What The Redhead Got For Christmas


Hey sunshines!

So Christmas was two days ago.

Stating??? The??? Obvious??? Much???

I stuffed my face with Christmas cookies.  I overflowed the trash can with wrapping paper.  And I opened lots of gifts that I’m REALLYYYYY want to show you guyssss!

Let’s have a show and tell.  I’m not calling it a haul because that comes off as bratty, but basically I’m showing you most of the stuff I got in celebration of Christ’s birth. But now I can be excited for MY Birthday now that Jesus’ birthday is over.  XD

Heads up:  I’m not spoiled so please do not say so in the comments!  If you don’t like seeing hauls and things like that please go away.  We don’t need you here.  Christmas is a huge holiday for my family, and I’m aware that I got a large number of presents, and I am more than thankful for each and every thing, and all the blessings God has given me.  I am in no way trying to brag!

The first thing I got is a NIKON D3400 DSLR CAMERA!!

WHAT???? I’m freaking out my photography is saved now.  All the pictures ahead are taken with it, and if you scroll up a little the first picture is me in my Taylor Swift sweatshirt with it.  ALSO I got an aesthetically pleasing camera strap rather than the dull and scratchy one it came with I looove it.  I have a standard lens and then I have this rather LARGE lens that’s like 7 feet long no sam it’s like 7 inches

This is even more than what I wanted, I will love it forever.  ❤ ❤ And I told you my hair was red.  Should that pic be my new profile?  idk.



And if one camera wasn’t enough, I got a mint blue polaroid camera that I’m obsessed with!!  It looks so charming and plus I got like 60 polaroid films so I have an abundance of polaroids to take and make those garlands of polaroids that you see on tumblr.  So yay.



And now for SOCKS!!!

Most people are like “ewww socks why would you get me these for Christmas” but NOPE not this person.  Or robot.  Or cat.  You never know.  (kidding, kidding.)


  • harry potter socks that I will wear to Universal Studios even though nobody will see them I’ll still be in Hogwarts school spirit
  • Unicorn in a banana socks.  Enough said.
  • more cats socks
  • nah I don’t like cats what gave you that idea




I asked for a TON of books for Christmas, if you read this post  then you would know.  (I literally have no shame.)  I GOT BOOKS.  COME LET’S FANGIRL PLEASE.

  • Starfish  K so I read the first three chapters in this book and oh my goodness yesssss.  It’s delicious.  I eat up all the words like Nutella.  The only thing I didn’t like was how the enemy was the mom, who is blonde and tall and skinny.  HELLO PEOPLE NOT ALL BLONDE PEOPLE ARE BAD.  Honestly, it would be a lot more realistic if the mom wasn’t the typical Regina George.
  • The Both Die At The End  So far:  Love the concept.  Love the characters.
  • Rules Of Rain wow all she cares about is her boyfriend glad she has some real priorities
  • Fangirl  The MC is obsessed with “Simon Snow”  aka Harry Potter.  I can RELATE.
  • Daughter of Smoke And Bone  Gotta admit have not read yet but looks pretty on shelf haha
  • The Boundless Sublime             ^^^
  • Six Of Crows        I LOVE THIS SO FAR


And of course my precious John Green Starter Kit™️

  • The Fault In Our Stars  rutvi sent this to me thank you dear
  • Turtles All The Way Down  the jacket is so smooth and satisfying to touch


  • When Dimple Met Rishi  Haven’t read a single word of it yet I already love it??????
  • Tiger Lily   Once again  rutvi sent this to me thank you dear
  • Dorothy Must Die  Why must Dorothy die???
  • Landline  intriguing….



Cool Retro Aesthetic Letter Board!

Oh my gosh this is my style guys!  It has these plastic letters that you can put in the little dips of fabric I love it I could play with it all day.  Might be slightly obsessed.


Taylor Swift Stuff!

I got her album and magazine!  I… kind of sort of already have the album on my phone but physical copies are always better.  Even f I don’t have a CD player.  STILL GREAT FOR DISPLAY.  And omg her magazine I could stare at all the pages and the poetry for my entire lifeee!


Soft And Comfy Stuff!

I got real Uggs from my grandmother, and they are so comfy and soft!  I had off brand ones before so I’m more than happy to have real ones now yayayayayay.  Oh, and my aunt gave me a reallyyyy soft scarf and the color is so gorgeous!



Bath Bombs!

If you didn’t know, I do not take showers.

I know what you are thinking, “Ewww gross that can’t be sanitary,”

WELL YOU’RE TOO QUICK TO JUDGE I meant that I only take baths.  I’ve been wanting bath bombs for so long now and the ones from luch turn the ater a fun color and fizz forever so I’m HAPPY!



Plus the lush bath bombs are so pretty to look at and they smell like a huge bouquet of every nice smelling flower in the whole world.



