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We interrupt your regular blogging programs with the Redhead With A Book Talk Showred-head-with-a-book


I just finished writing my entry for my county Young Author’s Faire.  I dunno if I want to share it on this blog, we’ll have to see.  It’s about this alien who does his science project on Earth.   It’s really deep and funny at the same time, my writing has progressed A TON from last year’s entry.  I finished it 2 days ago, it was a lot of work, but I feel so much better now that it’s done!

What are you guys writing about?



I hate milk.

I’m not like a picky eater, I only hate 3 foods:  Cantaloupe, school pizza (trust me, it’s gross.)   and milk.  Oh, and white chocolate!  You think you can be fake chocolate and still taste the same way?  Huh?  HUH?  You are just a fake and really gross.

So I don’t eat milk with my cereal.  *cue gasp*

I just eat my cheerios plain and simple.  I went to get my shots for middle school the other day, and my doctor told me I needed to drink more milk.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect milk, but it doesn’t taste good for me.  I like to think I get my dairy from pudding and ice cream.  Problem solved.

But no, I have to drink a glass of milk very morning and at dinner too.  My brother makes it very hard, he told me the other day, “It’s just water from a cow!”

I spit out my milk onto my cereal and ruined it at that comment.



I don’t believe I told you this, but back in October, my school team WON TO THE WHOLE DISTRICT!  We’re #1.  Yeah, it’s great, we got a big plaque up in the office, it’s huge.

But that means that Volleyball season is over.  I’m going to a league in Spring and a camp in Summer, so I’ll be OK ’till then.

Our coach won’t be seen until Spring at the end of the year sports awards, which I’m mad about…

I remember that during practices me and the A team would practice on one court, and the B and C team would practice on the other.  My dad, the co-coach would coach the B and C, and the main coach would coach us.  We played scrimmages the whole time.

The coaches didn’t have a whistle, so one of my friends Jordyn decided that she would “tweet” like a whistle when she was about to serve, like in a game.  The whole team started doing it, it’s quite fun actually!

And then during a home game which we won, Jordyn got hit straight in the face with the ball.  Like head on.  Get it?  She was fine, but 2 points afterward, I got hit in the face like she did, and I was fine too.  We were twins for the rest of the game.  Those balls do hurt though, so if you ever want to make your brother go away…


At my Bible class this week, the instructor brought a king cake in honor of the Epiphany.   A king cake is basically a cake with a little plastic figure inside of it, and whoever gets the figure gets to wear the crown.  So this boy named Ethan got it, and his friend Elijah was basically his servant for the rest of the time while Ethan wore his cardboard crown, it was hilarious.



So this girl, Ria made me some slime, and this other girl Leanna had some green slime.  Before Ria made me the slime, I was playing with Leanna’s slime, and I figured out it could bounce, so I’m bouncing it on my desk, and… it bounces off my desk somewhere.  Ria and I search ALL OVER for it, and it can’t be found, but when I reach into my desk for a pencil, guess what’s in there.  THE SLIME.  So it looks really bad, even though I SWEAR it bounced off my desk.  It looked really bad, Leanna is now very skeptical about letting me touch hers…


My friend Gracie is a dancer, she loves dance, she goes for like 3 hours every day after school.  Apparently, she has to put on spray tan for one of her dances, (that creeped me out), and apparently her mom did a horrible bog applying it, so she was ORANGE.  All over her arms and legs.  I was wondering why she didn’t rolls up her jeans….


And now we get to what my blog is about!

So I have a storytime, about books.

In Septamber, I was helping my grandma babysit 7 of my young cousins.  I brought books, naturally.  My grandma has a hammock in her yard, so I read my book in the hammock.  Then, I went in for lunch, COMPLETELY forgetting about my book.  Well the sprinklers went on that night, and my book was SOAKED.  Luckily, my grandma ordered me a new one, so I was fine, but it was a little traumatic!

This was really fun.  I basically got to rant about vollleyball, milk, and slime.

Maybe it’ll happen again.

Bidding a bookish farewell,




This picture is of these really cool weeds in our garden, the light is actually a lawn light shining on it, this was just before dark.






6 thoughts on “Redhead With A Book Talk Show

  1. PLEASE share your entry !!

    I don’t like milk either — never acquired a taste for it since I was allergic to it until I was in my teens. BUT I LOVE ALMOND MILK and Cashew milk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you tried those?

    Slime is fun !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool weed picture. What was the book? I hope that it was not your favourite.
    I totally agree that white chocolate is not nice, but I don’t mind milk much.


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