the topping, delicious.  It is not alcoholic, in case you were wondering.  (Like,”WHAT AREN’T YOU UNDER 21?!”)

It’s a nice treat, and I’d probably make it for a sleepover next time.

But the best part was that it tasted exactly how I imagined it in the book!

I think I have a super power to understand the taste of stuff in books.

So yes, Sam approves.  It was everything I imagined it would be and MORE!


This was my Brother’s Birthday cake I made for him.


He turned 10 on February 24th, and had a sleepover with his 2 best friends.

He approved.

My mom asked him what cake he wanted, and he said chocolate with yellow frosting and just left the room.  my dad thought he meant yellow cake and chocalte frosting, but he clarified later that he wanted just what he said:  chocolate cake with yellow frosting.

No complaints by me, so that’s what my grandma and I made him!  It’s double layered.  YUM.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post filled with food.  Is your mouth watering now?  😄


~Lettuce Chat~

The world wants to hear what you have to say, and conversating is lovely.  Comment whenever!

Have you ever tasted butterbeer?  Would you like to?  What did you think about Matthew’s cake?  Care to wish him a happy Birthday?


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