The Crazy Thing that Happened Yesterday

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I still can’t believe what happened yesterday!

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning.

About 2 years ago, RUTVI  started leaving really sweet comments on my My doll Blog.

I didn’t have the slightest idea of who she was, but she was so nice, and I often replied back!

And then she started her own Weebly blog about her dolls, and it was awesome!  But I have no idea if it’s still up, so I don’t think I can link it.

For some reason, she switched to WordPress, and created the blog, Buzz About AG where she posts some of her AMAZING American Girl Doll photography!  And after she started that blog about a year ago, we started frantically commenting and encouraging each other on our blogs.


-T. Swizzle

-We’re both dating Hot Chocolate (It’s complicated)

-Ruth B.


-The boy that lived

-Warrior Cats Awesomeness


-Love of Cats

-Love for the tragic but beautiful writings of let’s be lost




-Emma Watson

-Mean Girls quotes that are SO FETCH  😉

-Alisha Marie, Laurdiy, Liza Koshy


(And, most importantly, she got to meet Twila!)

So, then we just realized we had all those things in common and we’ve been internet Besties for a while.

Rutvi was on vacation near where I live, and she realized that and emailed me!  We thought it wasn’t going to work out, but then we realized…


We fangirled and talked about books and unicorns and polaroids and it was just the most amazing day ever.

She’s even more amazing, polite, sweet, and pretty in real life!

I had a such a good time meeting her!! Go follow her if you haven’t already-she’s my twin.

Rutvi is just amazing, guys, so follow both her blogs:

Capturing and Creating

Buzz About AG

And the best part is that one of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide world had been IN MY ROOM!

(We both think that the only thing that would be crazier than just us two meeting was if Loren was there.)

Thank you so much to my parent’s and Rutvi’s parents and Rutvi for letting me meet her!  I will never forget yesterday!

One check off the Bucket List!  However, I’m still REALLY excited for possibly meeting my pen pal, Mya in August!  😀

Thank you so much for yesterday, Rutvi!  ❤  ❤








    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was so exciting! YES WARRIORS
      I’ve read all the newest Vision of Shadows and the ones before that series, and I only read the Warriors because I like them better than dogs and bears. XD But is there a new Warriors series?


      1. Yes Vision of Shadows is the newest series. I really want to read the third book because I just recently finished the second book. I really hope Violetpaw and Twigpaw reunite. Ahhh the suspense is killing me!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I was literally just thinking the other day about that Taylor Swift doll post collab y’all did once and was like “They should meet in person.” THAT IS SO AWESOME! I hope you guys had a LOT of fun! Although it sounds like you definitely did 😂 I just met one of my blogging friends irl too! Isn’t it AWESOME? (We kept thinking it would be even more awesome if our other internet friend was there too 😂)


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, that was like the best collab ever! 😀 Thank you, yep it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget! Ooh, who did you meet? Light4theLord? I remember her talking about meeting up with you sometime on her blog…

      Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s SO cool! I wish I could meet you IRL.
    I did meet my internet friend Mukta, and we now live near each other ;)) (by near I mean she lives in the building next to me, so I see her quite often nowadays. )

    Liked by 1 person

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