It seems like I only keep track of time in Bujo Weekly spreads now…

I’ll admit it.  Bullet Journaling has taken over my life.

It’s just so easy to keep scrolling on Pinterest ya’ know?  It’s like the only thing I pin is aesthetically pleasing spreads that I could never even dream of being able to create?  I mean, how do you even draw those tumblr-ish tulips?


Last month I started showing off my bullet journal to the endless void that is the internet.  Because I’m so humble.  Obviously.

I promised to show you guys my March Weekly, so here it is!  I love pulling out my watercolors because while I most definitely cannot paint intricate portraits, I can paint straight lines and fill in boxes with watercolor!  That’s about as far as my artistic abilities span…


But March is a thing of the past.

Actually, that was wrong.  It’s still March.  But I was bored (what’s new) so my entire Bullet Journal Set up for April became a thing…

For the cover page of April, I painted the background with this really spring-ish peach color that reminds me of strawberry ice cream, and who doesn’t like strawberry ice cream?  (if you don’t, never speak to me again)

I decided to tone back the wannabe doodler thing, so this month’s theme was this really pretty set of floral stickers by Rifle Paper Co., and since I wasn’t actually drawing, it looked a billion times better!

(ps, you can get it for 11 bucks here!!)


For the monthly, this time I decided I got super overwhelmed by the two page spread the previous months, which resulted in me not wanting to fill anything out… So I resorted to one page, with the calendar going vertically!

please tell me you don’t notice the crooked lines because I do and I hate them with all my soul


The post planner didn’t work last month, so obviously, the most rational thing to do is… put it in again?  What?

Idk. I just desperately want it to work, but it doesn’t look like it will because I’m not using it for this post…


I decided to make a little spring bucket list so I don’t get too bored with the 14 days I have off…


Last month I hated how my trackers were kept to only 1/2 of a page, so I gave it a full page and ditched the mood tracker because my mood is always fluffy cats and candlelit reading so?  I’m tracking posting, writing, stats, books, level ups on Taylor swift’s app, and how much I comment on your blogs.


I also kept in this “today, I..” where I input a little highlight of the day, and at the end of the month I have 30 sentences to describe my month!!


I’ve been really focusing on self care and just how to make myself feel really good in simple little ways, so I made a little list of how I can do that and improve how I’m taking care of my emotional stability haha.


Your girl always needs some lists…


I decided to finally go with a one-page spread for my weekly because I want to condense how many actual pages in my journal.  So I used more watercolors to make little streaks for each day!


And the last thing I’m adding to the April set up is this page for reflections about the week, where I put in actual journal entries at the end of the week about what I accomplished and what I could’ve done better, stuff like that.  🙂

So… have I inspired you to start bullet journaling yet?  Do you like this set up or last month’s set up better!  Talk to me!!


  1. This is so cute and aesthetic! You did a super good job and even though I really don’t want to do a bullet journal, I might have to try it sometime. It looks so beautiful. It really does look better than march’s, even though March’s was awesome too.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love the look of this month’s bullet journal! YOUR ARTISTIC ABILITIES ARE AWESOME!!! Is your bullet journal a homemade one, or did you buy it? Your post is awesome! Have a great day! ❤ Kaylyn ❤


  3. I LOVE THIS MONTHS SET UP. I sorta wanna start bullet journaling, but for right now I just have a planner and I’ll stick to that. But yeah btw you haven’t used goodreads in a while. XD I’m a little obsessed with it…


  4. Looks fabulous! Thank you for the glances at your work. I currently have a planner that is filling up quickly, but if I needed another one I’d like to think I’d follow your example.


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