A Day In The Life of A Redhead (Collab with Rose@APurposeOfWingedDogs)

A Day In The Life Of A RedheadYou may not know that I’m a redhead

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No I’ve never made it clear at all… my hair color is a mystery.  IT COULD BE PURPLE YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

But as far as you know, I have red hair.  😉

Here’s a few things you may not have known about us amazing redheads:

  • no we do not dye our hair I’m like 12 why would I dye my hair not a fun color
  • we struggle!

So I present to you… A day In The Life Of A Redhead!

*angelic choirs*  Yes I swear this is something you will need for future reference I promise it’s USEFUL.  Who knows maybe you’ll eat to many carrots and BAM your hair will turn red.


I should stop talking now.

RHWAB divider


I roll out of bed, my hair along with me*.


And as I look in the mirrror….

You see, lemme educate y’all for a second.

When I wake up my hair is either in two little nice pippi-longstocking braids…



Knotted, tangled, everything you can imagine.  I’m literally more terrifying than an actual lion.



I flip my head over and pull my stubborn locks into a tight bun, suffocating the craziness I refuse to let out in public.

RIP to all the hairties I have lost in my hair.

There should be a memorial for my hairties… OH WAIT**.


AND CAN WE TALK about when hairties break.  I don’t know why, but whenever I hear that life changing snap of a hairtie that’s been used once too many times, I feel like questioning my life choices.  What did I ever do to that hairtie?  Did it deserve to die so early in it’s lifespan?  What could I have done to save the poor thing?  If I had only used it in my hair and not the dolls’… WHERE IS another HAIRTIE?


And there are NO hairties that camoflauge in my hair.  Brown may be the closest, but EVIDENTLY nobody thinks about us gingers when designer hair tie colors.

Image result for thats a lot of work gif

And then there are the days when I can’t tame the lion that lives with my hair….

*duh why would my hair not be with me when I roll out of bed (????)


RHWAB divider


Teacher:  Ok, so who knows the answer to this question that will NEVER come up in real life?

*raises hand*

Teacher:  “Oh, RED, what do you think the answer is?”

Every. Single. Teacher.  At some point in the school year, calls me red.  I swear they don’t know my actual name.

I mean yes, the term is considered endearing, and yes, I do like it a little bit.  But sometimes it’s just too much….


RHWAB divider


Ok, so I’m in the locker room, and I’ve changed into my PE clothes, and two random girls I’ve never seen in my life*** approach me..

“Is your hair actually ORANGE or do you dye it?”


What I want to say:

“EXCUSE ME you monsters my hair is not orange how dare you now I shall let loose my fiery RED dragons upon you, you have insulted my entire family one day we will meet again, always be watching because when you think you’re alone you won’t be and when you think you’re safe you’ll face MY WRATH!”

What I say:

“Nope, my hair’s natural, and it’s actually red,”

The amount of politeness I have to muster when answering this question.


And by the way the dress code policy CLEARLY states that there may be no unnatural hair colors as it may be distracting to fellow classmates soooo….

The myth that gingers have bad tempers is a LIE.  I control my temper PERFECTLY NORMAL DON’T YOU DARE ARGUE.  😉


RHWAB divider


I’m stepping off the bus, fully prepared for freedom from the authority of the education system, and the bus driver tells me…”Your hair color is so pretty!  Redheads are very rare, did you know that?”


And I say, “Thank you!”

But inside, I’m thinking…

yes I know that I’m a rare and special unicorn with beautiful hair thank you for boosting my confidence I hope you get a good fortune cookie soon.

ONLY 4% OF THE WORLD HAS RED HAIR I feel so special.


RHWAB divider


I’m at Olive Garden, (aka my favorite place on earth but that’s another post)  and the waiter comes to take our order, and the first thing he says is not “HI my name is Billy Bob I’ll be your server today, what would you like to Drink?”  Noooo it’s “Wow, you have red hair?  Where did you get it from?”

Because you must first understand that neither my mother or father have red hair.

Now there are many ways I have responded to this question throughout the years, from age 4-8 I would simply reply, “I got it from God…”


But it’s harder now that I understand the concept of not making conversation awkward, “Thank you!  My Dad used to have red hair when he was a kid!”

And this is when my Mom cuts in by telling Billy bob that we would all like waters.  XD

My dad did used to have red hair when he was a kid, and my great grandma had red hair too.

RHWAB divider


So I’m consuming my Chicken Parmesan meatball sandwich and an elderly lady sitting in the booth beside us interrupts my eating with, “Oh you have such beautiful hair!  You know, my stepfather’s neighbor’s aunt’s 4th cousin has red hair!  He’s the only redhead I know.  He’s the only redhead in his family, I wonder where he got it from!  I wish I was a redhead!”


