YOU CANNOT TELL ME that you are a bookworm but you don’t stay up late to read

I’m sorry, you just can’t.

I consider myself a pretty accepting person.  But if you call yourself a bookworm and have never stayed up late to read, you might as well be a book that has been thrown in a muddy puddle.


green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (9)



You’re with your family, and you remember that you have a job to do.  aka you have a huge book to finish.  So you say…

“I’m SUPER tired everyone, I think I’m going to bed now.  Goodnight!”

But you lie.  You aren’t tired.  You’ve probably scheduled at least three naps throughout the day so that you are not tired.  I mean, you ARE going in your bed.  You’re just not going to… sleep in your bed??  At least not for a few hours.

According to bookworms, beds aren’t really a place for reading, more of a place for reading.


This bed is used for getting a good night’s sleep for 30% of the time, and for reading 70% of the time.

(wow i can do math guys)

But most bookworms snuggle into their covers, but I don’t believe in that???

I throw off all the pillows that are asking for back pain and solely for decorative purposes.  For example, that unicorn pillow??? Try sitting on that one, I dare you.  Take my advice from experience.

Then I sit ON TOP of all my covers because I don’t necessarily want to fully destroy my made bed yet.  Maybe I’ll bring out my mermaid tail blanket it I get cold in my sweatshirt, but who gets cold in a sweatshirt?


I pick up my book, and flip to the page that I dog eared.  Because who has time for bookmarks honestly?

I analyze where I am in the book, and I always, always ALWAYS tell myself I can finish the book tonight for sure!

If I stay up 5 hours and read at least 80 pages per hour.

I usually finish my books in hundreds.  I read about 100 pages per night, maybe more if I physically cannot out it down.  Or if I’m paralyzed and there is no possible way I can put the book down without help.



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I read a couple of chapters.  Sure, I’m interrupted a few times by my idiotically adorable cat, who bats the book out of my hand and demands attention.


But then the distraction comes.

I am reading, and for some reason I zone out.  Maybe I’m looking at something distracting in my room.  Maybe I’m chanting band lyrics in my head because I am band trash.  But for some reason, I read the SAME PARAGRAPH over and over again yet I still don’t process the words??

And then I have the deepest thoughts.

My thoughts at that moment are so deep, the lifeguard at the pool tells you to be careful.

My thoughts are so deep, they fry the best in the deep fryer.

(i’m sorry  xD  )

But I think the following deep thoughts

  • if you’re at a restaurant waiting for the waiter aren’t you the waiter
  • the brain named itself
  • why are the called apartments if they’re so close together
  • if you’re a security guard at a samsung store are you the guardian of the galaxy
  • isn’t it weird how we have voices in our head like the one you just used to read this
  • how do you die in your living room
  • do clothes in china say made around the corner or something
  • is a group of squids called a squad
  • when you clean the vacuum you are the vacuum cleaner
  • if tomatoes are a fruit isn’t ketchup a smoothie
  • do you think sand is called sand because it’s in between sea and land



green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (11)



You’re reading.  You hear the TV turn off.  You hear your father of mother get up from their chair and you hear their footsteps on the carpet.

Quicker than you’ve ever moved during gym class, you throw your poor book across your room, it skids across the carpet.  The parental footsteps come closer and closer to check on you.  They’re mostly checking to make sure you didn’t get kidnapped, but they’re also coming to make sure you’re face isn’t glued to your book.  But it is.

Most parents check to make sure they’re not texting or watching Youtube so late, but mine… they want to make sure I’m not READING.

You throw everything on your bed off, maybe accidentally your cat in the process, dive under the covers, and think of the most natural position.

Maybe… lying down so your facing the ceiling?

No, too generic.

Drooling and face buried in the pillow?

Now you’re trying to hard!

You don’t have time.  The time is ticking.  If you don’t close your eyes now, they will catch you in the act.  Of reading a book in the middle of the night.  On a… SCHOOL NIGHT.

