Summer Bucket List!

Hello loves!  I get out of school on June 8th, so I have 18 more days of school left.  I’m pretty much have my Summer mood on, and what’s great about this Summer is that the only commitment I have is Volleyball camp, which will be both awesome and intense!  But other than that, all I have to do is relax.

So at this point, I feel like my summer is a blank canvas, and to keep it from being BORING, I’m painting some activities I’d like to accomplish.  (Wow, did I just basically sum up a bucket list?!)

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have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:

1.  Have a Water Balloon Fight

My brother and I did this during Spring break, and it was awesome!  We used that thing where there are a bunch of balloons tied to this thing where you can fill up hundreds through a hose, so it only took us 5 minutes to fill up 700 water balloons.  I’d like to do that again.

2.  Make a Rainbow Cake

I think this would be awesome, I’ve actually tried this a LONG time ago, like maybe when I was six or seven?  Anyways, I’m curious as to how my mediocre baking skills will respond to this.

3.  Send a Message In a Bottle

This would be awesome!  I wonder what I’d write.  I’ll most likely go to the beach this summer, (Duh, I’m a Californian,) so I’ll do this…if I remember.  XD


4.   Have an Acai bowl

Laurdiy, my favorite youtuber, has these A LOT, and they looks amazing! I bet Jamba Juice sells them.  I go to Jamba Juice a lot.  XD

5.  Pull an All-nighter

I’ve done this before with my Best Friend, we stayed up until 6 AM the next morning and then we slept for the rest of the day.  XD  It’d be cool to do it again this Summer, maybe at my house this time.

6.  Make S’Mores

I love S’mores.  CHOCOLATE.

7.  Attend Paint Nite

This would be fun, and I’m pretty sure that my local painting place has this kind of thing.  (Obviously minus the alcohol  XD  )

8.  Own a fujifilm instax mini camera

Pretty much just for aesthetically pleasing polaroids and pretty camera.

9.  Visit a Trampoline park

I like bouncing and jumping.  It has to be a trampoline park though, because I broke my elbow on a bouncy house in the fourth grade and I now refuse to go on a bouncy house.

10.  Play Messy Twister

This would be fun to just mess around one day with my friends.

11.  Have a water gun fight

Cool.  I love water guns. It’s Nerf or nothin’!

12.  Meet my Online friends in person

I actually am planning to do this.  Mya, my pen pal and awesome twin who lives way too far away from me is visiting California.  Hopefully, we’ll meet up!

13. Win a giveaway (s)

Obviously, this isn’t up to me. It’s up to a random online name picker.

14.  Get a free Slurpee at 711 on July 11th

Well this has no need for explanation.  Free sugar is always excellent.

15. Eat a cake without using my hands

Free excuse to be messy.

16.  Write a Book

I am determined.  I just need a good idea.  XD

17.  Take one picture every day

And post it at the end of the Summer.

18.   Finish a Wreck this journal

This will be fun.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my exciting Summer that I have all planned.  I probably won’t be able to do most of this stuff, but A girl can hope.





50 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List!

    1. Yep! It would be so cool if we could! I just got on to reply to comments, I’ll go check! I went to bed early last night. Today I’m going to a flea market! I hope I find some doll sized chairs and some bath bombs. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I did indeed! I got 5 bath bombs, a kitty jewelry dish, a doll chair that I cut down, sanded, and spray painted to look like tenney’s. Now all I have to do is sew a cushion for it! I also got a doll bench that I’m going to cover with fabric to make a couch for my doll living room.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Agh, I love this! I want to write a book too, but it probably won’t be finished by the end of the summer. XD I soo want to meet an interent friend in real life! I’d be kinda nervous though because WHAT IF I’M NOT LIKE THEY THOUGHT??? but it’s still really awesome. Wreck-This journals are super cool! And HAHA my school ends on May 25th. 😛


  2. Love it! I love water balloon fights, but the balloons seem to disappear, er, quickly. XD And sending a message in a bottle is on my bucket list, too! I hope I’ll get a chance to this summer. And an Instax Mini would be cool!! I loved reading this post. ❤


      1. I actually got the water balloons in my Easter basket, but I’ve seen them in all sorts of commercials, and maybe they’re on Amazon! They were so fun!


      1. Yeah, I know! I wish we could meet! We’ll try and make it happen someday! 🙂 YESSSSS! Wait, did I get you into P!ATD?!?!?! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS SAMMMMMMM!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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