Thoughts While Blogging//Screaming At Myself

Thoughts While Blogging (1)

Welcome to a peek into the life/routine of a full time blogger!  lol, I guess I’m a full time blogger.  I blog all the time, almost every day.  I’m either posting, or reading a book I plan to post about, planning out posts, or taking pictures.

It’s hard.  But what am I doing, complaining?!  Yes, yes you are complaining.

You see, I do love it.  If I hated it I would’ve stopped a long time ago.  I’m addicted to blogging!  I get to talk with awesome people, and y’all support me in huge amounts.  It’s a fun experience.  Here is my average blogging routine:


Ok Sam!  *Opens Computer**starts listening to music*

Today’s post will be awesome.  Today’s post will not suck.  Hmm, looks like it’s Thursday which means… I’m posting on RedheadWithabook!

Oh gosh.

Hmm, well let’s see, I have plenty of time!  I’ll get it up at some point today.

Let’s check our emails.  Wow, I haven’t cleaned out my inbox since well… May?! 

It’s obviously lying to me.  I’ve cleaned it out since then… right?!  Right!



Ok, let’s talk to some cuties that live on the other end of the country.  I’ll just scream Loren’s name until she comes while I talk with Rutvi about being non productive.  Let’s log on to Pinterest and send Rutvi some memes for a straight hour.

Oh my, that gosh darn bell keeps turning orange.  More comments.  Yay?

I’ll reply to those after my post, of course.


Ok, it’s 7 now, which means, I have to click the pencil icon… I have to write a post. If I start now, I can give myself until 9:00 to finish my post.  I can finish in 2 hours!  I can finish in that time easily!

*Computer screen randomly turns black*

It did the thing.  The thing has happened again.  It shut down on me.  My computer has betrayed me, how does it do this to me?!

What the freak do you mean Chrome didn’t shut down correctly, don’t give me that lie!  No, Chrome was just too lazy to cooperate.  What, did it have to travel to space and back or something?

Would your like to restore your tabs?

Image result for are you dumb superwoman gif


Of course. I can feel your judgement seeping through the screen, computer.  I’ve had that tab open for 37 days now, and I’m not about to cut off it’s lifespan.  Also, I was in the middle of a post.  Ok, maybe it was just the first few sentences.


You know what, it’s time to be selfless.  What am I doing, wrapped up and only focused on my post?!  No, it’s about time to focus on someone other than myself and go read other people’s posts.  I’m going to go read about other people’s success.  And make myself cry that I’m not as successful…

I’m also going to open 37 new tabs that contain the 37  posts I intend to read.  I’ll have time.  Because it’s all about the selflessness.  


Oh, one of the posts has a gif?  I’m just going to spend 15 minutes contemplating about how to pronounce gif, refusing to google it.  Excuse while I am hypnotized watching the gif over and over again for a straight 13 minutes.

I’m so productive!

Ok, now it’s about time.  Let’s focus.  Let’s do this.  I’m going to publish this post today,  I will.


Oh, I’m really not feeling this song.  I’ll just spend 15 minutes searching for the perfect song for this moment.  Should I put this playlist on shuffle?  Or should I listen to it in the natural way it was created, from top to bottom?  Let’s just put this song on repeat until I get tired of it and start to despise it.

Is this joke I just made funny?  Will this joke offend anyone?  Is it one of those jokes that only sounds funny out loud?  Is it one of those jokes that my readers will lol at?

It would be so weird of we lol-ed as much as we claim to.  It would also be weird if people winked as much as they use the winky face emoji.


Wow, is that a word?  Google says it isn’t.  But Google lies to me all the time.






It’s time to be a responsible girl.  I should eat.  I’m hungry.  I should get dressed.  But am I going out in public today?  Hopefully not.  But I do want to go to Costco… I heard on Thursdays that their sample game is STRONG.

Oh, Youtube.  Let’s check Youtube, shall we?

*watches Lizzza’s late video**watches excessive amounts of AGtube**Watches live stream of kittens playing*

Did my phone just run out of battery?!

It has betrayed me.  All my electronic devices secretly loathe me.  I don’t want to get up and put it on the charger though…

Ok, it’s time to get back to the post.  It’s time to accomplish something today.


How is Brendon’s voice so calming?

My ears hurt.  My earbuds have been in for too long.  And clearly, a few earbud gremlins came into my room last night and tangled up my earbuds.  Time to tell Rutvi about my strife and struggles with the inspiration to post.