And this is how you end up:


and you either find yourself in one of two situations:

situation one:

you are dead silent.  you breathe slowly and steadily, squeezing your eyes shut.  You hear your parent close your door and dim the lights a bit more.

situation two:

you do all that, but once you think they are gone, YOU OPEN YOUR EYES fool.

“What do you think you’re doing?”  you hear their voice and fear runs through your spine…

“Um…  I was, uh, reading,”

“But it’s late!”

stating the obvious, you think,

“Yeah, er… sorry.  One last chapter, please!”

“Alright then.  It’s late, and you have school in the morning, finish up!”

“I know, I’ll get to sleep soon,”


green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (12)


when you said, “Yeah, er… sorry.  One last chapter, please!”

you know you meant, “I’ll read to THE last chapter!”


Because really, I don’t care if you’re the future president of the united states, NO ONE may tell me to put down my book.  It will not happen.  Not one person can do it.

So do you really thing MY PARENTS CAN DO IT?  Heck to the no?

I will read my book as long as I see fit.  I will read until dawn.  I will burrow in my closet and scare the death out of you, reading, so I don’t have to go to school.  I’m mostly an obedient smol child but when you tell me that I cannot READ I will become a jedi master.

Because I will rebel.  And I will DO IT WELL.

green-watercolor-brush-stroke-11-1024x235 (13)


it’s late.

ok, yeah.  We’ve established that it’s late sam.  NOW who’s stating to obvious huh???

but at this point, your body is going through some weird ish.  You feel your eyes droop?? You feel compelled to burrow under the covers or just sleep.

Your eyes are sticking together.  Your eyes are the complete opposite of any couple in hollywood.

Your eyes are straight up all the ships you have ever made before from your books.


but you can’t resist.  it turns out you aren’t as good of a rebel as you thought you were, because suddenly you can’t fight anymore.  You’re like whoever died in the last star wars movie.

and you realize that you can’t do this anymore.  you see that you are IN DENIAL.

so with fumbling hands, you close the book, don’t even dare to look at the time and…




I wanna know if you stay up late to read.  what book has ever made you stay up late to read?  and most importantly, DID YOU RELATE?? Because I need to know!!  Talk to me please I’m lonely  xD



  1. i’ve been staying up until 4 a.m. the past few nights just so i can read. i’ve finished three books in as many days so at least there’s that.

    i lock my door so i don’t have to worry about my parents catching me reading. XD

    “your eyes are the complete opposite of any couple in hollywood,” DRAG THEM SAM.

    xo apollo

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  2. LOL I zone out while reading all the time! I usually think about a scene that I can add to my book or a photo story I’m working on, HAHA the one about being a guardian of the Galaxy is awesome! XD
    -Katie 🙂

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  3. Oh my gosh those deep thoughts are awesome. I’ve only heard the Guardians of the Galaxy one. This is pretty hilarious. I love everything about this post, and I don’t even consider myself a bookworm. (Srsly, I can’t even tell you the last time I read😬😬) Be a Jedi, just do it. Come on rebel, don’t let the empire find you! Oh wait, you failed. (😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)
    ❤️Diamond @

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  4. Oh, I totally stay up late to read! Sometimes until eleven.
    When I hear Mom or Dad coming, I quickly turn off my lamp, hide my book under my covers, flip over to my side, (‘cuz that’s how I actually sleep) and close my eyes. I like to think I’m good at this process. I’M A REBEL!! No I’m not. 😂
    I’ve stayed up late reading Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. And probably more, I just can’t remember what.
    Love the Guardians of the Galaxy thought. Very deep. 😂

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  5. This accurately represents my life! I read before bed, but under my covers. Usually “late” is just 30 minutes after my normal bedtime. I have random thoughts before bed, and I love yours! Did you just make those up, or have you actually thought about them?

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  6. I stay up late to read all the time. I stayed up till 1 am last night….. 😏. But when I was reading KEEPER for the first time I stayed up till like 3 for almost a week straight. I literally didn’t leave my room while I was reading the whole series.

