After watching bullet journal “plan with me” youtube videos for hours on end, I decided to make a Bullet Journal.

Also being addicted to pinterest looking at ALL THE PRETTY LITTLE SPREADS.

I consider myself a very *air quotes* “organized” and “artsy” person.  So I blew my amazon gift cards on a bullet journal and a heck ton of stickers and stencils!

So I got my bullet journal at the beginning of february, but it was literally full of a ton of spreads that I honestly didn’t use and I realized I wanted to make March my official first month that I became proud of how my bujo looked and how much I used it.

What else am I supposed to say? Can we please just cut to the pretty pictures now?


The first page is the title page.  I basically drew this potted succulent because the theme I chose for this month was botanical/succulents.  Even though I clearly don’t know how to draw them.  I’m a writer not an artist.  I’m not very good wat my hand lettering either though??  Honestly why am I even doing this?  That succulent should not have taken 10 minutes…

But I made a scribble circle around it and drew this little ‘hello spring’ thingy.

The next spread is this thing where I write a little one sentence highlight of my day and then I have 31 sentences to sum up my month!  I drew a little hanging potted succulent with this long and wide font.



Next is this calendar! I drew a vine creeping across the top and each square is 6 dots across and 7 dots tall.

I used this lined scrapbook paper from paper source as lines to write down important dates because obviously they’re too important for me to forget.


Now we have this blog post tracker!  So on one side I put the title/description and the other is the to do list for each post!  I don’t know if I’m going to have any motivation to fill it out because planning posts is actually really easy for me to sort through??

I also included a little habit tracker because I have a ton of habits to track!  I’m not a fan of the boxes and the filling out of all that stuff, so I just put these little heading and I’ll put a little dot with one of my markers every time I get to my habit!

I used this leaf stencil and all these other little icons from stencils!


After that, I put in this split spread!  The top half is my blog following tracker where I track how many followers I get by the 10s.  My goal is 40 because my blog has been growing so much recently and uggh thank you guys so much!!  ❤

I made these little squares and put a plant border around them!

After that is a March Reads section where I put in the covers and titles of all the books I read, and track the star rating I give each one.  I gave it a little watercolor detailing and two potted ferns.

The next page is my page for all the various lists I write every month!  I write an insane amount of lists so it’ll be nice for them to have a set space instead of piling up on my shelves.


Oh, and guys!  As for my supplies, I got the ghost grid dot journal!  It was black and boring, so I covered it in cute scrapbook paper!

For my utensils:

  • the crayola supertips are amazing guys and you can buy 50 of them with all different shades of every color you can think of at walmart
  • I use this really flowy ballpoint pen to go over everything
  • I also use pencil before I use pen because otherwise this journal would not even look as half as decent as it does
  • After that I have this watercolor palette I love using because watercolors are so fun even if it’s a constant struggle to keep a certain cat from knocking over the cup full of toxic paint


And we’re finishing with my first weekly spread of the month!  I used watercolors for all of the headings.  On the sides I have some more of that lined paper for any notes I have for the week, along with a weather tracker so I can have an excuse to draw cute mini suns and clouds.  🙂

And that was my first plan with me bujo post, let me know what you thought of these spreads in the comments!  ❤  ❤

green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (1)


  1. AHHHH SO ORGANIZED AND PRETTY! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. LOL I just have a planner because I’m not organized enough to do a whole bullet journal. But I have a reading journal, which is basically where I keep track of my TBR, which books I read each month and my reading goals.

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  2. I love bullet journalling! My “bujo” is actually just a regular lined notebook but it works.. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I just love feeling so organized!
    ~Julia ❤

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