Or, you know, I could turn them into a blog post just like the one you’re reading right now.







Q & A Answers: Because Apparently I’m Interesting?!

Q And A Answers

So, I asked you all what you want to know about me, and apparently you all want to know a lot!

Apparently I’m a subject of interest to you all, which means I’ll be answering all your questions in this Q & A!  Huzzah!

Let’s begin.  You guys probably aren’t even reading this intro and scrolling through the post at this point.  Oh well.  😛

Sara’s Questions

What’s your favorite book?

Um, nO tHaNkYoU.  You have no right to ask that!  I banish you… (jkjk)
Cake or ice cream?

Ice Cream cake.  That’s the best kind of cake.  The cake of my dreams. You should be taking notes.  😛
If you could own a small business, what would you sell?

I think I would sell Ice Cream Cake.  Or I would own a food truck called “Potato, Patato, let’s just call it off” and I wold sell all types of french fries.
Night owl or morning lark?

I like mornings because I get to be with you guys in the mornings, and I don’t mind night because it’s the same as the day except darker outside.  But I’d rather be outside on the morning rather than the night, so I’m a morning lark!  That sounds nice.  I’m putting that in my about page.
What is your favorite blog post that you’ve ever read? (Link please! XD)

OML, this post is like from 2015, but I still think about it a ton, and I think it’s the favorite I’ve ever read. 🙂

The story of an unhappy Dresser handle
Look behind you. What do you see?

umm… my boring hallway that leads out of my room.  Sorry if you though this answer would be more interesting.  😉

Penelope Crumb’s Questions

What is the weather right now as you answer this question?

It’s sunny outside and probably really hot because I live in California.  😛
What’s your favourite season?

I LOVE WINTER.  Winter is the best season for hot chocolate, it’s Jesus’ birthday, and MY BIRTHDAY.  So, I’m Winter’s #1 fan.
 What is one thing you wish didn’t exist?

I wish earbud gremlins didn’t exist.  I hold a firm belief that gremlins sneak into my room, and like to tangle up my earbuds for fun.  No, stop laughing.  It’s not funny, I swear they exist.
 Favourite fictional character?

All of them.
How many languages can you speak?

2!  Pig Latin and English!

Rose’s Questions

What is your favorite animal?


Cats.  Cats, cats, cats, cats, CATS.  I love kitties.  I spend all day thinking up names for cats.  I have a kitty named Twilight Bells, and when I’m older I’ll have a fat pale tabby named butterbean, and old gray cat named Minerva, and a redhaired cat named Hazel.

I treat my cat like a queen.  I made her a blanket with cats on it and she sleeps on it all day.
Did you see American Girl’s new design your own Truly Me dolls?
If yes, what would your’s look like (You, a book character…)

Yep!  I’M SO EXCITED!  I want a doll that looks like me, long red hair, brown eyes, and tons of freckles.  I would name her Hazel.

What is your favorite post on each of your blogs?

Well, looks like you have to cancel all your plans today, go read my photo series, Solstice Children!

I worked really hard on this post
If you could have another blog, what would it be about?

It would be about Chocolate, no doubt about it.
If you could name a crayon, what would it be called?

I would name some crayon NIKE if it was a neon yellow crayon.

Unicorn Jenn’s Questions

What’s your top five favorite realistic fiction books?

I really loved Counting By 7’s, Moon Over Manifest, You Make My Heart Swing Sideways, Everything, Everything, and Fish in A Tree.
What’s Twila’s favorite toy?


Twila doesn’t have a favorite toy.  She has toys, but she usually just likes a piece of string.  She doesn’t need much to be happy.
What’s your favorite word?

I love the word Supernova!
What’s your favorite Grace Vanderwaal song?

Gosh, I love Grace Vanderwaal.  I really like Clay and Gossip Girl, just because I can kind of relate to those two the most.  🙂
Coke or Pepsi?

OK, I heard these two sodas taste the exact same at room temp.  So that would mean neither!  I hate soda, and I only like root beer.


What is your favorite chocolate candy?

I love  M &M’s.  😛 I know, so basic.  The blue ones are the best, trust me.  They taste different.
What’s your favorite fruity candy?

I like Tootsie Pops, because they have chocolate inside.  I’m literally the owl in the tootsie pop commercial.  🙂
Do you watch Modern Family? If so, who’s your favorite character?

I kind of watch Modern Family.  Like, I’ve seen a few episodes, so I can’t really have a favorite character.
Have you ever broken a bone? If so, is there a story to it?

