I’m a Writing Writers Member!

I'm a Writing Writer Member!

A few weeks back, I decided to follow a blog called The Writing Writers!

The purpose of this blog was to bring together serious writers from all over the blogging community to create one amazing collab blog where the members post about writing!

I was so grateful when the lovely Mutka, founder of the Writing Writers invited me to be PART OF THEIR TEAM!

*cue screaming and running around with excitement*

Well obviously I accepted.

Image result for well obviously gif


And that means I’ll be posting over there every other week!

Do not worry little bean, this does not mean that there is any change in schedule for this little tiny blog, but it DOES mean that you can now see my writing over there too!

So here is how it’s going to work:

Every other week, I will post a piece of writing, and to read that, you need to follow The Writing Writers!

Which means you should also follow all the writers that are members along with meh!

(Grandmas and other family members who only want to follow me and not other random writers, [Just as talented though, mind you], then fear not, I will be posting the link on this blog every time I make a new post on that blog!  I will also be creating a page on here with links to my posts on TWW)

Oh, and I have already written my first post there!

It’s a narrative that I entered in a writing contest, that you can look at HERE!

I WILL STILL BE SHARING WRITING ON THIS BLOG!  But a small portion will be posted on that blog too!

So comment down below if you are excited!  I sure am!  Be sure to follow TWW too!



8 thoughts on “I’m a Writing Writers Member!

  1. Aaahhh! I’m so excited, Sam! Oh, and I’m not like THE founder, I’m just one of the admins. Mirra started it, but since I manage all the customization and form things, your request and sample writing came to me. Oh well… 😀

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