My Nano Novel (?!!!?) The One with A Questionable Title yet Much Aesthetic Ft. Beautiful Books Linkup

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I failed Miserably at Nano Wrimo Last Year.

Why?  Well I was a lazy potato, and I still am, (so that will be a struggle…)  however, I hated the idea of the novel I had to write.  It was something about unicorns…. idk, it was very cliche, boring, and literally had Zero. Zilch.  Donut.  Plot.  OOH I want donuts.

But NanoWrimo is nigh!  And I just have to tell you guys…

I Freaking love the idea I have for this year’s novel.  


And as you can tell from reading this blog, I truly suck at explaining things.  Soooo…. I am enlisting the help of Beautiful books!

Beautiful books is a linkup for writers hosted by Cait @paperfury and Sky @furtherupandfurtherin

But first I need to spill some important facts about my nano project because I need to tell myself what to do:

  • The title FOR NOW is Super Therapy
  • I hate that title
  • so much
  • I need a better title I GET IT
  • I will be writing in third person!
  • because I don’t want to pull a Rick Riordan and switch characters POV every chapter
  • because that is confusing for me
  • I think I’m having my fair share of confusion so…
  • someday i want to write a novel in second person
  • but that day is not today
  • I’m aiming for past tense but every time I try to write in past I accidentally write in present and whoop there goes the whole novel now it’s in past tense I guess  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I will be writing 25k

  • not 50k because I have school and school LIMITS MY AWESOMENESS I’M SORRY

RHWAB divider

What inspired the idea for your novel, how long have you had the idea?

Ok, so a looong time ago I actually tried writing a short story about superheroes, but it was your ordinary superhero story, and I hated it.

So I was taking a bath and thinking about nano and superheroes, and the idea came to me!  Because I have this other novel idea about therapy that I most definitely have to wait until I’m older to write about.  But I sort of wanted to dip into the therapy plot, because the idea of trying to fix a person really interesting and strange to me!

I’ve had the idea for maybe about a week??  idk.  I had a novel idea, but I just wasn’t as invested in it as I am for this one!

Describe what your novel is about!

My Novel is about a lot of things!

Ok here’s a spur of the moment synopses:

The characters are in therapy, discussing irrational fears/disorders with therapist.  When they come back home, they discover their superpowers and realize they’re of their deepest darkest fears.  Soon, they come to the sudden knowledge that they must team up and use their new superpowers to save the city of ______ from the secretive evil society that is crushing it from the inside with an elite team of anonymous people.  The problem is… they don’t know who there villains is, but they know it’s their responsibility to save their city… no matter how traumatic and painful it will be for them.  


Yes I’m bad at synopses.  I am quite aware.

But, yeah, it’s about people who have irrational fears who get powers of their fears while trying to fix fears and save the city at the same time.  The name of the city is to be determined.  XD


What is your book’s aesthetic?

I’m glad you asked… Because I just spent half an hour making this collage:

PicMonkey Collage

So basically, darkness, superhuman, mutant (???????), big city, and power, of course.

I am in Loooove with the aesthetic for this book I think it’ll be the only thing that’ll make me actually want to write this thing.  a s d f g h j k l

BTW if you want a good pinterest storyboard, just search up whatever is in your story and add the word aesthetic.

Because when I searched up superpowers it was how to throw your three year old toddler a superhero birthday party so…

RHWAB dividerIntroduce us to all of your characters!

ok hip hip hooray!

Indigo (Indie)

  • had ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • age 26
  • very particular about things (duh)
  • superpower is chaos
  • it tortures her
  • Asian American
  • only wears dresses
  • part of a love thing going on in the book
  • whoops haven’t figured that out yet

Beatrice Annes (Bea)

  • age 13
  • African American
  • beautiful hair
  • very unlucky
  • afraid of darkness (nyctophobia)
  • always carries around a red string and plays cat’s cradle with it
  • has a black cat
  • named…. erm…. to be determined
  • Black cat is adorable
  • superpower is darkness of course because I torture my charries

Arthur Grigg

  • age 35
  • fear of fear itself (phobophobia)
  • has no family
  • surprisingly handsome (hint)
  • superpower is making enemies reveal worse fear and bringing it to them
  • that made no sense oh well
  • struggling actor
  • wants to protect Bea

Hugo Pruitt

  • age 16
  • the “nerd” at school
  • glasses messy hair
  • only wears polo shirts and converse
  • corrects everyone
  • fear of heights (acrophobia)
  • father died as a military pilot
  • flying superpower
  • has an obsession with nutter butters
  • allergic to things (not sure what)


ahh I love the name Hugo!!

RHWAB divider

How do you prepare to write?  (outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling in despair, etc.)


Ahhh so much research will be involved.  I need to research

  • therapy and what it is
  • because I don’t have a full grasp on it’s concept yet and I hate myself for it
  • phobias or course
  • OCD

I need to plan the heck out of this.  It’s a complex plot, so I would like to get it just right, and that will take a ton of lists!  Usually I love lists, but I highly doubt I will in this case.  😉

I hope it involves chocolate!  It will most definitely involve despair.