This is so lame, but one time I was at my 3 year old cousin’s birthday party, and it was at a trampoline place.  I fractured my elbow while in the bouncy obstacle course.  😛
Do you have a favorite US president? (mine is Coolidge)

George Washington because he has lots of awesome funny memes.


Image result for adventures of george washington


lol, jk, my favorite is Abe Lincoln.

Are you subscribed to word of the day?

Nooo… But I should be.
What helps motivate you when you want to write but can’t find the right time or don’t know where to start?

I listen to tons of music until my brain is filled to the brim with ideas.  Or I eat chocolate, and write 5 pages about chocolate.
Who is your favorite author of all time?

As of right now, what are your top three career choices?

Writer, teacher, entrepreneur.
What gave you the idea for Bookish Tea Chats?

idk, I just randomly think of ideas.

May’s Questions

Writing or reading?

I like reading better because that’s how I get inspiration for my writing.
Choose your two favorite musical artists (bands, singers, etc.). Now choose one to never listen to again.

P!ATD and Taylor Swift.  Since I’ve already memorized every single one of Taylor Swift’s songs, I can just listen to her in my head, so her.  😛
How tall are you?

What are some things you hate about yourself? What about some things you love about yourself?

I hate that I dog ear books, I love that I’m awesome.  😉
 Shout out to some great bloggers/blogger friends!






Emily’s Questions

How many blogs have you had?

I’ve had 4.  So, I’m a part of The Writing Writers, I run Agdollawesome, I run this blog, and I made a fail blog a long time ago that I deleted.
Do you prefer writing on the computer or on paper?

Computer is easier, but I love sharp pencils, so I think I like paper better.  Paper also feels way more personal, since
What’s your favourite sport?

Volleyball is my favorite sport!  Mys chool and I took 1st place in the district championships this year.  🙂
Do you have siblings? (should I know this?!)

Nah, it’s ok girl. I don’t mention my little brother a lot, but he’s crazy.

Image result for tumblr cute quotes
If you could visit any country, which one would it be?

I really want to go to France, so I can eat baguettes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I also think it would be fabulous to go to the louvre, and see great works of art in person.


Loren’s Questions

what is one of your bad habits?

Forgetting to unplug the hot glue gun.  That is a fairly horrible habit, if I do say so myself.
do you sing in the shower? is so, what do you usually sing?

Yep, if I take a shower, yes.  I sing whatever fragment of a song that’s stuck in my head.
what’s your least favorite panic! at the disco song?

I’m not very fond of That Green Gentleman.
what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/heard today?

Well, today just started and I haven’t talked to anyone yet, but yesterday we were watching cops.  So this guy was running from the cops, and he jumped into a lake.  The cops got him, and the cop’s name they were featuring was named “Robert Fische”  (pronounced like fish), so he made a joke at the end, and said, “I bet if he knew my last name was fische, he wouldn’t have jumped in the lake, ” and I started laughing so hard.
if people floated instead of walked, how far off the ground would you be?

I would be up in the clouds, my dear.

do you keep a journal?

No.  But I really should start.  I kind of think of my blogs as my journal, though.
do you like the meaning of your name?

*googles meaning of name*

It means “God Heard”, “Flower”, and “Listener”  Yeah, I guess I like the meaning of my name.  I wish I was named Hazel.  I would have been named that, but my dad thought it was an old lady name.  *shoots evil look at father*
what are three things that you’re happy about right now

School is almost here.

I can get the pineapple backpack of my dreams.

I’m finally typing up this q and a.
do you prefer baths or showers?

Baths.  I like to sit in warm water and relax.
do you use pens with black or blue ink?

Whichever one is closest.
what emoji do you use the most?

Rutvi and I use this emoji XD way too much.

Arumina’s Questions

If you went to Hogwarts what pet would you have?

A cat, of course.  I would name it Minerva.
Who would be your best friend at Hogwarts and why?

HERMIONE AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON.  So hermione is my answer.
If you could ask your favorite book character one question, which character would you choose and what would you ask?

I would ask Fitz to make a move on Sophie because it’s about time.  😉
What’s your favorite way to do your hair?

I like it in a messy bun.  In fact, that is what it’s in right now.
Look to your left and tell me the first thing you see?

A tape dispenser.  These types of questions are not the most interesting things I have have answers for.  😛
Your house is burning down, what three things do you save?

Aren’t you supposed to not save anything, just save yourself?  But no matter what anyone says, I would save Twila.
If you wrote an autobiography what would it be called?

