How I Did On My Summer Bucket List

-How I Did On -

It’s official.  My Summer is almost over.  Almost.  

I start school on Wednesday!

Back in May, I wrote this post all about my Summer goals and daydreams and called it my bucket list because I think that’s what all the cool bloggers do.

I was so confident.  I thought I could do it all.  So I was like…


But my Summer is literally only 2 months.  2 months and one day.

Literally, I got off on June 8th, and August 9th is my first day of school.

Because I am quite fond of breaking the stereotype, I’m actually excited for school to start.

I accomplished quite a lot during my 2 months of supposedly doing nothing.  So today, I’m here to tell you all about my awesome summer!


have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:

Have a Water balloon fight, accomplished

I did it!  I actually did it 3 times over.  Yesterday I had one with all my tiny cousins, I had one on 4th of July, and I had one in the beginning of Summer with all my tiny cousins.

Make a rainbow cake, unaccomplished

Ahh, I wish I could’ve done this.  But I usually do all my baking at my grandma’s house, and she moved so we didn’t quite get a chance.  :/  But maybe I’ll save this for another time.  😀

Image result for meet my online friends in person bucket list

Meet my online friends in person, accomplished

AHH I MET RUTVI!  She came to my house and we basically fangirled for 20 minutes and then she had to leave.  But it was such a cool experience!  Now we text and Facetime and all that.

Untitled design (16)

I’m also meeting another blogging bestie on August 19th in LA!

13 days Mya.

Finish a Wreck This Journal, unaccomplished

Unfortunately, I’ve only completed about 1/4 of my copy.  But hopefully I’ll have it finished soon!


Get a free 7-11 slurpie on July 11th


I think it was lemon flavor, but whatever it was, it was pretty darn good.


Send a message in a bottle, unaccomplished

Sadly, I did not complete this, but I had the perfect oppurtunity!  😦

I don’t think I have a bottle tho.  :/

Have an acai Bowl, Accomplished

OH MY WORD I had one at Jamba Juice and it is my new favorite thing in the entire world!!!


It’s like a purple smoothie, with granola and a whole bunch of fruit on top.


Unaccomplished :/

I really, really want a polaroid camera, but I’m virtually broke so….



This wasn’t up to me!  I could’ve won one, but the online random name picker the bloggers used did not favor me.  😦



Let’s get real here, my parents would kill me if I did this, because I would make a huge, gigantic mess.



Save it for Nano“, I keep telling myself.



Once again, something fairly untidy.




My grandma even bought the stuff for the S’mores, but we forgot about it.  XD

Or someone ate all the Hershey’s bars before we got a chance



That was how I did on my Summer bucket list!  Despite all the unaccomplished things, I’m pretty satisfied with how I did!

I’m a natural dreamer anyways, and I’m just pretty surprised that I got any of it accomplished!


I hope you had a great Summer.  Make me jealous in the comments.  Tell me all about your summer!

did you make a summer bucket list?  how did you do? is your summer almost over?  when does school start for you?




28 thoughts on “How I Did On My Summer Bucket List

  1. My school starts on August 14th and I’m not looking forward to it.. But I am meeting my internet bestfriend in 3 days and I cannot wait for that!! And I also had a waterballoon fight with my cousins so that’s fun! ~Julia ❤


  2. Well, I wouldn’t want to make you jealous, but you DID say to make you jealous…
    I don’t start school till Labor day. (Yes, we are actually starting ON Labor day. Not the day after. Crazy parents.)
    However, I’m homeschooled, and we hadn’t finished everything, so we did school most of June.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I forgot to make a list! 😛 Yours sounded pretty awesome though, I had a HUGE water balloon fight with my bff, it was fantabs. Also the eating cake sounds awesome too.
    -Rose ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sounds like you had a great summer… even though it was only two months… i dont know if i could handle that! my summer is practically three months long and oh jeez that soudns like im rubbing it in doesnt it. im not i swear. but you havent had smores? omg! i highlyyyy reccomend, LOL! and the write a book one- i relateeee. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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