All About Me

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Hi!  My name is Samantha and I’m 13 years old!

When it comes to me, I think of my likes and personality as if they’re as curled and wild as my bright red hair.  What first comes to mind?  Chocolate, cats, and books.  Chocolate has been a long time love of my life, and cats are just too cute not to love, amiright?

Just look at my little cutie squish squash fur baby… Twila!


I love books so much, that it’s on the verge of insane.  I’m really into YA literature, and I love pretty book covers and eating up all the words I can


My camera is also my most prized possession, it’s a Nikon d3400 and I take thousands of pictures with it!


I also love, Love, LOVE Harry Potter!  Since I live in California, I got to go to Harry Potter world for my Birthday!!


My music varies from emo pop punk to Taylor Swift’s greatest hits to Lorde.  XD  My favorite artists are Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Grace Vanderwaal, and Lorde.  You won’t catch me without earbuds in.


I am a proud Catholic and I am a daughter of a true King.


Did I mention I love Taylor Swift?


I also love Stationary!!  My favorite thing to do is bullet journal, and I post my bullet journal on this very blog!


That pretty much wraps me up in a few hundred words.  I post lifestyle content on Wednesdays and book themed content on Sundays.  I hope you decide to stay for a bit!