Recreating Tumblr Bookish Photography




Recreating Bookish Tumblr Photography



I love to look at pretty, aesthetically pleasing bookish photography on Tumblr.  And then I got thinking…

What if I tried to recreate some of the cool bookish photography I see all over Tumblr?

So, I decided to pick a few, and start trying to recreate them with some editing and a camera. 🙂

And so, this post was born.  Just so you know, this totally failed.  It completely and utterly failed.  But you know what, I think I like how a few of them turned out, but they’re, of course, nothing like the professional photographers on Tumblr.  😉


Image result for book tumblr


This is a super pretty picture of some comfy reading!

So, for the book, I used a Little House on The Prairie book, because it has those crisp, clean white pages like the picture.


My jeans are a lot lighter than the one in the picture, so that was kind of a bummer.  I used my parent’s bed, because they have white bedding.  One thing that I have to say about this position is that it is not comfortable to read in.  XD  But I guess it’s kind of cool, but the jeans kind of messed it up.  I edited it using a white square in picmonkey, fitting it over the image, and adjusting the fade to just right.


These were all my first tries, and as you can see, I changed the book to one with whiter pages for the final picture, and it was kind of hard to get the position of my legs just right…



Image result for book tumblr


I love this photo of a few roses in a book!


This is what I came up with afterwards!  Obviously my editing skills aren’t the best, and the angle is a little bit off, but I think it looks OK!


I used the book Persuasion by Jane Austen because it’s green like the original picture.


I snipped off some white roses and a few leaves from our garden.  We don’t have any pink roses, only white ones.  :/


This is the unedited version.


To make the rose pink, I used some pink ovals and squares, and faded each one to 90%.  Then I covered the front rose with them, and ta-da!  😀



Image result for book tumblr


This is the last picture I will be recreating.  I was so scared to actually draw inside of a book, but I chose the book Splendors and Glooms to get the job done.


And this….is what I call my horrid handwriting.  Did you know that I’ve never been taught cursive?  You probably guessed by the above photo…. XD


And this is the final product!  The angle is all wrong, once again, but I kind of like it, I suppose.  I still am overcome with my guilt for drawing on a book.  But I guess I already read that book, and it’s still kind of legible…

So, in conclusion, I have done a horrible job of recreating pretty tumblr bookish photographs!  

Whatever.  I mean, I guess they all turned out OK, but not too special or brilliant.

So, what do you think about this post?  Should I try to do a part 2, with maybe recreating writing photos on Tumblr?  Comment below!






    1. Thank you! Hmm, Tumblr is kind of hard to explain, but it’s a bunch of talented young adults/teens that post fandom stuff, amazing hipster and trendy photography, and lot’s of other amazing things! But some sites on Tumblr are inappropriate, so I pretty much don’t visit Tumblr so much. 😉 (I just google “Bookish Tumblt Pics” for this post.)

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