Guys look at this one I feel like the fairy Princess I’ve always wanted to be!!  And I smell like cotton candy apparently.


MMMM Chocolate Candy

YUM.  Kit Kats truffles Ghirardelli I’m so excited to scarf everything down in 2 minutes.


Hair Accessories that actually match my hair??

These will save my entire life people.

I thought there was no hair tie in the entire existance of the universe that actually matched my hair color.  So yay.  XD

Merry LATE Christmas!

I hope you liked reading this, and I’m more than grateful and full of thanks for everything I got. ❤

What did you guys get for Christmas?  Are you excited for much better photography on this blog?  Because you should be.  😂 😂 😂

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! You got a new camera!!! I’m so excited to see your pictures. My dad has a Nikon DSLR and he let me borrow it to take Christmas pictures. I haven’t had time to upload them to my computer, so I’ll probably be posting Christmas pics in January. XD
    For Christmas I got a little vanity bag and a stuffed animal cat (which is adorable!) from my friend. My mom got me The Catcher in the Rye book(which I’m excited to read!), a necklace, and some Harry Potter posters. My dad got me a pretty journal.

    Anyways, Merry Late Christmas!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love your new stuff!!! The redhead hair stuff is awesome. I am not a redhead, but if I was I would love those things. 🙂 🙂 For Christmas, I got a tripod!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! Plus, I got several AG doll oufits that I really wanted, an iPod Shuffle, gingerbread man socks, some candy (my dog half of a chocolate orange) (not concerned) and a bunch of gift cards.


  3. Hooray! You got the camera! Congrats 😀 Oh! You got some super cute things! *gasp* Unicorns in bananas?!? *pasted out from overload of awesomeness* OOOO!!! I hope you enjoy all those awesome books! I got two, I got one with 6 of the AG dolls Christmas books and Misty Copeland’s bio (my favorite ballet dancer)! Wait, Tayler Swift has a magazine? I didn’t know that XD (Man I’m a terrible Swiftie, I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember but had no idea she had a magazine). Mmmmm chocolate 😛
    – Katie 🙂
    P.S. Can you check your email when you have time please?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh love the stuff you got. Ayeee we’re twinning- I have a blue Polaroid too! I haven’t read all of those books like what am I doing? But I’ll try to look some in my local bookstore or library. Happy holidays girl! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve got to send orders away to barnes and noble, but I really want to again soon! I’ve just finished Tiger Lily for the second time so I won’t spoil it for you!


  5. GIRLLLL You’re so lucky!!! I really want a DSLR, but my family lost ours, so I’m waiting till we get one for the whole family until asking for a personal one! And OMGGGG I’M SO JEALOUS OF ALL THE BOOKS YOU GOT!! (I mean, I got a lot as well, but they were from different people ahaha.) Starfish & Six of Crows are some of my favorites and I absolutely LOVEEE them, and I hope you will! And agaghh that chocolate stash!! 😍


    1. THANK YOU. I’m a redhead (no duh) which is basically a leprachaun so…
      YES BOOKSSSS I already put them all up on my shelf they look so wonderful I feel like taking wayyy too many photos of them (which I have already done)
      Yeah the books weren’t from one person most were from Santa 😉 and then the others were from grandparents and aunts and uncles. I’m reading Sic Of Crows and I’m already like asdfghjkl
      Is it bad that I already ate all of the chocolate…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh wow! I love your pictures.
    You got books! No fair. I didn’t get many books. *Pouty face.* (Not that I asked for them, but I’m still jealous haha.) Have fun reading all your books!

    FINALLY! Someone mentions that not all blondes are bad. Thank you.

    And that’s really cool that you got red hairbands! I didn’t know they made those.



  7. I loooove all of the stuff you got!!! Your pictures with your new camera already look amazing, and I WANT THAT TAYLOR SWIFT SWEATSHIRT!!! WOW that’s a lot of books. XD

    It seems like at least 5 of my friends got Polaroid cameras this year. 😂Well, more artsy pictures, I guess. You can never have too many.

    I’m glad you liked my gift!! HAVE YOU READ THE FAULT IN OUR STARS YET???


  8. These are some awesome presents! I don’t get the sock hate either… I mean, sure if they’re old boring socks then I’d prefer something else but I’m used to getting ridiculously awesome merch and what better way to showcase your love for a fandom than wearing it on your body?? Plus, they’re so comfy and warm and useful. Talk about super gift hahaha
    Love, love, love all your other gifts too and I certainly am excited to see some cool photos from you!
    Hope you have a lovely 2018 ❤ ❤


  9. I LOVE this post! Those socks are SO. COOl. Coincidentally I’d been saving up for a Nikon d3400. Could you maybe review it? 😀 I’m looking forward to some stellar photography on here! And look at all those booooks. AND THAT RETRO AESTHETIC LETTER board OOOOOHH. Love reading posts like this! 😀


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