RHWAB divider

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

I love how the characters have built in flaws because of the storyline, that saves a lot of time!  😛

But seriously, I’ve lost my writing habit!  I’m over the moon thrilled about writing every single day!  i’m also a tad bit scared


RHWAB divider

List three things about your novel’s setting.


  • a city that does not currently have a name
  • a seaside town in rhode island
  • underground tunnels

wow I just realized my setting still needs a ton of developing…


RHWAB divider

What are your character’s goals?  Who or what stands in the way?

I think the goal for them all is defeating the villains even though I have no idea who that may be.

I hope that the villains will be like a “who is it”  mystery, and will leave the readers guessing who it is.

The villain may be closer than they realize.  *mysterious and ominous background music*

RHWAB divider

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

Ahh I have 4 protagonists what is this “one” you speak of?

My lil’ Indie will hopefully find herself and realize that the world is chaotic.  I want her to just let everything go.  We’ll see where she takes me and the story.

Bea will fall in love with shadows and such.  Or maybe she’ll despise them and feel trapped by them.  Who knows at this point?

I have big plans for Arthur.  I cannot reveal them to you, sadly.  😉

And Hugo will want to be like his dad and fall in love with flying.  He’ll probably have a character plot that has something to do with the airforce.  I honestly don’t know.

I kind of want all the characters to face their fears, and I have an idea for a super ironic ending that involves therapy again.


I’m consistent.  In a weird way.

RHWAB divider

What are your book’s themes?  How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?

oooooh!  I’ve been thinking about this non stop!

One of the themes at the end is death.  Much death.  I will kill off characters but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.  *evil demonic laughter*

I guess that’s not a theme though.

The themes of the book are going to be responsibility with power, individuality, conquering fear, and believing that it get’s better.

Another theme is learning to cope with your flaws, and finding comfort in the people who surround you.

At the end of my book, I want readers to feel satisfied, mostly because I don’t plan on any sequels.  😛


Image result for nanotoons

ahhh Nanotoons are so accurate also why does that girl look like me????  Suspicious…


I would say this was quite the productive post!  Now you guys know about my novel and now I realize how much work I have to do in the nest 16 days!  Huzzah!

TacoBoutIt (2)

what is your word goal?  Are you a coward like me or will you be going for 50 thousand?  ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT MY BOOK?? IS IT GENIUS?  please fuel my self esteem and writerly functions by telling me what you think.  ❤  ❤

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  1. Ooh, your novel sounds so good! I love the theme of conquering your fears and knowing that despite these fears, everything will be okay. YOUR AESTHETIC IS SO PRETTY AJD;LFAJSLDFKJSAD. Also, I LOVE the fact that you’re including Asian-American characters, African-American characters, and characters with OCD because that diversity is AWESOME! (Especially for me, since I’m an Asian-American.) Good luck with 25k — that’s my goal as well! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I just want to write right now! I doubt I will be saying that in November. 😛 THANK YOU pinterest saved my life. Yeah, I don’t like reading books where ALL the characters are white, it’s so boring. I figured if I write at least 1,000 a day it’ll be perfect!
      OH and I figured out why I can’t view your post it’s all because for some reason “beautiful books” is something Mobicip doesn’t like for some dumb reason, MY OWN post was restricted, but my dad fixed it so now i can read all the beautiful books posts! Huzzah!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, same!! I mean I really need to plot my book out more, but I just want to write. 😛 And yeah, reading books where everyone is white is not realistic at all and it’s basically like ignoring the fact that there are people who AREN’T white. 😦 Oh, that’s weird, but I’m glad your dad fixed it! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your novel idea is very interesting and creative! I am also going for 25 thousand words. I really like how your characters all have fears and their super powers are their fears. I can’t wait to see how your novel goes!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I spent all morning planning on my NaNo novel!! I am SO excited!! It sounds super crazy, but I actually love planning. XD Especially my stories. ;P

    My story is about a girl called Alexa McCarthy. She has Depression and ADHD. I know, I know, at first glance those two are IMPOSSIBLE to go together. But basically, she’s depressed has hard paying attention, and acts rashly.
    So, she has an abusive, widowed mom, so she runs away with her big sis, Delia. However, DELIA DIES. So, Alexa gets sucked into a fantasy world, (Woodwyn), where she learns how to deal with her problems and start over again. Then, when she’s ready she gets sucked back to her own world as a new person.

    I’m sticking to traditional 50,000. My novel will be called Starting Over, but that is SO a temporary title.

    Some details are still in progress. Like what race Alexa is, where she lives, etc. etc.

    Your novel sounds SO awesome and radical! Snippets, please?? *puppy-eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay, we must think alike. Because my novel sounds a good bit like yours. The only major difference is that my charries have no superpowers. My basic story is a bit different too. Other than that – I haz diverse charries and a NYC setting. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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