Don’t You dare Touch My Books, By Samantha.

Megan’s Questions

Favorite Disney Pixar movie?

I really like The Secret Life Of Pets.  😛
Favorite flower?


All of the flowers.
Elephants or giraffes?

Elephants are one of the cutest things in the world, and they’re almost extinct, so Elephants.
What’s the longest time you’ve kept a hair tie on your wrist?

idk, like 3 minutes.  XD
What are some songs you listened to when you were little?

Tons of Kidz Bop.
Country or city?

IMG_9959Country.  I’ll take fresh air over polluted air any day.
What’s your favorite Pinterest board?

I like my Art Pinterest board right now, since I’m stocking up for a new series on my blog.. 😀 😀 😀

Rutvi’s Questions

If you could meet either Taylor Swift or Brendon Urie, which one would you choose?

I have the right to remain silent.

If you had a different hair color, what would you want it to be?

I think I’d look ok as a blonde.  But I like my red hair, all the old ladies out in public always comment on it.

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

chocolate cake w/ cream cheese frosting. *licks lips*
Your fav page in Wreck This Journal?

I like the page where I collect all the stamps.  🙂
Do you get annoyed when you wear hairties on your wrist while sleeping and then you take them off and it looks like someone burned you or something and it’s just PAINFUL and red and eeeugh.

Um, that sounds like a torture method, but no, that does not happen to me.

what’s your favorite brendon urie meme?

Image result for brendon urie meme
if you had a different pet instead of twila what would you want it to be?

Another cat named Butterbean.
let’s say your school gave you a week off because you got all A’s during the year… what would you do?

I would go meet an internet friend, or catch a plane to where you live so we can meet again…
does the fidget spinner trend annoy you?

Not particuarly, I have like 7 fidget spinners.  My dad works for a promotional company, and they sell fidget spinners that companies can put their logos on, and so he get’s free samples of fidget spinners all the time, and gives them to us.  I like all gifts from my dad, and they’re kind of fun to ply with.
would you rather skip PE class or skip reading and writing?

do you know the names of all the members of all time low? DON’T GOOGLE IT.

Umm, Alex Gaskarth?!
where would you go if you were given a plane ticket for a vacation of your choice?

Missouri,  I really want to go to Missouri.  All my relatives live there, and I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

Anna’s Questions

What’s your favorite breed of cats?

Calico, the cat of many colors.

Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia?

I read the first one.   I really should read more, shouldn’t I?!

Mya’s Question

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Gold Medal Ribbon from Baskin Robin’s is BOMB guys.  It’s a chocolate and vanilla swirl with pockets or caramel.

Mahiyra’s Questions

Music you are loving right now?

I love Panic! At The Disco and Taylor Swift.  I’m listening to Centuries by Fall Out Boy, though.
Favourite series?

One book you will always re-read?

How did you come up with your blog name!?

My mom actually suggested it!  I like it because it will always be the most unique blog name, in my opinion.

Rebecca’s Questions

What’s your favorite drawing media? (pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, etc.)

Watercolor is really pretty to me, I love how pale and pastel it turns out.

That was all the questions!

You guys are so sweet for asking all of them.  It took me 2 hours to answer them, but I think I enjoyed it.  🙂



Rancho Travel Journal


Hey little roses.

Today I will be documenting my trip to where my grandparents live, the ranch.  It’s quite pretty there, with all the wildlife and scenery, and I never want to forget it.  Because in a year or so, they will be retiring and moving away from the beautiful vineyard landscape, and moving a lot closer to all their grandchildren. 🙂

I want this to be a place of vivid details and description of my memories, so let’s go.

Thursday,  June 29th, 2017 Day 1


California get’s kind of old to drive through, when you’ve driven through it all your life.  Most of it is crops, vineyards, orchards, and rolling hills.  The drive is 3 hours, and I pretty much listened to music the entire way there.  The view wasn’t too special out the car window, so I didn’t get a chance to take any photos.


When we arrive, we hug our grandparents, say hello to my aunt and to my baby cousin, Ramona, and then I start putting my stuff in our room.


This is the set of stairs that leads up to my room.

My room that I share with my brother when I stay at the Ranch has a pair of beds and it’s on top of the entire house.  I can see the entire Ranch from my window up there.  It was built by my uncles and my grandfather in like the 80’s or 90’s for an extra room, and I love it.  I’ve been there for as long as I can remember, and I have only fallen from the stairs once.  😉


There is a huge bookcase on your way up the stairs, and I always get distracted by them when heading on up.  They contain volumes of classic literature, and a lot of Babysitter’s club and Goosebumps.  😛

IMG_9891I thought the quilt in my room was kind of pretty.




