April Fools Pranks 👿

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On Saturday, April 1st, is the day that all the teenage children in America, (And probably some other countries too,)  WORSHIP.  

We wreck our brains for ideas to play the most perfect, smooth, wonderful prank on an unsuspecting family member or friend.  We want to whisper our plan to everyone but the victim, and in reply be called, “You sly Dog!”

(Get the reference??!!)

Never fear my friend.

I have the solution!  Here I have gathered some flawless pranks to pull, that only require a few common household items.  Shall we begin?

1.  Nickel on The Faucet


All you will need for this prank is scotch tape and a dry nickel.

This is my brother’s sink faucet.  Take your nickle, and put a piece of tape on top of it.

Tape it onto the faucet mouth.  Be sure that it’s on tightly, and you should wipe the faucet to make sure it’s dry, to make sure it sticks better.


It will come gushing out all over the person’s shirt.  Note: this is the sink on the lowest stream amount, but when the victim goes to wash their hands, they will get a nice little surprise…👿


If you’re extra evil, make sure the drain’s plugged…👿


2.  Nail polish soap

Cover the victim’s soap bar with clear nail polish, and they won’t be able to wash their hands!  👿


3. Slippery door knob

Take lotion to a door knob…

No further explanation needed…


These are zip ties.  If your’s is not big enough, you can join 2 together to make a jumbo zip tie, if  needed.


4. Zip Tie Toilet Paper

Make your jumbo zip tie, and make your parent’s toilet paper rip-less…👿


5.  A Zippy Snip Snap Present

This is my mom’s scissor drawer.  It holds all her scissors.  

Be sure to hide your scissors, and any other stragglers you might find.


Ta-Da!  Looks like evil has left a present…


6.  Lampshade roach

Lamp shade, black paper, scissors.  Scream really loud, and pretend to be too scared to smuch it… 👿

7.  Remote Batteries

For extra fun, add a note in there.  👿


8.  Upside down water glass

I saved the best for last…

All you will need it a glass fro water, and two pieces of paper folded, for reinforcement.


Fill up your glass almost full…


Apply pressure to the paper that sits on top of the rim of the glass.


Flip over the paper, with the water still on it, CAREFULLY.  It will make a watery mess, but just clean it up.  If at least some water stays inside, you’re Golden.


Look, It’s me!  

So I hope you enjoyed these simple, harmless pranks to play on your chosen victims!  *evil laugh*  If so, let me know!  You can email me how they turned out at agdollawesome@gmail.com    , drop me a comment below, and hit that light button!

Oh, and Loren, from Let’s Be Lost, is having a giveaway!  She giving away some super cute earrings!  So..go enter!





      1. I did… and it worked… but I had to clean up the spilled water afterward. 😂 And then my dad tried to get back at me by doing that paper bug thing in a light. It didn’t work. 🤣



    Well, maybe not quite that far…


    Both my brother and annoying-older-brother-figure come back from a camping trip and missions conference tomorrow. I SHALL HAVE THE PRANK OF ALL PRANK DAYS IN STORE FOR THEM. I’M TALKING MOTHER APRIL-FOOLS-DAY.

    Thank you, my dear Sammy, for saving my April Fools Day. I shall rain down vengeance on the boys’ heads for all of the {harmless} pranks they played on me last summer and then some. XD


    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had SO. MUCH. FUN setting up all the pranks! I even came up with a few of my own invention and spent the entire afternoon jamming out to music in my headphones and laughing hysterically while setting everything up! Unfortunately, everyone was very, very exhausted when they got home, so their reaction was more shocked than funny. 😛 😛 😛 Last year, my family and my missionary friend (annoying-older-brother-figure) spent a total of 4 days in a car together during road trips. We’d do mini pranks on each other back and forth — harmless stuff like them putting stuff in and messing up my ahembeautifulahem hair, sticking a string to my clothes (I seriously walked in a restaurant with it hanging down. *facepalm*) and all of us trying to keep my creepy stuffed animal on the other’s row. XDD I did super lame stuff like try to take pictures of them and throw stuff back at them. 😂 But it was a lot of fun albeit annoying when I was actually trying to do something else. XDD

        Wow, that was probably way more info that you wanted to know. XDD I really did! Thanks so much again for saving my April Fools Day! 😄


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