You should treat yourself more.


This is what I realized when I had a hard day.  I googled self care, and thousands upon thousands of ideas and graphics and pictures of bubble baths popped up.  I went through all of them.  I realized I wanted to incoporate them into my life.


So!  I tried out a week of self care.

I took some candid pictures along the way, and I wanted you guys to see it, because it feels good… to feel better!  To treat yourself more often.  Maybe you don’t have to do all of these, but maybe there are just some things that you can incorporate and put into your life.  Keep in mind that Self care isn’t always just bubble baths and all that, it’s facing your emotions and coming to terms with your issues and embracing what doesn’t make you perfect.


One of the best parts of self care is doing something that you’re scared to do, so I did that!  I cut 5 inches off of my hair on Sunday… and it was scary because I’ve had the longest red hair for years, and it was down past my shoulder blades… but I love my new hair and I was so happy when I got compliments on it.  Change is a huge part of sumanity that’s hard to accept, so it’s good to change sometimes.  ❤


On Monday, I decided to put some flowers in my room!  It’s an amazing thing to do every week, because you can get new flowers and different kinds.  They just make your room so fresh and you can put it with water in a pretty little vase.  Plus, they smell like heaven.  ❤


On Monday, I also painted my nails.  Spending a bit more time on your appearance is amazing for your confidence.  Nails with bright colors are perfect, even if you end up picking them off three days later anyway.  The nail painting definitely was a self care tip that I will always use, it just gives you some time to yourself to paint your nails by yourself or get them done.  ❤


On Tuesday, I decided that I would just make something that makes me happy.  I went on my laptop and printed out some things that made me happy, or colors that “spoke” to me.  It was quite fun, and the best part was carefully cutting it out and cutting some into circles.


So I made a collage with all my favorite things, and infused it with my favorite body spray.  It was fun and a really nice break from things that were going on.  It also reminded me of what I love and things that make me content.  ❤


Just putting on relaxing music to calm yourself down is a wonderful way to take care.


Just sitting in your bed, closing your eyes and drifting off to your music is the perfect way to take a break and take the stress of daily life away.  ❤


Writing letters is something else that I came up with.  I took a few sheets of paper, some envelopes, and wrote letters upon letters.  I didn’t send any, and that’s the most important part.


Just write letters, things you wish you could say to people but can’t.  Try to stay away from angry rants, and just put down calm and cool words to the people that hurt you or people that you wish you could say a few things to.  It might just give you some inner peace.  ❤


Sometimes just taking time to invest your time in a book is amazing, or just starting a new book no matter what book you’re reading.  I was getting pretty bored with Fangirl, so I switched it out to This Song Will Save Your Life, and it’s a good way to switch things up and give yourself a small change.  ❤


Decluttering things that have been messy for a while just gives you a satisfaction that you can’t get anywhere else.  I went through my entire desk and organized everything I had. It was quite refreshing and felt clean.  ❤


Taking a bubble bath is a really relaxing experience.  I only take baths, and I love using bath bombs and stuff like that.  It’s really calming and lovely.  ❤


Taking an hour or two to unplug the phone and shut off your computer, and it feels good to take time away from your technology.  ❤


The last thing and possibly one of the best things is lotion.  It seems silly, but when you put it on your arms and then put a long sleeved shirt or just any shirt, it feels so refreshing and cool.  The lotion on your skin just makes you feel so spring-ish and absolutely glorious.  Plus, it smells like flowers.


How did it feel?

As a whole, on Saturday morning, I didn’t feel any different.  But whenever I ended my day that I cared for myself, I felt so calm.


What worked?

The main things that I will continue to do is the lotion, the music, the flowers, the nails, and the bath.  Those are little things I can do for a pick-me-up every day.


What didn’t work?

Nothing really didn’t work, everything felt good, but some of them were a little impractical to do every single day.  Even though everything I did was important, it would feel strange to put some of the things into my daily routine.


Take care! ❤


  1. I AM DOING THIS! I had this huge anxiety attack yesterday and decided that I really need to take care of myself more. I will have to do this for a week and blog on it! Thanks for the idea my sweet! ❤
    ~Emily xo

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  2. Aaaah I LOVED this!! Cutting your hair is a big change and it’s so great that you took a week and took care of yourself more. I need to try this! Ugh love love love it. 💗💗💗

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  3. Your hair looks awesome Sam! I think I might try the letter one. There’s someone in my life who really hurt me, and it makes me really sad to think about it or anything because I can’t talk to her or try to repair the damage because she refuses to speak to us 😦 I think even though she wouldn’t read it I think it would make me feel better. The flowers floating on the water looks so cool!
    -Katie 🙂

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  4. I really want to cut about 5 inches off my hair right now too! Unfortunately I’ll have to a wait a couple weeks to do this ’cause I’m in a musical right now and in the world of theater you have to sign a contract saying that you won’t change your physical appearance while cast in a show and I really don’t want to be kicked out so.. But I’m looking forward to it! Your hair looks so cute!
    ~Julia ❤

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  5. WOW SAM YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING!!! And ahhh all of these are so good. Obviously my favorite is reading books! I also want to start putting flowers in my room but sadly it was like 38 DEGREES HERE TODAY. There’s no flowers growing yet and it kinda feels like winter. :/
    Love you girl! Do you want to FaceTime tomorrow after school?

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  6. I. LOVE. YOUR. HAIR. Wow, I really need to try these self care things! YOU HAVE WATERMELON LEMONADE HAND SANITIZER???? YAY!!! I have the same thing! I LOVE IT!!! XD Sorry for all of the caps. XD This was a great post!

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  7. Reading this just made me want to do some of these. 😆 I never get to take baths (horrible, I know) because our bathtub isn’t big enough. 😑 I have been thinking about lotion use lately, though. Mostly because the winter has really been drying out my skin, but also cause some lotions smell nice! 😃

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  8. Awwww your hair is so pretty. I’m considering cutting my waist-length hair for the first time in five years….tell me this is a good/bad idea cuz I honestly can’t decide.
    I loved all your ideas for self-care – especially the changing up of the books XD

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  9. Great advice. I have trouble decluttering…gets very overwhelming. Maybe I should just focus on one drawer at a time. 🙂
    Plants and flower are great to have in your room and home. If you have pets, check the toxic lists before choosing so everyone stays safe.
    Thank you for great advice!

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  10. good for you, sam! your photographs are sooo beautiful, & i love your new hair. ❤ people really do need to take the time to settle down and relax, and i'm glad that's working for you!

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