On the first day, we didn’t do very much except sit around on the patio and talk awhile while all the birds chirped and the day met the night.

We had Papa Murphy’s Pizza today, and I made cookies from refrigerated cookie dough.  They were pretty good, I guess.

Friday, June 30th, 2017, day 2


I woke up later than usual for this whole trip, about 6:45!

Wow.  *slow clap*


This was another relaxing day of eating pretty much all the sugar that was placed in the treat basket. There is a wicker basket that sits on top of the fridge and contains pretty much  diabetes itself.


My grandmother wanted to go out to town and go eat someplace, and I accompany her.

We go to Texas Roadhouse, where the waitress pretty much force feeds me honey butter even though I politely tell her I don’t care for it.  Free peanuts are good.  I get a hamburger and a salad.


My grandma surprises me and takes me to Beverly’s a local craft store, and she buys me everything I need for a super big project for my dolls.  Thanks Grandma.  🙂


I think this spider is trying to tell me something.  ^^

We then went grocery shopping and got more things to stock the treat basket, and buy ingredients for the upcoming meals.

It’s not good to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.


So I take a quick dip in the hot tub, and read for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

I read a lot of Warrior Cats, and Pride and Prejudice.  


My aunt also leaves on vacation for Mexico, and my mom is now stationed at her house to babysit Ramona.

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 Day 3

My father drove down today, and he will be staying at my aunt’s house with my mom until he has to leave to go back to work on Wednesday.


But the most exciting thing today was the my Uncle Gabor, and his super sweet girlfriend, Shana came!  He isn’t really my uncle, but he’s my dad’s best friend, and he’s super close to the family, so we think of him as an uncle.  They also have a dog named Bogie, who was pretty cute.


We went down to the Lake out in the backroads of ranch countryside, and swam for a little while.


The lake was actually a pretty nice temperature, so much so that even my mom came in.  She doesn’t go into any sort of water and swim unless it’s just right.  XD XD


And then we swam in this pool, that isn’t technically ours, but that’s a story for another time. 🙂

With my Uncle Gabor, my dad, my brother, and I, we made a whirlpool in it because it’s a rare specimen of a circular pool.

I’d rather not describe this in too much detail, but clearly the pool guy hadn’t come in awhile, and there were some… furry, feathered, and froggy things in there.  This caused our pool time to be cut short.  *shivers*


I’d like to believe the snail and the frog’s are friends  ^^

Fun fact: I saved that frog from the pool.. You’re welcome, Brendon the frog.


I took some pictures for my doll blog, and then for dinner we had my grandpa’s famous tri-tip, with 5-star garlic bread.  My mouth is still watering.  I also made brownies from a box, and fed them to the family.  They were yummy, but then again, what chocolate isn’t yummy?

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017, Day 4


I woke up, and started shooting for my series at my doll blog for a few hours.  It was very foggy today.

I had a breakfast of a bagel with Nutella on it.

I roamed around the ranch’s winery taking photo’s of anything that had texture because I was bored.


There are these cool grape vines hanging from the tasting room


An old olive press.


And there’s meeeeee.

We also went to the river and trekked through the algae buildup for about an hour.  Then we swam in a swimming hole. 🙂


I got a picture of the beautiful sunset that fell that day.



idk, this one kind of looks like an eye.

Monday, July 3rd, 2017 Day 5


I chased this butterfly around for 10 minutes to get this picture.


My brother and I played hide and seek around the whole ranch for the morning.  He hid in plain sight because he isn’t very good at that game (jk) and made me chase him.  I’m too fast for him, so he quickly learned that that was not a good idea.


Then, when it was my turn, I hid in the back of my grandpa’s truck.  That was not a very good choice, since the inside of the back of the truck is black, and it was really, really, sunny.  Before I burnt to a crisp, I went to go hide behind a fence where he found me within minutes.  Oh well.


My grandpa took us to town.  We went to In N’ Out, where, naturally, I spilled my water all over myself.  It was good, though.  Then, we went and got some fireworks.  We searched around town for a bit, and then finally found a stand that went to a good cause, the American Legion.

What’s more patriotic than buying fireworks for fourth of july, and then having the proceeds go to help men who fought for this country?

