Copying Bookish Tumblr Photography No. 2: In Which I Copy People Because Original Content is Overrated

PicMonkey Sample

 It’s kind of ironic because they say “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”

Well I hate to break it to the guy who makes up all the idioms, but in these pictures, there are way over “a thousand words”  Let’s count up the amount of words in the above picture:

  • The Prisoner of Azkaban:  107,253
  • The Fault In Our Stars:  92,000
  • Kira-Kira:  44,376
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: 81,660
  • Fangirl:  138,880
  • Moon Over Manifest:  119,040
  • When Dimple Met Rishi: 92,025
  • Eveything, everything:  104,160 

Now add up these number and you get grand total of…


So that picture is worth wayyy more than 1000 words

Now don’t worry, I’m not dumb and I know what they mean by the idiom and all that jazz.  But I guess what I’m trying to tell you in the most math-y way possible is that books are better than photos!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but think about how many pictures go through your head while you’re reading….

Books are better than pictures, so I took a ton of pictures of books.

I did this thing a couple months ago and you guys REALLY liked it.  So I’m sooo excited to do it again!!!  It took me a surprising amount of time to do each one, so I hope y’all like it!


So for each one I pretty much spent way too much time looking through aesthetically pleasing book photos that I basically strive to live up to.  My eyeballs were melting, they were all so pretty!



I ended up with this beauty which is basically my dream reading set up. Seriously.  Hot chocolate.  Comfy blankets.  Mainly the book.  The book is all I want. Soooo, obviously I wanted to recreate it!


So I was too lazy to go all out and make actual hot chocolate (like usual) so I poured a bunch of milk and some cocoa powder in a white mug and boom.  Fake hot chocolate.  It did not taste nearly as good as real hot chocolate does.  It wasn’t sweet chocolate, and it wasn’t even hot sooo….

Also, random fact about me:  I hate milk so much.  My brother always tells me that it’s cow juice.  Kill me now I can’t even think of that sentence… *shudders*  I don’t even pour milk into my cereal, because ewww who wants cow juice mixed with their honey nut cheerios??? Not me.


I gotta admit… I totally forgot which book this is!  Ooops??


This is the closest blanket I could get to match the aztec print one in the picture??  I probably muttered under my breath, “Eh, good enough,”  when I found it.  Then the other one is a super floofy gray one I got in a gift exchange.  Twila likes to try to rip off the pom poms on the end, so that’s always fun.  😉


And this is the picture I took!

The only thing I would change would be for the handle of the mug to be at the right angle, and a closer match to the aztec print blanket.  I thought it was pretty close though…


I have discovered how editing my photos is literally saving my life!  Let’s get rid of that “oh, if you editing your photos, you’re a fake photographer” kind of thing, k?  Thanks.

In case you’re wondering…..I use the free app, color story and holy macaroni it’s amazing.  (not sponsored, as if)

PicMonkey Sample (2)

OG                           VS              Recreation

I did a sucky job of editing, tbh.  I think I was going for a more icy look than the golden one they used…    Also side note, totally thought this was going to be a comfy reader set up and then I remembered the blankets were just on hard floor and the beverage was revolting so…

Obviously I could’ve done better, but I’m actually kind of impressed with myself for the set up of the blankets.  How close did you think I did?

pink (2)

The next one was probably the one I did the most horrible job of all horrible jobs on…


I liked this one because

  1. I literally live in my jeans because my stupid school dress code won’t let me wear legging.  (again, not bitter at all)
  2.   Taylor Swift better be blasting out of those ear buds OR ELSE
  3. booksss


So I put some folded up jeans on white sheets, stole my mom’s purse (jk), had to actually take out my ear buds, and slapped a book on that ish!


So then I took the pic!

I thought it was on pointe, but err, now that I actually look closely at the photo…not so much.  XD




I edited it as I usually would.  I think the main issue was that I was editing it as I would edit it if there was no inspiration from someone else…  Yeah, let’s just make up excuses!  😛


PicMonkey Sample (1)

        recreation                vs                      OG


So this is the final outcome!

