My Fictional Garden

#My Fictional

Hola!  It’s me, Sam, and today, I bring you…

My Fictional Garden!

Basically, #MyFictional is a new series on my blog where I post my dream fictional stuff, and this edition is My Fictional Garden!  Comment down below if you think like this series kind of thing, so without further ado, let’s start planting!  XD

Image result for harry potter herbology plants


1.  Harry Potter Herbology Herbs

I love Harry Potter, and I love Neville Longbottom almost as much.

Hogwarts has a class of herbology at the school, and it looks SO much fun!  There are plants that talk, plants that eat people, and all sorts of other stuff.

Lets just say that if I had this in my Fictional Garden, I’d keep all the plants in a locked gate.  XD  For safety purposes, in case any of you come to visit my garden!*

*Of course you’ll come visit my garden!

2. Keeper Of The Lost Cities Panakes

In Keeper of The lost cities,  panakes is a Gnomish plant capable of curing anything through  their blossoms. It is created when a Gnome sacrifices themselves to create one.

Well the sad part about having this plant is that a gnome has to die, but I can just take a hammer to a garden gnome and it’ll have the same affect, right?**

So, if I ever had like a horrible stomach flu or allergies or something I could just go out in my garden and be healed!  BOOM, I don’t need any doctors when I have magical plants that gnomes sacrificed themselves for, because gnomes are oh-so generous.


**Jk, I’m not that violent

Related image


3.  Warriors Medicine Cat Herbs

(Can we just take a moment to admire that PURDY*** fan art?!)

I feel like all the Clan Medicine cats are always short of some sort of healing herbs when a kitty is dying, so I am going to plant TONS of marigold, yarrow, beech leaves, bindweed, borage, Burdock, chervil, comfrey, coltsfoot, dock, and juniper.  I will have a nucket of cobwebs too.


In the winter, (Leafbare), the poor warriors always die of some sort of cough and they usually have to go on this huge drawn out mission to find catmint and save the whole clan.  One of them usually dies on the journey.

So let’s spare the drama, and put literally tons of it in my garden!

HAHA and then I’ll have hundreds of cute cats roaming around my garden and I can pet them and love them FOREVER.  

Good plan, right?!

***HAHA get it?!  If you’ve read Warriors you’ll get it.  XD XD


Related image


4.  The Strawberry Fields at Camp Half Blood

(The Fanart game in this post is STRONG!)

I would love to have some of the strawberry fields from Camp Half Blood in my garden.

The campers/demigods at camp halfblood are protected from mortals like you by disguising the camp as “Delphi’s Strawberry stand”, with magical strawberry fields in front.  The demigods help pick the berries, so if I could just transport those fields to my garden, all the demigods could move over to my garden and hang out with me, and teach me amazing fighting moves, and take me back to camp half blood once they finally realize that I’m a demigod too.

Yet another flawless plan!  *Flips hair*

Image result for plants for dyeing yarn


5.  Gathering Blue’s Thread Dying Materials

In Gathering blue, Kira is always having to walk out a long way through a forest of monsters, and if I have all her thread dyng plants in my garden, she can come to my monster free area,**** escape the crazy socialist community she lives in, and the panakes that I already have planted can cure her broken leg!

It’s a win win everybody!

Then Kira can maybe make me some nice pretty clothes from her weaving…

****I totally just lied, some of the pnats from Harry Potter herbology could be considered  monsters…

So, That is my AMAZING fictional garden.  Would you visit my garden?  Would you add anything to my garden?  Comment below, like, and follow!  ❤


This is a scheduled post, and I’ll be back from vacation in a week!  Since there is no internet where I’m going, I’m going to have to wait a week to respond to all your fantastic comments!  So please still comment, I pinky-swear that I will eventually get back to you, just not as quickly as normal.  Thanks for understanding!  ❤



  1. Whoa, a great collection, Samantha! I loved reading that. And hey, it’s Delphi Strawberry Service, not Delphi’s Strawberry Stand. An observation. 😛


  2. I would totally come to your garden! When you mentioned Panakes… it reminded me of.. you know what. 😭 This is such a cool post idea. 😄
    Rose ❤️


  3. THIS IS AMAZING! Btw, I finished the first Warriors book! Spottedleaf… lionheart… 😭. And I’m starting the first Percy Jackson book now! So I can say my fandoms are KEEPER, WARRIORS, and PJO


  4. That was hilarious!! 😂 I would totally visit your garden if I could! Just keep me away from the Harry Potter plants, like mandrakes… 😂 (If you’ve read the first Harry Potter book or seen the first movie, you’ll know what a mandrake is. 😉) You should totally do more #MyFictional posts!!!


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