Nano Wrimo Chronicles~ 3k Away!! {The Redhead’s Guide On The Secret To Word Sprinting}


cathryn-lavery-67852 (1) (2)


Yes, you have heard me correctly.

As I am writing this, it is 7:10 on a Sunday evening, and I just wrote 12k words in one weekend….

Is that a yay?  Or an oops? I really have no idea.

But yes, I’m at 22019 words, 88% done with my word count goal, and no where NEAR finished with writing the entire story.  

Yep, I’m literally probably like 20% done with the story.  So yes, I’ma little bit panicked!  at the disco I’m sorry I had to

But like, what the heck?  I don’t think I’ve ever written this many words in a day!  I know you expert writers who have won Nano Wrimo like 5 to 10 years in a row are like, “Honey, that’s nothing,”  BUT IT’S A BIG DEAL TO ME!!

I literally predicted my future last week.  I knew I could get considerably closer to my goal during my three day weekend, and what do ya’ know?  I’m at 22k!  I still cannot even believe it how did I even do it???



This seems like a piece of cake now, but my original plan for Nano was to basically write at least a thousand per day, and I guess I did? Well, most days.  Not every day.  BUT I WROTE 7K TODAY (not day seven I mean today, november 12th)  WHAT?  LIKE, COME AGAIN?

So, this seems like an hour of writing.  But let’s be real, it probably only took me an hour because public school takes 7 hours out of your time, ok?  And the worst part is that most of it is wasted time, but that’s for another post.

You know what I hate?  When like Youtubers and bloggers say something interest and then follow it with, “That’s for another post/video!”  and then THEY NEVER post that video/post.  But I mean it, I’m working on the Average Day In The Life Of A Public Schooled Middle Schooler.


I don’t know, it’s the same thing.  But now I’m like, “What’s your excuse for writing that pitiful amount?  Where were you on November Eighth at 4:27 PM?”



What the actual heck, Sam?

Oh!  Wait, I do have an excuse!


I won this at Dave And Buster’s, (Where I spent the majority of my day at my friend’s Birthday party,)  and I spent hours admiring the fluffiness of this unicorn pillow and trying to take an aesthetically pleasing photo of it.  It looks just like me, honestly I can’t tell the difference, because I already am a sparkly unicorn.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Should this be my profile pic?  Because I loooove my current flower crown one, but like this one is super accurate… also I love the top I’m wearing oops is that bragging??


Well I had this day off, because of Veteran’s day even though that wasn’t the actual Veteran’s day.  I was procrastinating because I was face timing Mya… yep.  XD

I think the problem was that I wrote a particularly BAD, ROTTEN, HORRID SCENE THAT SMELLED LIKE ROTTING CANTALOUPE.


The scene itself was actually pretty happy, but my writing was sooooooo off!  Well I guess it’s an editing problem now.  My perfectionist in me still tells me to go back and fix it though!  I’ll have to shut her up, but luckily the lazy side of me doesn’t want to scroll back that far, so it’s all good.  Phew.


To acknowledge reputation???  Oh. My. GOOOOSH.

My mom bought me the record because it’s not on streaming services yet, (Thanks mom xoxo,)  AND I DIED.

That’s right, I literally DIED.  Then I came back to life, of course, but for awhile there I was just on my deathbed listening to Taylor Swift…

Also, this might seem strange but some of the songs are great writing music????!!!  Dress, Delicate…


But my FAVES are Don’t Blame Me, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and King Of My Heart.  ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤  ❤

If you have listened to reputation and you’re a swiftie too, I’m BEGGING you to fangirl with meh in the comments.  Let’s lyric scream.

I’m serious me and Rutvi talked about this album for like 2 hours this is amazing it’s even…

BETTER THAN 1989!! *shocked gasps*


EEK!  I was super proud this day.

I basically spent the entire day locked up in my room, (well not locked up since my room doesn’t have a lock…) writing, jamming out to T. Swizzle, and petting my kitty cat.



(It’s filled in all the way to 22k now, but I was wayyy too lazy to take another picture of it, so you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit…)

This was the day that I hit 15k, and let’s just say I cried.  I legitimately cried.  Happy tears, though, so it’s a little bit better.


I would’ve gotten to 18k, but my parents went out so I had to babysat my lil’  brother (If he reads this and sees me calling him that I’m DEAD,)  for a few hours.  No writing allowed.  *cries more*


So yesterday I MADE IT TO 22K. YAY.

Woah Sam, 22k in twelve days? I MUST RAISE UP MY GOALS.

I mean word count goals, so I think I might actually go for the full 50k!!!  If I write 5k a day on Thanksgiving break and get to 25k by this week.. I GOT THIS.

So.  You might be wondering how I did it?  Or maybe not, because so far, you may think that this post is not the most interesting…

But I’ll still tell you!

Ok, so basically…

Screenshot 2017-11-13 at 3.17.51 PM


I pretty much just wrote 100 words in five minutes, and continued to do this all day until my word count grew and grew and GREW.  And then it popped.  Along with my brain because I just left off at a scene that is so. gosh. darn. BAD.

So that is how I’m planning to conquer Nano.  And the world   If you can’t beat me to the world, but you want to finish Nano easily, just word sprint in times of five minutes.  It makes life so much easier guys I promise.  Not like writing is easy though.  It just made it easy to do it faster…


Now!  Time to make me feel confident about my novel and then destroy every single bit of said confidence.  Fun!

