BIBPC Entry #2-Blue


Hey guys!  I’ve been pretty much inactive for the past few days, but I have my BIBPC entry now!

In other news, I watched JAWS last night, not too scary in my opinion.  Have you ever seen Jaws?  My dad and I made a joke that the blood looked a little Kool-Aid-ish.  XD

Okay, so the BIBPC prompt was Blue, and I’m currently reading the sequel to The Giver, Gathering Blue, perfect for the category!  The giver was really good, I reccomend that you read it, it’s worth it.  😛

It’s about the prettiest book cover I’ve ever seen too, and it’s hardcover!  I cherish hardcover books.  BTW, kudo’s to Megan for helping to design my blog AND hosting BIBPC, one of my favorite blogging contests.  If you are reading this in reader or email format, check out the new design:



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