Honestly, it’s not horrible, but the angle was off, the earbuds weren’t as spontaneously arranged, and the jeans were a lot darker.  I thought the purse was pretty dang close though, but that’s about it…

I wish I could’ve edited it more to to make the jeans the right shade, and the arbuds more tangled.  But I have a firm theory that there are gremlins that come in my room at night and tangle up earbuds so THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB on the day I took this.  Whatever, not impressed with myself at all, but what’s new? (jkjk)

pink (3)FINALLY one that I actually didn’t do a half bad job on!


This photo was of course one that I knew I just had to do, mainly because I had gotten Tulips for my birthday and they were about to rot and die a miserable death, so I thought I’d get one more use out of them!

Obviously destiny set it up.  😀


First up, I took to my kitchen table and pulled the flours out of the last thing they were holding onto for dear life:  the water in the bottom of their vase.  Don’t worry, I returned them.  Then they drooped, and were thrown out.  Oh well.


Anyways, I stood on the table’s chairs and zoomed in a bit to get the shot!  The books were as close of the spine colors and titles as I could get to the original.  Obviously I don’t have some of the books the photographer had, but I thought it was quite close.


I snapped another pic!


PicMonkey Sample

            OG                    VS      RECREATION


Then only thing was theta I didn’t have any of those tiny little white flowers because hello it’s winter all the flowers are dead.  The only other thing is that the tulips are a different shade, but that’s because they’re just different colors and I couldn’t quite change that…

But omg I’m proud of myself?? I’m ready to give myself an award show and a aluminum foil trophy???


how did you like this?  I really REALLY hope you liked it because you guys are amazing and I want to snuggle you all up in a blanket and give you actually good tasting hot chocolate

pink (11)



  1. Very awesome!! I should do this but my photos stink haha! Yaaaa T Swizzle all the life girly! Omigosh you actually added all those books? I would just slapped an estimate cause I hate math haha. I sound depressed 😉. I’m not believe me. Please. You know, oatmeal sounds good tommorow!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS!! You did so well on all of them. Just wanna point out that Since You’ve Been Gone is an amazing book. Anyways, the first one was so good – I’d probably be paranoid that the hot chocolate would spill on my blanket since the surface isn’t really stable. The second one was good except I think it looks better without the blue filter and closer to the picture. I still love it though xD THE LAST ONE IS GORGEOUS! You did a very good job.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow you did great! You should have brewed some tea instead of making hot cocoa. It would have made it that much more aesthetic. XD
    Weird story – when my niece was born, I was put in charge of watching my 6 and 8 year old nephews. ALL NIGHT. IN MY SISTER’S CREEPY APARTMENT.
    Anywaze, there were so many things I could have done the next morning to tell them, “Hey, u got a sister yipee”, but I was so racked out the next morning, I ended up making Ovaltine, pouring it in coffee mugs, and calling it “cold cocoa”. They were enchanted, tho, so that was good XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i love these posts and also that last picture, like danggg girl, that’s some good stuff.

    i hate milk as well, my mom tells me that’s why i’m so short. it just tastes like nothing?? with a bit of awfulness thrown in.

    xo apollo

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yeah, books are TOTALLY better than pictures! And books without pictures, umm, I’ll survive! Where would I be without the Harry Potter books? (By the way, I’ve officially finished all of the Harry Potter books, even the Cursed Child script. Just wanted to tell a fellow H.P. fan. 😂)
    You did AMAZING!! Especially on the last one!! Go you, go you!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yah!! I’m a half hufflepuff half slytherin because pottermore decided it couldn’t make up its mind… 😂


  6. omg I love this it’s so aesthetic aaaaaaaah!!!!
    the one with the books was my favorite. wait, i need to be more specific…. the one with the flowers. 🙂 you did a great job! Brendon bean would be proud😍

    Liked by 1 person

  7. These posts are so creative and you’re really good at recreating the photos you find off of Tumblr!

    You did an amazing job on all of the pics, but my favorite has to be the tulips and the books! It’s a gorgeous photo!

    I would love to see more posts like this one! Great job!


    Liked by 1 person

  8. The flowers + books is perfect! Just love it.
    Why do photos never turn out the way I picture them? Honestly, I think some of these just have wands they must wave around to get such great looking photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. All of those pictures are amazing! They look really close(if not better,) than the originals! You did a really good job!
    P. S. I made a post on! Finally, Diamond is back!

    Liked by 1 person

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