DIY Friendship Bracelet

DIY FriendshipBracelet

Hi guys!  So, I love to DIY.

And I was brainstorming some ideas on posting DIY’s I know fairly well, well enough to teach you how to do, and I immediately thought of this!

These friendship bracelets are perfect to make when you’re bored this summer, and I like to do it while I’m watching a movie or something.  They’re fairly simple to create, and once you get the hang of it, they’ll look pretty epic too!

You will need...

For this friendship bracelet, you will need a clip board, some scissors, and some thread!

I chose 3 colors of thread, but you can use as many as you want!  The possibilities of color combinations and the amount of tints as practically endless.  Also, this thread is called Embroidery thread, so you can’t use sewing thread.


First, you will want to remove all kitties from the area you are working in, they tend to get in the way of projects that require string… 😉


To cut your thread, take each color and cut about 4-6 feet of thread.  You will need this much mostly because the threads tend to tangle at the end while you’re working, so you don’t have to worry about having enough if you cut out the tangle.

Then, take each piece of thread and fold it in half, so you have 2 ends at one end, and the loop that you folded in the other.  Take the loop, and insert a good 2 inches of that loop into the clip board.  You need the clip board to keep your bracelet steady while you make it.  Repeat for each color.


Pick the color of thread you want to start with, it doesn’t matter what you choose first unless you want a certain order, but I chose green.


Since you have two strand of each color ( since you folded it earlier), you only need one of those strands.  So choose one strand, put the other back with the other threads, and now you can start to create your bracelet!


Take your strand, and form a “P” shape by laying the thread like shown. ^^


The take that strand and put it over the other threads, and then under, and through the loop in the “P”.


Pull taught, keeping the strand at a 90 degree angle as you pull.


It should look like this!


Continue to do this for as many times as you like, depending on how long you want each color to be, but I usually repeat that process 15 times before moving to the next color.  To switch colors, put that green thread back with the others, and select one strand of the next color, and then repeat what I just showed you.


It should start to look like this!

You can end your bracelet once it wraps around your wrist or your ankle, wherever you want to wear it!  If mine ever can’t quite make it around, I just start to braid the threads to make sure it will make it.  You can tie the end into the loops we created by the folds, and there you have it, a pretty simple friendship bracelet!


I hope you guys try to make this sometime, it takes about 25 minutes to finish, and I have matching ones with my pen pal!

If you make this, be sure to email me pics at

Thanks for reading!  I wish I could make all of you a friendship bracelet!



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