Things I Love About My First Draft

  • EEk my characters are adorable too bad I’ll have to kill them off later
  • There are some scenes where I’m just like…


  • I have some ships
  • Ok I have a lot of ships
  • FINE I have way too many ships
  • diversity because diversity is amazing and I’m not going to write a book where every single character has the exact same culture and skin color

Things I Hate About My First Draft

  • It sucks
  • It sucks, really, really bad
  • Some scenes are just trash.  yes, that’s right.  They belong in a dumpster somewhere.
  • Not really sure yet who’s the villain?  whatever, we’ll get there
  • I went back and fixed one scene
  • and I feel guilt because I made the scene worse
  • I cry
  • Also I think I’m going to introduce another character but I also am lazy so there’s a chance I might just kill her off as soon as she/he is introduced.  We’ll see what my mood is when I write about he/she

ALRIGHT FINE.  If you insist, I shall give you some snippets….

*warning*  They’re pretty bad right now, raw and uncooked with no spice.  I will bedazzle it later… but this is all I got for right now!  (aka this is really bad so you have been warned)

PicMonkey Sample (3)PicMonkey Sample (2)PicMonkey Sample (5)PicMonkey Sample (6)




Alright!  I guess I have to go actually write now.  I know, so boring amiright??? (jk)

It is hard though when your cat is either doing this, ^^^  or lying around on my laptop.

I’m not complaining though, because whenever she does that it gives me more and more words!  Even if it’s just random jumble, which is what I write anyways…

TacoBoutIt (2)

so, what’s your word count? are you going to take my advice?  it reminds me of a present you do not want.  TAKE IT TAKE IT!!! XD  ooh, and a blogiversary post *cough* giveaway *cough*  coming sooooon!  toodles!  ❤

signoff2 (3)



  1. Yaaaaaaay!! Swiftie!!! I haven’t listened to the entire thing but all the songs on streaming devices ya. You ate the luckiest!! Are they Awesome? I feel like people don’t appreciate TSwift as much as they used to. I loooove her!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMGGGGGG I’m so jealous of you!!! 7K & 5K in one day is SO AMAZING and it’s only something I could dream of doing! My parents don’t really know that I’m doing NaNo (and if they did, they wouldn’t understand why) so I wouldn’t be able to write the whole day like that, but I’m so happy that you got that opportunity! I loveeeee those snippets and I APPLAUD YOU SO MUCH for that statement about diversity — it’s not realistic when everyone is white and has the same culture, and it helps marginalized people feel more represented, yay!! GOOD LUCK WITH THE REST OF NANO!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOUUUU! Is it really? You make me blush… XD
      lol my mom pretty much just read my post and walked in on November first saying… “So… you’re writing?” and I’m like, “Yep…”
      On weekends I pretty much just sit around and do whatever I want uninterrupted unless I want food, and I just go to Church on Sunday, which gives me a ton of times for writing and dolls.
      YES I know that I’m white, but I’m not surrounded by other white people… Just my school alone has every culture, religion, and race you could think of and honestly I love it so much. THANKS RIGHT BACK AT YA

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Holly cow that’s a lot of words! Great job! I like your unicorn pillow 😀 LOL my sister is an artist and her cat would play with her pencils like that all the time! (Then there were the times the cat would take the pens or pencils and run them across a drawing she was working on XD ) Keep up the awesome work Sam! your doing great!
    – Katie 🙂

    P.S. Did you get your prize yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m pretty much drowning in words. XD
      Thank youuuu sweet gurl!
      Yes I love it too, what should we name her?

      Ack, yes I got my prize! I totally forgot to email you about it, but I ❤ it! The outfit is just so cute like asdfghjkl and the GAME! I can hear a family game night photostory coming…
      Also your letters were so sweet! Grace ESPECIALLY liked hers!! ❤ ❤


  4. Sam writes more in a weekend than I have in all of November.
    Hello darkness my old friend…
    Srsly girl you are amazing. Send some of your awesomeness to me. You know my address xD
    BTdubs, your package came in and you are the sweetest nicest watermelon of all the sweet nice watermelons. You are so smol and ahhhh everything is so sweet.
    Tell me to get writing
    (PS: My charries are all half-multi-cultural: Andalusia, Japan, Russia, England, France, Germany…and a whole lot of other cameo appearances of other cultures. This is manhattan baby)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww no don’t be sad…
      THANK YOU!
      ok! I’ll write you a letter soon.
      eeeek thank you watermelons are delicious…
      ok… GET WRITING!!! XD XD
      That’s so cool! Diversity always needs to have a place in books!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. first of all, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ROCK!!!

    second, it’s *rutvi and I , not me and rutvi. 😂😂😂😂(sorry, I’m just kidding)


    Liked by 1 person

  6. This post was awesome! First of all, congrats on being so close to your word count goal! I’m almost at twenty thousand words. Second, I got reputation too and I love Getaway Car, Gorgeous, and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. It’s so good! Third, Twila is adorable! Good luck with the rest of NaNo!


  7. Wow. That is A LOT of words. You’re doing absolutely amazing!!!
    Go for the 50k!
    Those snippets are amazingly awesome! (Yes, I know people don’t actually say that. Just bear with me. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m extremely weird, nerdy, and geeky. 😂)


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