What went Wrong with my NANO Novel


I didn’t finish my Nano, and I was so very disappointed.

I’m not one for excuses when it comes to writing, so this is surely not an excuse post.

Some excuses I could have utilized:

I had to feed my army of dragons!

I’m reading right now!

I just posted something, I’m tired!

Snack first.

It’s Thanksgiving, thank goodness, I’m done for this week.

No, none of those were the real problems, I actually got about 1/5 through the novel.  But I got 1/5 through my novel about 7 times.

That’s right, I drafted before I was even FINISHED.

I fretted over every little detail, and before I even knew it, November came to a close.  I got sucked up into the holiday magic, which is ultimately a good thing, but not for my novel.

So basically, I failed Nano.  I had stickers to reward me, because who doesn’t like STICKERS as a reward,  and I didn’t even get a sticker.  You know what else probably wasn’t a good plan?

Writing it down and then going to type it after it was done.

Because I didn’t own my own typing device, I just lived on my family’s. So now that I have my own Chromebook, I can type it, humanly type it.


So, yes, many things went wrong with my Nano Novel.  But I think, NANO 2017 will be my year.  Hopefully.


~Lettuce Chat~

The world wants to hear what you have to say, and conversating is lovely.  Comment whenever!

Did you finish NANO?  Do you have any tips?  Did you utterly fail like I did?



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11 thoughts on “What went Wrong with my NANO Novel

  1. I did finish NaNo this year! I’m sorry you didn’t, but it is REALLY REALLY HARD. I had to work on it while I was on vacation, and most days I stayed up past midnight. I know you can do it Sam! Hopefully you WILL win this year!!

    And as for tips:
    -if you get ANY ideas, write them down right away (carry a notebook around at all times for easy access)? Because if you don’t, you WILL forget your idea.
    -make a schedule of which days will be your “hard work” days and your “lazy days”. On lazy days, you will still have to work on your novel, but those are the kind of days where you’re not typing up a bunch of stuff, like where you only add one chapter. Slow progress is still progress, remember that. 🙂 hard work days are the ones where you basically write ALL DAY. You can finish your novel if you work on it EVERY DAY during the month of November, by having 27 lazy days and 3 hard work days.
    -find out how many words you can write in one “lazy day” and try to reach or top that number everyday.

    I hope those made sense! NaNo is so fun, but a lot of hard work!!

    P.S. I love house you do the lettuce chat things 😄👌🏼🥙🥗🍔

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    1. Yay! Thank you SO much for the tips Rutvi, you have no idea how mch they help! I’ll put them on a Google Doc, and then I can access them in November! Thank you so, so, so much! Yeah, I thought the lettuce would be kind of cute. 😛

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  2. I might try to do it this year, I’ve never participated in it before! I would probably try to go for 20K or something, since I’m not homeschooled and always have a bunch of homework.


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