How To Keep Up With Your Blog During School

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Welcome Back!

So… I started school on Wednesday!

I know, I know, begin the routine screaming and shouting rebellion of teens against the school system.


But hold up for just a sec…


I know.  Go ahead, throw all your mechanical pencils at me.  (Those thing actually hurt!  I accidentally stabbed someone in the forehead with one… long story.)

But the one thing about school that I detest is… less blogging time.

C’mon!  I mean, I really enjoyed those Summer mornings where I just sat in PJ’s and spent hours typing up a blog post for you guys to see.

Image result for typing gif

Unfortunately, I get out of school at 2:30.  I have to do homework first, and then practice my clarinet, and my bedtime hibernation period is 8:00, but I read until 9:40.  I also have to spend time with my family, and eat something.  So if you can do some math, you know that leaves almost zero time for blogging. 


But girl, I gotcha back!


I know all the secrets.  I’m like the Regina George of Blogging.


So if you have a similar problem, then read on!  If you don’t have that situation, and you are a homeschooler, then you, my good sir, are a lucky duck.  I am also extremely jealous of you.  Read on.

RHWAB divider

Don’t you just love the new blog design? I especially love my nice new dividers. They make me feel like an organized human being. 🙂  It was all done by the wonderful Megan!

1. Create a Schedule

I know some of you are hissing at me and shouting:


Let me explain smol child.

Schedules are something that you need during the school year because:

  • You will be less stressed to post
  • It will keep you from PROCRASTINATING


  • You can create transitional schedules (Which I’ll show you how to do in a sec,)  that are SO MUCH easier to stick to
  • You will be much more motivated to finish your post because you know you should get it done by the end of the day


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How to make an Effective schedule

The one formula you need to make a perfect schedule is to make sure you feel more compelled to follow it!


I recommend a transitional schedule!

This is the idea of making a schedule where you have a period of two days to publish your post!  So amazing.  Life changing, really.


Here is my schedule!

Sundays: RHWAB post

Thursdays/Fridays: RHWAB post

Saturdays:  AGDA post

Wednesdays/Tuesdays: AGDA post

So I have Both Thursday AND Friday to publish a nice quality post.

This is best for posting during school days, because I happen to have limited blogging time on those days.  However, on WEEKENDS, I have hours to finish my post.

How to finish your post during the entire week

I start writing my weekday post a day or two before the post actually goes up.  This gives me enough time to design the graphic image, write the post, and add pictures.  🙂

For example, I am currently writing this sentence on Thursday afternoon.  This post will go up the day you’re probably reading it, Friday!  😀

This is my ultimate secret to my schedule.  And if I can, I write up all my posts on the weekends and have them ready to hit the publish button during the week.

Whatever schedule strategy works for you is the one your should use, but I prefer my way.  🙂

RHWAB divider

2. Get er’ done…


But you need to remember what’s more important.. quality or quality?  (hint: it’s quality)

This is why I only post twice a week. I get home from school, and I spend time on my blog.  I pull up my editing page, and start working.  I write out my whole post, which takes an average of about 2-3 hours, and then I spend around 20 minutes finding the perfect gifs, and another 30 working on the featured image.  This is how long it takes for ME personally to create a great blog post but if you have your own way, you do you.

You shouldn’t be speeding through this process of perfecting a post… but you shouldn’t go along at a snail’s speed either!


Sometimes music helps me work fast, but sometimes it distracts me.  When I’m really stumped on something and need to get focused, I stop texting and pull my earbuds out.  I exit all my YouTube tabs.  XD


This makes it less time consuming to put together an amazing post, which means more free time, and a that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a post will come sooner.


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3.   It’s Not The End Of The World

Trust me, it will be so hard sometimes to get on top of blogging… sometimes it will be more of a privilege rather than a necessity.  Sometimes you just might not have time to finish your posts during the busy school week.  As long as you try your best to work on your post, do everything you can to get it up, it really doesn’t matter.  Sometimes school takes over your life, and that’s ok.  🙂


RHWAB divider

4.  Make it a Routine

I treat writing a post like a study session!  I listen to music, I eat a snack, I make sure nobody bothers me.  😛

It’s important to to remember to open your post editor FIRST.  This means before you check your followed posts, before you check Youtube, and before you check your email.


I usually just tell myself that every time I put a new divider in the post, I get to watch a video or reply to a comment or mail back email.

This is another thing about distractions.  If you don’t feel like writing your post, even though you know you should and it will make you happy once it’s finished, then block those websites from your train of thought.


RHWAB divider

5. Set priorities

I would say that the number one thing to remember for your schooling/blogging life, is that school will always and should always be your priority.

School is something very important for your future, and blogging should be a little hobby you have.


I know blogging could seem better than school right now.  And believe me, I would rather be blogging than being in class, but in the long run, school will get you farther.  🙂



So that, my dear friends, was my guide to keeping up with your blog during the school year.  


