On Changes, My Purpose, and Random Kablobs


I’ll admit it.  I’m often more inclined to post on my doll blog over this blog.

But I plan for that to change, and VERY soon.  And this post is filled with random kablobs of me explaining how exactly I’m going to do that…

Because the thing is, I’ve been under utilizing this blog.  I can fill it’s posts with all my dreams and hopes and reckless fangirling and all my bookish thoughts…But I haven’t been doing that.  It sucks, because I know I can do better.

I can spend SO much more time than I do right now on redheadwithabook.  But I’ve been feeling…uninspired.

I CAN take better pictures.  I CAN spend more time writing all these posts.  I CAN be a bit more professional on here.  I CAN have more fun with this.

So… Why don’t you and I brainstorm some ways to help me  become re-inspired?

  • I’m going to focus on my 2 favorite things:  Writing and Reading.  I need to post more of my stories, because there are so many to be told.  And I could talk about books FOR HOURS.  So maybe I’ll channel that into future posts.
  • I’m improving.  Slowly, but surely on my photography.  No more blurry pictures, just pretty, lush photographs.  
  • I need to act like this blog is a place to write my personal events too.  How about another Redhead With a Book talk shoPleaw?  

My new schedule is underway as well.  I am going to post here on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.   

This post was created just to keep you updated.  I want this blog to be the best it can be, and I’m just telling you that I’ll be doing a better job at that.

Go ahead, comment which posts YOU would like to see.  I’m listening!





4 thoughts on “On Changes, My Purpose, and Random Kablobs

  1. Hmmm. It’s hard to schedule inspiration! Sometimes creativity and passion come out most when just going with the flow 🙂
    You have so much creativity and smarts! Love u girl

    Liked by 1 person

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