All The Bright Places was…

Almost a waste of time??  It was one of those books when I was expecting A LOT.  I kept thinking, “Oh the good part’s coming up after this,”  and then it was five pages to the end and the GOOD PART NEVER CAME.  It got to the point when my eyes were moving across the pages, but the words?  Couldn’t see them.


Don’t let the crown of flowers deceive you.

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  • The characters took the form of their illnesses

Not cool!  I’m still looking through those messed up descriptions of their issues and all that for, oh, I dunno, a PERSONALITY?  I feel like Violet’s world and every single action she took revolved around her sister.  Every word that came out of her mouth.  And Finch… WE GET IT.  he’s ‘quirky’.  So much quirk.  I had no idea quirkiness could replace emotions or a personality.

  • I thought the descriptions of mental illnesses were not focused.

I LOVED how Violet and Finch always were honest with the reader, but when I was reading it, the character’s voice wasn’t exactly on point. Some phrases were in Finch’s voice, others were in the author’s voice, ya feel me?


  • It felt like an indie romance, not a contemporary??

SO much instant love and travel and literal inspirational quote facebook messages.  I was there for serious themes, I was down for the topic of depression and PTSD and all that, but not for a cheesy love story?


Like what happened to that thing about Finch’s abusive father?  Why don’t we make that a theme rather than quirkiness?  Let’s hear more about Violet’s digital magazine please!  And also maybe cool tidbits about Indiana’s locations that they go to?



  • Finch was either a stalker or crazy in love, apparently, those are easy to confuse

Violet became a part of Finch’s life in an unhealthy way, triggering lots of red flags.  RED FLAG NUMBER ONE:  he barely knows her and becomes Facebook friends just to talk to her and quote things  RED FLAG NUMBER 2:  after he friends her on Facebook, he forces her to talk to him all the time and hang out with him and tell him many personal things about the traumatic experiences she has been through, wth?  RED FLAG NUMBER 3: he forms his entire existence and reason to live around her, even though they had only known one another for a couple of months

The author expects us to LOVE this relationship and make us root for the relationship, yet it was built on unhealthy boundaries…

  • Finch was also an attention seeker, btw

He’s quite dramatic with everything he says, and you can’t take him seriously when he talks about huge topics.  You don’t know if he needs help or is just trying to get a reaction out of you.  This makes adults reluctant to say anything to him.  This makes even his councelour not sure whether or not to help him.  He clearly also has some behavioral issues, aside from alllll his other issues.



    Let’s be real for a sec… I knew how the book was going to end from the very first page.


It makes it a part of Finch’s every day to research death, and contemplate ways we would do such a thing.  There is a touch of almost describing the matter as haunting and beautiful.  Um, hello!  This is not ok!!!!


I did actually give the book credit for a few things.

  • I LOVED how Violet wasn’t a typical popular girl

She wasn’t a mean cheerleader who calls people losers.  In fact, in the book, she was described as quite popular and pretty.  Not all popular girls are cheerleaders, guys.  They don’t all go around making fun of people.

  • I was obsessed with the idea of an Indiana school project relationship!

Although it was the typical “aw darn we’re partners for a school project now I guess we’ll just fall in love,”  it was still really cute.  ❤




  • a quirk
  • an excuse for every single thing you do
  • something that blossoms into an indie romance
  • what it is portrayed as in All The Bright Places


  1. A few months ago I started reading All the Bright places, I was like a few chapters in, but didn’t like the way things were going. Like Finch actually thinking that suicide is OK??? I agree with all your opinions (and I’m glad I didn’t keep reading) XD

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  2. yessssssssssssssssssssssssss thanks for an HONEST review! so many book blogs are just overglorified fangirl pages XD
    some suggestions i’ve just finished reading that may help to cleanse your brain after reading this:
    – the giver (if you haven’t already read it) (lois lowry)
    – prisoner b-3087 (alan gratz)
    – actually anything by alan gratz
    – the secret keepers (this book is personally responsible for me staying up till 3 in the morning just to read the end it’s so freaking awesome) (trenton lee stewart)

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  3. FINALLY! Someone isn’t low-key obsessed with this book!!!
    I heard this book was reeaaaaaaaaally good so I was excited to try it! But then everything was just… NO??? For example, Finch falls in love with Violet in the first five pages and thinks they have this connection because they were both on the tower and UGH I JUST DIDN’T ENJOY IT!!!
    ok I’m done 😉


  4. That book sounds terrible! And what is that I see on the cover? Soon to be a major motion picture? How? I haven’t read the book, (but from what you said I probably won’t) but from the review it doesn’t sound like it has the plot for a movie. Thanks for the review and letting us know about this book!
    -Katie 🙂


  5. I read the book and agreed,mental illnesses aren’t portrayed the way they should have been(this is coming from someone with an experience with a mental illness).Although aside of that i loved the story.Have you read the ‘girl online’ series?you’ll love it!lots of love.<3

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  6. thank you for not adoring this book like everyone else! you’re right, the characters have no personalities, it glorifies suicide, and the “love” was very creepy and obsessive. nice to find someone who feels the same way. 🙂 have you read simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda? its very good, i think you would like it.

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  7. i never really realized any of these things you mentioned, but you are so right! now that i think about it, all the bright places really wasn’t a great book. i was also pretty shocked at the way they portrayed finch being suicidal,

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  8. I actually really liked All The Bright Places, but you are so right in saying that it’s also quite a heap of shit.. 😕 I was about 11 or so when I first read it, and I haven’t touched it in a while.


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