And I say, “Thank you so much!  That’s cool!”

The point being, I don’t care about what hair color some person I had no idea existed until this moment, and I don’t see the need to just tell me about every single redhead you know, and all about their favorite food, and where they arr tonight.  I just want to eat my food.


And the of course, when I get home at 8:00…

I have to douse my hair with water, and smother it in conditioners and formulas to keep it healthy and I have to dry it because it’s as thick as War and Peace and spend half an hour brushing it, braiding it, and finding two hairties to tie it with.


I hope you enjoyed hearing a day in the life of me… a redhead…AS FAR AS YOU KNOW.

jk I’m actually a real redhead here’s a photo of me with red hair:


img_2285 (1)

So yes.  This is my day.  Pity me, envy me?? idk, do whatever you want.  😛


Also be sure to check out Rose’s post all about the struggles of a redhead!  She’s a redhead just like me, and she run’s and absolutely astounding blog! I’ll link her post once she posts it.  😉


TacoBoutIt (2)

are you a redhead?  did you relate?  what is your hair color?

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  1. THIS IS SO ME!! But my little sister has red hair too, and oh, the attention she gets. We can’t go in public without someone saying “OH LOOK AT HER HAIR!” And like, touching it and stuff. And then nobody ever says “OH LOOK AT YOUR HAIR!!” To me. Which I both appreciate and am annoyed with.


  2. Red hair is like soooo pretty! In my opinion, idk. Also I’m kinda freaking out right now cuz the gif at the 1:30 section is JD from Heathers and like ohmygoodness ahhhh he may be a sociopath but i still love himmmm
    ~Julia ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am indeed one of the rare unicorns! It used to be brighter when I was younger, but it’s turned into a lovely auburn. If someone calls it brown, the legend red-head anger, that you say doesn’t exist, comes forth and I have to do my best to reply: ‘oh, it’s just dirty right now.’ or, ‘you should see this part.’ at which I flip my heavy as heck ponytail over to show off all the various colours my magical head conceals. Okay–I try to be more polite than that. But seriously, it’s red, not brown.
    Great post, the struggle is real–but it is nice to get compliments about something natural–but at the same time, I’m still trying to come up with a response-compliment to give back. XD
    Have a good day.

    Liked by 2 people

      I think mine has stayed the same, I’m not sure though! I’ll have to pull out some old albums and stuff to see lol. YES I RELATE TO THAT! My hair does look brown in some photos, but I swear it’s red! 😛 Politeness is hard! XD Thank you, I’m so happy you enjoyed! It is nice, but sometimes it’s just a bit overwhelming lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This was such a fun post, loved this!!
    I can slightly relate, but although I’m not redhead I’m black and my hair is natural, and it’s just so annoying when people ask if my hairs natural?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your welcome! This was definitely a fun and unique post, and I’m so glad to have read it!!
        Aww, that’s so sweet! I’ve learned to embrace it. 😄


  5. I’m not a redhead, though, not trying to be stereotypical, but I’ve actual always wanted to be a redhead my whole life! Red hair actually is beautiful! I can relate, though, because people always comment on “how pretty my eyes are”! XD XD The funny thing is, I NEVER pay attention to my eye color, I mean, who does? My hair color is actually a lightish brunette. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes I love my red hair! I think it’s pretty, but it just gets a lot of misconception ya know? Yes I have brown eyes and it’s not very common with redheads! I know, like I never think anything of my eyes unless someone points it out! ooh, that color is really pretty!


  6. I have brown hair but I can totally relate to a lot of the stuff your saying. My hair is ridiculously thick and it gets knotted so easily, I swear I just have to look at it and it gets knotted LOL XD. It makes me laugh when people say that they wish they had my hair, don’t get me wrong I love my hair but can be such a pain sometimes it’s hard picturing people wanting my hair. I’ve never had anyone ask me if my hair was natural but it would make me really made if they did. Awesome job on the post! I’m going to follow this blog now as well 🙂



    1. Yay, I’m so glad! yess, my hair is SOO thick and tangled! Haha, YES people say they want my hair all the time, and I’m like that’s creepy you want my to rip out my hair and put it on your hair stop. Thank you so much, I’m so glad!


  7. AUGH!! I SO KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! I have this winsome mop of blond curls that looks horrendous in the bathroom mirror at home, and then I am standing in dollar tree and this old lady grabs my hair saying its so gorgeous and I’m just like ”…uh….’scuse me, but this isn’t a charity petting zoo, just so you know.” I have seriously considered dyeing my hair brown or black or something so that I don’t have to deal with all that….Great post, btw!

    Liked by 1 person

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