Easter Eggs that Are TO DYE for

(See what I did there  XD )

On Saturday my family dyed Easter eggs, and knowing me, you know that I took a DIY spin to most of my eggs.  I also painted my nails Saturday, they’ll probably scratch off at some point today, but whatever.   Please ignore my ugly pink fingers with specks of white spray paint on them… Happy Late Easter Guys!  I hope you had a good one, and remembered how important Sunday was.


I dyed this one pink first, then put a ring of washi tape around the middle.  Then I dyed it with the blue to make purple, and voi la!  I found that this is really the only time in life you ever use your kindergarten knowledge of primary colors.  XD


I put another ring of washi tape on this one, dyed one side blue, and the other side yellow.  Perfect!


This one took me half an hour.  XD  So I took 2 long strands of washi tape and put them like a plus sign or a cross in the center.  Then I used more washi tape pieces to section parts off as I dyed them different colors.


I dyed this one yellow, then dipped it sideways in pink dye.  Next I dipped it vertically in blue dye, and it gave it a cool color block thing.


This is the dress I wore Sunday, I love it!  It’s my favorite color too, and it’s lace!  ❤  ❤  ❤

So…Happy Late Easter!  I have tons of new book I got in my basket that I’m excited to share with you!

Have some chocolate.




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