Summer Bucket List!

Hello loves!  I get out of school on June 8th, so I have 18 more days of school left.  I’m pretty much have my Summer mood on, and what’s great about this Summer is that the only commitment I have is Volleyball camp, which will be both awesome and intense!  But other than that, all I have to do is relax.

So at this point, I feel like my summer is a blank canvas, and to keep it from being BORING, I’m painting some activities I’d like to accomplish.  (Wow, did I just basically sum up a bucket list?!)

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have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:

1.  Have a Water Balloon Fight

My brother and I did this during Spring break, and it was awesome!  We used that thing where there are a bunch of balloons tied to this thing where you can fill up hundreds through a hose, so it only took us 5 minutes to fill up 700 water balloons.  I’d like to do that again.

2.  Make a Rainbow Cake

I think this would be awesome, I’ve actually tried this a LONG time ago, like maybe when I was six or seven?  Anyways, I’m curious as to how my mediocre baking skills will respond to this.

3.  Send a Message In a Bottle

This would be awesome!  I wonder what I’d write.  I’ll most likely go to the beach this summer, (Duh, I’m a Californian,) so I’ll do this…if I remember.  😄


4.   Have an Acai bowl

Laurdiy, my favorite youtuber, has these A LOT, and they looks amazing! I bet Jamba Juice sells them.  I go to Jamba Juice a lot.  😄

5.  Pull an All-nighter

I’ve done this before with my Best Friend, we stayed up until 6 AM the next morning and then we slept for the rest of the day.  😄  It’d be cool to do it again this Summer, maybe at my house this time.

6.  Make S’Mores

I love S’mores.  CHOCOLATE.

7.  Attend Paint Nite

This would be fun, and I’m pretty sure that my local painting place has this kind of thing.  (Obviously minus the alcohol  😄  )

8.  Own a fujifilm instax mini camera

Pretty much just for aesthetically pleasing polaroids and pretty camera.

9.  Visit a Trampoline park

I like bouncing and jumping.  It has to be a trampoline park though, because I broke my elbow on a bouncy house in the fourth grade and I now refuse to go on a bouncy house.

10.  Play Messy Twister

This would be fun to just mess around one day with my friends.

11.  Have a water gun fight

Cool.  I love water guns. It’s Nerf or nothin’!

12.  Meet my Online friends in person

I actually am planning to do this.  Mya, my pen pal and awesome twin who lives way too far away from me is visiting California.  Hopefully, we’ll meet up!

13. Win a giveaway (s)

Obviously, this isn’t up to me. It’s up to a random online name picker.

14.  Get a free Slurpee at 711 on July 11th

Well this has no need for explanation.  Free sugar is always excellent.

15. Eat a cake without using my hands

Free excuse to be messy.

16.  Write a Book

I am determined.  I just need a good idea.  😄

17.  Take one picture every day

And post it at the end of the Summer.

18.   Finish a Wreck this journal

This will be fun.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my exciting Summer that I have all planned.  I probably won’t be able to do most of this stuff, but A girl can hope.





40 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List!

  1. Agh, I love this! I want to write a book too, but it probably won’t be finished by the end of the summer. 😄 I soo want to meet an interent friend in real life! I’d be kinda nervous though because WHAT IF I’M NOT LIKE THEY THOUGHT??? but it’s still really awesome. Wreck-This journals are super cool! And HAHA my school ends on May 25th. 😛


  2. Love it! I love water balloon fights, but the balloons seem to disappear, er, quickly. 😄 And sending a message in a bottle is on my bucket list, too! I hope I’ll get a chance to this summer. And an Instax Mini would be cool!! I loved reading this post. ❤


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