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  7. I ALWAYS stay up too late reading! What makes it worse is that my kindle estimates how long is left in each chapter, so I’ll be like “oh look, this chapter is only 4 minutes – I’ll just read this one” but then I say that for like.. 20 CHAPTERS.

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  8. I’m going to work at Samsung just so I can be a guardian of the galaxy.
    Also, this was so relatable!!! I mean, the sleeping position would work, but my light is on THE OTHER SIDE OF MY ROOM. So I’m sleeping in fluorescent lighting because that’s TOTALLY natural

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  9. I’m going to work at Samsung just so I can be a guardian of the galaxy.
    Also, this was so relatable!!! I mean, the sleeping position would work, but my light is on THE OTHER SIDE OF MY ROOM. So I’m sleeping in fluorescent lighting because that’s TOTALLY natural


  10. 11:00 PM: Me coming up the stairs, totally exhausted from a long day. I brush my teeth and go through my evening hygiene and then plop down on bed and reach for the lamp to turn it off.
    That’s when I spot two shiny books on my nightstand.


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  11. I love this post so much, it was hilarious, haha!!! And this is definitely me sometimes, except my parents don’t stop me from reading, they encourage us to so we can put away our technology.

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  12. Ew, a ketchup smoothie? Gross! This is so me – except for last night. I have to read The Book Thief for book club. YOU KNOW WHAT THE BACK COVER SAYS???? “When Death has a story to tell, you listen.” Doesn’t that sound lovely????

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  13. Dogear! You’re one of those! Oh well, the world is made of all sorts of readers.

    I have stayed up late on many occasions to finish a book. However, my night looks a bit different and usually involves reading during commercials, reading while trying to fed all our fur babies, then after a hot shower getting comfy in bed to continue the journey. Yes, the kitties will take turn trying to get in front of the book, but for the most part they end up curling up next to me trying to sedate me with their snooze gas.

    Which books have I not wanted to put down and read into the wee hours of the morning to finish? The last three Harry Potter books, the Twilight saga, Hunger Games trilogy, Morganville Vampire series, The Mortal Instruments, the finale of the Caster Chronicles, a couple of the Vampire Academy books, a few of the House of Night books, The Fault in Our stars,..I’m certain there are others.

    Happy reading!

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  14. ” pick up my book, and flip to the page that I dog eared. Because who has time for bookmarks honestly?” THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN. ahahah i used to stay up late to read but i have to share a room so i cant actually do that?? but yeah this is relatable…and funny….

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  15. Trying to finish Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, look over and it’s 11:30. Well, I think I’m pretty close to the end of the book, until finally at 1:30 I finished and then I remembered I had to get up at 6:00. XD But amazingly enough I was still able to funtion normally the next day!
    ~ The Human


  16. This was such a fun post to read! 😄 I’m 100% an evening reader, so I always snuggle up in bed and stay up too late because I have no self-control and NEED to finish that book. Once I start reading there is no stopping me and if I don’t have to get up early … I’ll have even less self-control and if I have to get up … god help me. My parents never really cared if I read late into the evening, so that was an advantage for sure 😀 But now that I moved out and live on my own THERE IS NO ONE STOPPING ME 😈 I can read well into the night and make myself a hot drink 😀


  17. OF COURSE I stay up late to read! What kind of a bookworm calls themselves a bookworm but doesn’t stay up to read?! *weird face expression I can only do irl* Oh my goodness I don’t even try to hide the fact that I’m reading late because we should be proud of it! *evil laugh*

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  18. Hey! I’m new…I think…
    This was an awesome post. I stay up to read ALL THE TIME. But I don’t plan to. I just start reading at eight and decide there is no way I will put this book down.


  19. OMG YOU ARE EXACTLY ME! I stay up until about 12 reading and also I read your All About Me page and I LOOOOVE MCR! And P!atd but not as much as mcr! Do you like the Percy Jackson series? Or Michael Vey? Or Maze Runner?


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