After we picked up our pyrotechnics, we drove to a bakery where we picked up a beautiful lattice apple pie.  My brother and I waited in the car for 5 minutes, arguing over which fireworks would be bigger, and grandpa promptly came back with batteries for my camera, and chocolate and caramel covered ice cream pops for us.  Thanks Grandpa.  🙂


Fourth Of July, Day 6

The day was spent eating ruffles, listening to old American Music, and nagging my brother to put on a patriotic shirt.


I wore a blue shirt with stars on it, and I let my mom put my hair in really high pigtails.  XD

We had a waterballoon fight with bunch o’ balloons, a gift to mankind.  You know, the ones where all you have to do is connect them to the hose and they automatically tie themselves.

They are the most marvelous apparatuses in the universe.

When darkness finally rolled into the sky, we set off the fireworks:


This one was called magic beans.  XD


I would’ve taken more pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries in the middle.  😦

Day 6, Wednesday, July 5th


I decided to take some photo’s of the unique and beautiful home decor placed all ove my grandmother’s home.


I remember this bench from when I was a very little girl,


There’s my baby foot.  ❤  IMG_9979

I love the pattern on this vase.


This driftwood is from Hawaii.


This lady has something very strange in her goblet…IMG_9998IMG_0008IMG_9898

Today I went to a local cafe, where I ate one delicious patty melt.  Everyone relaxed at home, and My brother and I ran through the sprinklers in the pastures.

Day 7, Thursday, July 6th


There was a rainbow straight above us today.  IMG_9597IMG_9602

My grandmother took us out to town, and we saw Wonder Woman.  I got popcorn drenched in butter, and cookie dough bites.  Wonder Woman was insanely good.  Super hero movies are always my favorite to go to the theaters and watch.  🙂IMG_9603

Lay us down,

We’re In Love.

Lay us down,

We’re in love.



In these coming years,

many things will change.

But The way I feel,

Will remain the same.


Day 8, Friday, July 7th


My grandpa made me a breakfast fit for a queen, yet again, he does treat me like a queen.  😉  He made me scrambled eggs, sourdough toast (sourdough is another gift to mankind), and a thick slice of ham.


My brother and I played for most of the day today.  We played in the pool, and fortunately, the only deceased creatures floating around were frogs, not birds and mice.

We made up a story about the bird we had found in the days earlier.


A daydream spills from my corked head
Breaks free of my wooden neck
Left a nod over sleeping waves
Like bobbing bait for bathing cod
Floating flocks of candled swans
Slowly drift across wax ponds
My aunt and uncle come back from Mexico today, giving the tragic signal that my time here is almost up.

Day 8, Saturday July 8th, 2017

We were supposed to leave today, but as the burning Alamo fire rages across California, the roads are closed, meaning that we’re trapped there.  But in a good way, I suppose.


As I sit and read by the pastures, I watch as Forest Service trucks come in.  They will be posted at the lake, at take water from it to help with the fire.


The alamo fire reached 28,925 acres across California, and it was rather excited to witness such a vigorous event.

Obviously we couldn’t get too close to the huge Alamo fire, but we drove around to a different, smaller fire started by a vehicle, and I took some pictures.

Sunday, July 9th, 2017


The sky is dappled with these tangerine clouds as we depart the ranch


We bid farewell to our family members and head off into the same roads we came.

The ranch will always hold a special place in my heart.  It is a place where I can come, and let my heart and soul run free and be happy.

Thanks for having me, Grandma.  ❤


{Let The Sun Rain Down On Me}

When the Day Met the Night -Panic! at the Disco


I’m back guys!

This blog is so much fun to post on. I love all you guys, and I’m sorry I was gone for so long with scheduled posts.  But I was busy having a water balloon fight and shooting fireworks like its the fourth of July.  (Because it was fourth of July.)

I took literally thousands of photos on my trip.  So, look out for a travel journal pretty soon.


Static palms melt your vibes ^^

I had so much fun on my trip, and I really need some more questions for my q and a that will be coming up pretty soon.


so please comment questions below.  You have about 2 weeks.  If I think they are too personal or I don’t feel comfortable answering them, then I just won’t.  

You can ask me all sorts of things.  I am a mysterious person.  Not all of you know me as well as you think you do.  (lol except for my family members who are reading this.)


I bet they never even thought about the glitter dancing on their skin ^^


Yes, my fluffy fur baby (aka Twila) missed me a lot.  I mean, I was gone for like 9 days.  What’s a cat to do?  It probably seemed pretty odd to not have me there with her.