TacoBoutIt (2)

did you like this post?  Are you stressed about the school year, or are you happy?  do you like my new blog design?  do you have any more tips for dealing with blogging while school is going?  do you like mean girls?  😉


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33 thoughts on “How To Keep Up With Your Blog During School

  1. *proceeds to forget everything she wanted to comment and just focuses on the questions you asked*

    did you like this post? YES YES YES.

    Are you stressed about the school year, or are you happy? Well, can I say both? XD I’m stressed because hello how does one balance school and everything else? But I’m happy because just like you, I don’t hate school. 🙂

    do you like my new blog design? OHMYGOODNESS I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The background is simply perfect and the color scheme is i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.

    do you have any more tips for dealing with blogging while school is going? Well…uh…no. You pretty much summed it all up. 😛 This is how I deal with blogging during school: I procrastinate, I procrastinate, I start panicking, and then I stress out. Very efficient, no?

    do you like mean girls? 😉 Umm…well, I’ve never watched it. Hehe.

    Ok I seriously need to stop surfing my WP reader and go to sleep. XDDD

    xoxo, Rebekah


    1. (Haha.. it’s ok lol)
      Yay I’m glad you enjoyed!
      Yes, It’s great to have a medium of both sides. Today I disliked school. XD
      Haha, that’s ok lol.
      YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. *FULL WARNING: get a parent’s permission first….*
      Yes, same. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE THE THEME! and i don’t know how you like school! i despise it. 😭😫😵⚰️
    Like, i’m gonna cry thinking about how soon it is. i’ve been dreading it. 😲
    GREAT POST! I’ll try to use these tips. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This post was pretty cool! It wasn’t particularly helpful for me because I don’t have a blog, but if I did I would find this useful!
    I’m happy about the upcoming school year because the grade I’m going into is supposedly easier the the previous and next grades.
    Your new blog design is really cool!
    Even though I don’t have a blog, I did think of a tip (even though I’m kind of slightly restating what you already said XD)! When you have a day or time of a day that you are completely free, get as many posts written as you can, so when you don’t have any time, you still have something to post!
    I definitely don’t like mean girls! (why would I? XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope you get one soon! I’d love to read it! 😀

      That’s good. 🙂
      Thanks! I love it too!
      That’s a great tip! 😀
      Oh, I mean the MOVIE mean girls lol.


  4. Great tips, Sam! You know I also started school on Wednesday and I’ve been busy haha! And my mom picks me up later now so then I get home like 40 to 50 minutes after school actually lets out. D: (It takes 20 min to drive to school lol.) I definitely agree that a blogging schedule is SUPER helpful so you’re more motivated to finish the post! And yes, if you want the post done, you gotta get it done. Don’t let any distractions get in your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks May! Haha, same! Yes, I get home at 3:30 instead of when I’m supposed to, 2:20, because I’m the last stop on the bus. 😦 YES! Thanks, I totally agree! Indeed. 😀 Great minds think alike!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. My school starts in about 3 weeks so…I NEED TO SAVE THIS POST. I post 2 times a week so that schedule is working for me NOW and hopefully in school. The crazy thing i I want to change it 3 times a week? I don’t understand me either. These are some really great tips! I definitely need to START making school a priority but blogging is SO MUCH FUN and procrastinating! BUT SAMMM IT WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD, MY SCHEDULE WILL KILL ME IF I BETRAY IT *Weeps*


  6. You get out at 2:30?! Luckyyyyy!!! I don’t get out until 4:30 and I don’t get home till 5! It leaves me with no time for anything!! Its seriously so frustrating!! I have to start back on Monday and I’m seriously not looking forward to it.. I know that might seem not very Ravenclaw of me, but I got to a pretty ghetto school and I really don’t like it.. But this post was very helpful, so thank you! ~Julia ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW.
      But I actually am the last bus stop, so I get home at 3:30. That sucks, I feel sorry for you. 😦 Yep, my previous school was in the same situation. Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I loved this post, great tips that I’ll definitely use!! Instead of blogging three times a week like I do now, I might change it to two, for the school year.


  8. I’m inspired! I always wondered how you’ve managed to post so much.. I was indeed hissing that I refuse to make a schedule, (XD), but now I’m considering it. Yeah, I always have trouble trying to write and THEN – and only then – do I get to jump into my Reader. I like your idea of trying to write until you get to a stopping point and then rewarding yourself with a post. I might just try it!

    One thing I like about your blog, Sam, is that you are always such an honest blogger and a lot of what you say is SO TRUE as a blogger.

    I’m feeling so inspired lately, like I said, reading this and other posts about organizing your blog. Thank you so much, Samantha!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you! You are so kind. Yesss, agree with almost everything you say! I love my reader, I’m obsessed with it lol. 😛 Yes, try it out! You may like it a lot! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR! You are so nice! That is such a great compliment! Thanks! Ooh, so glad I’ve inspired you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so very welcome, Sam.❤ And thank you! YOU are so kind saying that. *nods wildly*
        Okay, I will (if I remember… XD). YOU’RE WELCOME SO MUCH, MY FRIEND! Aw, you made my day.❤

        Liked by 1 person

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