Rainbow Photo Dump

Rainbow Photo Dump

I ❤ Rainbows.

When I’m bored, I’ll sort things into rainbow order.  It’s quite therapeutic for any stress I might have.

When I saw in the bath the other night, I sorted my Bubbles bath bottles into rainbow order, and I though of how pretty a photo of it would be.  And naturally, since I’m always thinking of you guys, I decided to make it into a photography post.

This morning, I remembered my idea, since I had written it in my bullet journal a few nights ago.  (I’m trying out bullet journaling, and it’s on my “Will Blog About Soon” list),  and after I was ready for school by 6:30, I took a good 2 hours for me to take these photos.  Half of them turned out looking like cow poop, so this post doesn’t have as many pictures as I hoped for, but the other half turned out great!


*Yes, that handwriting is SUPPOSED to be messy*

I love the song, “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

Idk, but I though this turned out pretty tumblr-y!


Drawing mandalas and coloring them is one of my hobbies.


My bookshelf is in rainbow order..

(This is looking quite like an obsession, isn’t it!  Meh, I guess it is)




The original idea…




The huge rainbow ball my brother and I play with all the time.



Pretty pattern inside my bullet journal.







There is no possible way I would ever not photograph Rainbow Pusheen for this.  XD

Did ya’ like?  What picture was your fave?  Comment down below, and thanks for reading!

Oh, and just so you guys know, it’s POURING outside right now, so of course, with my luck, I’ll get a picture of a rainbow AFTER my rainbow photo dump post.  Whatever, you stupid weather.



Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Photo Dump”

    1. XD It’s still raining! I’m watching the thunder clouds come in from what I can see though the drops on my window! The weather is so unpredictable in California!
      Thanks Madi, I’m glad you liked it!


  1. Wow amazing photos. I loved all of them. The over the rainbow one was really cool though and of course Rainbow Pusheen! I love Pusheen… it’s an obsession.
    -Geeky_Girl ❤


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