I’m actually getting pretty good at making flower crowns.  What I mean by that is that the last one I made didn’t fall apart.


I took a trip to Carmel beach  few weeks ago.  I didn’t get many pics for this blog, but I thought the view here is beautiful.


I have no idea why this weed sticking up the ground looks like it’s glowing.


Do you know what day it is?


It’s 7/11.  So that gas station that is fortunately named after this glorious July day is giving out free small slurpies starting at 11:00.  I’m getting mine, now you can go drink some sugar too.  For Free!


I don’t know whether or not I was victorious in getting to the point of this post, which was that I’m doing a q & a.  So please comment all your glorious q’s down below and I will answer them soon.

Thanks for reading!

Comment below how many P!@TD references you can count in this post!


Everyone but Mya from AGLane, Please Read!

Mya, from AGlane.  Get out!  Go away!  This is secret surprise material happening here!

On your birthday, you will find out what’s happening here.  But for now, PLEASE click out of this, so it’s a surprise!

I’ll give you some time to get out…


Ok!  I think she’s gone now!  Mya’s birthday is coming up very soon.  So here’s the deal…

Her birthday is on July 25th, and I want to surprise her with something AWESOME!  I think I’m going to send her a package with some stuff I’ll buy for her and her dolls.

But to make it REALLY special, I need your help!

Yes, you!

I like to send Mya lots of letters, and she does the same to me, but then I got thinking… What if a whole bunch of bloggers sent her letters!

That’s be AWESOME!

There are absolutely no addresses involved, you don’t have to mail anything.

Here is how your letter writing works…

  • email me a heartfelt message intended for Mya, using my email address,  
  • Also email me your favorite picture from your blog that YOU have taken, so that I can make a cool collage to hang in her doll house!  It can be of your dolls, your profile picture, whatever!  The maximum amount of photos I can accept from each person is 2.
  • It can be as long as you want, but I don’t want to waste paper, so please make it longer than a paragraph.  😉
  • Let me know what color pen you want me to write you letter with (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black)
  • If your letter is longer than it takes to put on a stationary card, then I’ll put it on some cute decorative cupcake paper
  • All letters that you send via email will be copied down onto paper, and then I’ll add some stickers and send it to Mya!
  • On July 25th, her birthday, I’ll have her send me a video of her opening all your letters and reacting to them, and I’ll post it on this blog!  




Mya is seriously one of the sweetest girls ever, and it would mean a lot to me and her if you could take a few minutes and “write” her a letter.


We want as many bloggers as possible to write letters to Mya!

This would be so cool if it could work, and I’m so excited! Are you?

Remember to write Mya a letter and a send a picture!  Email Me using the email

Are you planning on participating?  Spread the word, reblog!  ❤

~Samantha ❤





My Fictional Garden

#My Fictional

Hola!  It’s me, Sam, and today, I bring you…

My Fictional Garden!

Basically, #MyFictional is a new series on my blog where I post my dream fictional stuff, and this edition is My Fictional Garden!  Comment down below if you think like this series kind of thing, so without further ado, let’s start planting!  XD

Image result for harry potter herbology plants


1.  Harry Potter Herbology Herbs

I love Harry Potter, and I love Neville Longbottom almost as much.

Hogwarts has a class of herbology at the school, and it looks SO much fun!  There are plants that talk, plants that eat people, and all sorts of other stuff.

Lets just say that if I had this in my Fictional Garden, I’d keep all the plants in a locked gate.  XD  For safety purposes, in case any of you come to visit my garden!*

*Of course you’ll come visit my garden!

2. Keeper Of The Lost Cities Panakes

In Keeper of The lost cities,  panakes is a Gnomish plant capable of curing anything through  their blossoms. It is created when a Gnome sacrifices themselves to create one.

Well the sad part about having this plant is that a gnome has to die, but I can just take a hammer to a garden gnome and it’ll have the same affect, right?**

So, if I ever had like a horrible stomach flu or allergies or something I could just go out in my garden and be healed!  BOOM, I don’t need any doctors when I have magical plants that gnomes sacrificed themselves for, because gnomes are oh-so generous.


**Jk, I’m not that violent

Related image


3.  Warriors Medicine Cat Herbs

(Can we just take a moment to admire that PURDY*** fan art?!)

I feel like all the Clan Medicine cats are always short of some sort of healing herbs when a kitty is dying, so I am going to plant TONS of marigold, yarrow, beech leaves, bindweed, borage, Burdock, chervil, comfrey, coltsfoot, dock, and juniper.  I will have a nucket of cobwebs too.


