My Love/Hate Relationship with Star Wars

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So, a lot of my best blogging friends are obsessed with Star Wars.

But I have to admit….I’m not.

My fangirl feels never seem to appear when Star Wars is mentioned, as it is with fandoms like Warrior cats, Taylor Swift, or Harry Potter.

And, I’m a little bit hesitant to fandoms outside of my fangirl expertise.  

For example, I can name every single Warrior cat ever in Thunderclan, I can recite every spell in Harry Potter, and I can Name every district’s purpose in The Hunger Games.

All that is useful information, I swear.

But if you come up to me asking to recite even one or two of the names of the Star Wars planets, I would be brain dead.

I have watched the 2 latest Star Wars movies, and THEY WERE AMAZING.  However, I pretty much had no idea about the background story, though I had a pretty clear idea.



My brother, however, LOVES Star Wars.  I keep trying to get through the first movie without exploding with boredom.

I’m not even sure how many movies there even are.

But I haven’t watched them.

I dunno, maybe the whole alien and human thing doesn’t appeal to me as much as to other people,

But I desperately want it to!

I got so sad for some reason about Carrie Fisher’s death, and I’ve only seen her in The Burbs and the latest Star Wars movie.

Plus, Lightsabers are cool.

And so are droids, BB-8 is darn hilarious.

I’ve also found that I’ve never really been into sci-fi anything.  I only read fantasy.

Dialogue between me and Sci-Fi:

Me:  “Get away!”  *throws precious fantasy books at Sci-Fi’s face*

Sci-Fi:  But maybe if you just gave me a try-

Me:  *Steals Percy Jackson’s sword* Thwap

Sci-Fi:  *Screams*

Me:  *Evil Laughter*

Now, what do YOU think?  Should I give Sci-Fi a try without killing it with Riptide?  Do you like Star Wars?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat!




38 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Star Wars

  1. I have this same relationship with Star Wars.
    Like, the music is awesome, it’s funny, the last 2 movies were great, but honestly I don’t like sci-fi either, and not all of it interests me. :/ oh whale.🐳

    Btw, i love your blog design! It looks great! I know it’s not really new, but it looks auper artsy

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      1. It’s the opposite for me. 😂 My brother likes KOTLC, after my dad forced me to let him read it. I didn’t want him to because I wanted it just to be me and my friends’ thing, and I thought he wouldn’t really understand it and wouldn’t be a real fan. But now I don’t care. 👍🏻😂😁

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      2. Cool! I think I’m totally an introvert, like I can get crazy when I’m with my friends, but normally I would prefer to not socialize. 😂 I mean, I don’t like shout whatever’s on my mind. lol hopefully you know what I mean!

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  2. I have only seen the Star Wars movies in the past two years, and I agree. They don’t really appeal to me. I enjoyed watching them with my family, but I prefer some good Fantasy, like Lord of the Rings. I have tried the sci-fi world, but it just does not interest me as much as other things.

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    1. I haven’t tried LOTR either! I need to catch up on fandoms… I feel like I tried to read the first book of LOTR, but got bored. I think I’ll commit to finishing it this summer though! Thanks for commenting Etain! ❤

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  3. I love Star Wars! I can understand some people not really enjoying it, though. I haven’t really liked many sci if books until now. However, I think that if you did a little research on the characters and their world(s) and then bean the first, aka fourth, movie prepared to enjoy it, I think you would really like it. Always happy to hear your thoughts!


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  4. I’ve never watched Star Wars… I feel so alone! XD My fangirl expertise only lies with Once Upon A Time. Literally I’m obsessed with that show… and I love Warrior Cats! My friend recommended it to me, but I’ve only read three books so far :/ Sooo I can’t call myself an expert. But I Warriors roleplay on Animal Jam, does that count? (it’s a weird hobby don’t judge :D)

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    1. That’s awesome! It’s OK. XD I love Warriors!b I can fangirl so much right now, but I don’t want to give anything away so…afglsafhj
      XD XD XD And you should totally read the fourth one, it made me cry. (But all of them past the fourth one have too…)

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  5. I LOVE Star Wars, so might be biased. But definitely think you should give Sci-Fi another chance 🙂 I also enjoy all the other fandoms you so that’s why I feel you may end up liking it 🙂


  6. I’m a little late on this one, but I have the same reaction with Dr. Who. I go to a lot of cons and there are massive Dr. Who fans, and I’ve tried, I really have – but just can’t get into it.


  7. Space Voldemort. That’s right–Space Voldemort! Now that this Hufflepunk honey badger has your attention, try reading this to help ease you through the Star Wars initiation, but then, I’m in on the joke.
    And give sci fi a try; start easy, with something like Cinder by Meyers. The Hunger Games is more closely related to sci fi than fantasy with its dystopian setting, so you never know what you might find out there.


  8. Hihi, I have two brothers who are too much obsessed with star wars. I lost count how many light sabers we have in the house!😂 The only thing I know about Star Wars is that Annakin is quite hot and Yoda is too cute for his own good.😇


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