For Grandma


For Grandma.

For the ranch,

For the countless adventures,

For the late night storytimes,


For the hand me downs that smell like peppermint,

For the homemade meals,

For the early morning office good mornings,

For banana splits,


For special mini ice cream cups just for me,

For Christmas mornings with you,

For keepsake birthday cards,


For reading every single word I write,

For deep conversations,

For red hearts after text messages,

For checking out the stars and the constellations with me,


For complimenting everything and making me feel amazing,

For checking out my room every time you come over,

For being proud of me always,

For surrounding me with all your love,

For spending long summer afternoons at the river with you,

For grocery shopping trips,

For our secret expedition to Wendy’s,

For teaching me how to set a table the right way,

For telling me about the past,

For coco puffs,

For just about everything else,


I ❤ you so much!!  Happy birthday!!  ❤



  1. Just when I thought my day could not get any better I see this! Oh my fabulous Samantha I love you so and and know we have so many wonderful adventures ahead that my heart swells with love and excitement! I do believe your sweet post is the cherry on top of my day. 💕💕 Gma

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