Everland Mini Book Review *spoiler free*


everland (1)I’m sure you’ve all heard of Rutvi!  She has an awesome blog, but did you know that she also has an awesome book!  She has 2 awesome books!  I purchased everland, her newest release, and I decided to review it here on my blog!  Now, Rutvi and I met up about a month ago, and I’m really good friends with her, but I promise that I’m going to be super fair when reviewing her writing.  I’m going to treat this like very other review!


everland (2)Ok, so this is Everland!  The cover is beautiful, in my opinion.  I’m very proud to have it in my bookshelf!

Amber Braelynn is any typical girl with cancer. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, she falls into Everland and discovers some uncomfortable truths, and things about her family and herself that she wishes she didn’t know. She struggles to find herself, and learns some things about life and death that not even the wisest people know…Join her on her journey and visit Everland through the eyes of a desperate girl who just wants to hold on.

This sounded really awesome.  So I read it!  I finished this within 2 reading sessions, it was pretty short, but it was still great!



  • I think that Rutvi described the characters well, and description was totally a strong point in this novel.  I felt like I got to know what they looked like very well.
  • Holy Macaroni the concept of this book was amazing.  Who doesn’t wonder about life after death?   Who doesn’t wonder if there are different places your soul can wander to after dying?  This book made me think and reflect, and I really liked all the thought the was clearly put into the plot.
  • The cancer that Amber has is described thoroughly, and I think that was also very important.  It made the reader feel empathy towards the main character.
  • There are many switches of scenery in this book, which makes it exciting for the reader, instead of keeping all the characters in one place for the whole story
  • The story was amazing overall.  It was kind of shaky in my opinion in the middle, but the ending was just sentimental an sweet.  I loved it, and I felt like it wrapped up this book perfectly.
  • There was a common “villain” in the book, and I feel like this character spiced up the plot.  I also love when the writer makes you feel bad for the villain, and that’s exactly what Rutvi did!




  • The middle of the book was at times, confusing.  Luckily, it all made more sense nearing to the conclusion.
  •  I felt like Amber’s main goal wasn’t portrayed quite as clearly a I would have liked.  I was confused about what she wanted.
  • I feel like the point of views were switched in a clumsy way.  I think if there were equal parts of both POV’s, it would have been easier to read.
  •  I also did not understand why Earth was called the Earthplane, but that’s just me lol

So, to wrap up this mini review, everland is an awesome book by an amazingly talented young writer, and you can purchase it here for $9.99!  It’s a great read that I highly recommend.

This concludes my review of Everland!  Go read it, you won’t regret it!  ❤



  1. It looks really good! I actually have a 10 dollar amazon gift card that I was trying to decide how to use. . so. .. 😀 😀 😀
    I’ll definitely consider purchasing it!!!


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