Wreck This Journal Giveaway Reminder


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to tell everybody that I currently have a giveaway going on!  I am giving away a cool copy of a Wreck This Journal in celebration for 140 followers!


Oh, and the winner will be announced Tomorrow!

That’s all I need to say, but just to update you all, here’s a picture of Twila.


Because everyone needs a picture of a kitty mid-sneeze to brighten their day.  🙂

Oh yeah, I’m also on Summer break, so expect more posts from Yours Truly soon.



4 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal Giveaway Reminder

    1. Whoops, I forgot to mention that since my last day of school was yesterday, I was busy, and this reminder post was supposed to go up yesterday, the winner will be announced tommorow. I’ll edit the post, thanks for reminding me!

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