In the winter, (Leafbare), the poor warriors always die of some sort of cough and they usually have to go on this huge drawn out mission to find catmint and save the whole clan.  One of them usually dies on the journey.

So let’s spare the drama, and put literally tons of it in my garden!

HAHA and then I’ll have hundreds of cute cats roaming around my garden and I can pet them and love them FOREVER.  

Good plan, right?!

***HAHA get it?!  If you’ve read Warriors you’ll get it.  XD XD


Related image


4.  The Strawberry Fields at Camp Half Blood

(The Fanart game in this post is STRONG!)

I would love to have some of the strawberry fields from Camp Half Blood in my garden.

The campers/demigods at camp halfblood are protected from mortals like you by disguising the camp as “Delphi’s Strawberry stand”, with magical strawberry fields in front.  The demigods help pick the berries, so if I could just transport those fields to my garden, all the demigods could move over to my garden and hang out with me, and teach me amazing fighting moves, and take me back to camp half blood once they finally realize that I’m a demigod too.

Yet another flawless plan!  *Flips hair*

Image result for plants for dyeing yarn


5.  Gathering Blue’s Thread Dying Materials

In Gathering blue, Kira is always having to walk out a long way through a forest of monsters, and if I have all her thread dyng plants in my garden, she can come to my monster free area,**** escape the crazy socialist community she lives in, and the panakes that I already have planted can cure her broken leg!

It’s a win win everybody!

Then Kira can maybe make me some nice pretty clothes from her weaving…

****I totally just lied, some of the pnats from Harry Potter herbology could be considered  monsters…

So, That is my AMAZING fictional garden.  Would you visit my garden?  Would you add anything to my garden?  Comment below, like, and follow!  ❤


This is a scheduled post, and I’ll be back from vacation in a week!  Since there is no internet where I’m going, I’m going to have to wait a week to respond to all your fantastic comments!  So please still comment, I pinky-swear that I will eventually get back to you, just not as quickly as normal.  Thanks for understanding!  ❤

Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!


Hiii Guys!

So Mya, both one of my Best Blogging Friends, AND my pen pal, has nominated me for the KOTLC blogging tag!  Thank you Moonbeam!  🙂

Mya’s personal blog

So here are the rules:

  • Thank the blog who nominated you.

  • List all the rules.

  • Answer the 10 questions about KOTLC that are listed


  • Nominate 5 people who are KOTLC fans

So let’s begin!  I’m beyond excited for this tag, you guys.


Who is your favorite KOTLC Character?  If Sophie, who is your second favorite?

Hmm, I really like Fitz, because he’s Sophie’s cognate, and that’s as close as it gets to Sophie.  *fangirls in corner*


What are your KOTLC ships?

Bex, (Biana+Dex)

Sophitz, (Sophie+Fitz)

Sanzel, (Sandor+Grizel)

And Keefe deserves to die alone.



Which book is your favorite?

Image result for kotlc everblaze

Um, Everblaze, because in that one, the Sophitz ship was going STRONG!  ❤ *Whispers*  Sophitz forevvvverrrr


Which book is your least favorite?

Image result

Neverseen, because this was the book when I was finally starting to get used to liking Keefe, and then he does something…


Do you like Keefe or Tam better?

I have to say Keefe, since he’s more important to the story in my opinion.  Even though I absolutely hate him.


Do you like Biana or Linh better?


Biana, because again, she’s more important to the story, and she’s funnier, and she and Dex belong together!  ❤


Who do you think Sophie’s biological parents are?

Um..Oralie and Kenric!  *evil laugh*


How many stars would you rate the series (Out of five stars)?

FIVE FOR SURE!  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤


Have you preordered Nightfall yet?

*sighs* No.  I’ll probably ask for it for Christmas, though.  😉

Are you excited for Nightfall?

Um, what kind of question is this?  Of Course I’m excited!  😀

I tag:

The wonderful Clara @clara’s craft corner

The amazing Emma @drawn to writing

The awesome May @forever and everly

The epic Charis Rae @charis rae

The wonderful Loren @lets be lost

And if you like KOTLC, consider yourself tagged!  😀


Comment below, like, and follow!  ❤


This is a scheduled post, and I’ll be back from vacation in a week!  Since there is no internet where I’m going, I’m going to have to wait a week to respond to all your fantastic comments!  So please still comment, I pinky-swear that I will eventually get back to you, just not as quickly as normal.  Thanks for understanding!  ❤