7 of the Most Horrible Scars My Books Carry (That May or May Not Have Been My Fault…)


My Books Have Scars.  Aint’ That the truth!  I have realized this each and every time I pick up a book out of my book shelf, and it looks like it’s been through every war ever known to mankind.

And I’m not saying that damage is my fault, no, no…

I’m going to go ahead and blame these scars on other things like bags that clearly are not strong enough for the weight of my beautiful books.  Or The cat who causes them to fall.

So here are my top 7 books with scars!

Scar #1- my pen went ahead and uncontrollably wrote on a book in class

True story.  I’m bored sometimes in class, and I have a marker in my hand, and the bottom of the book is on my desk, facing me square in the eye..so beautiful..

And then my whiteboard marker uncontrollably writes and doodles on the stacked pages!  In RED!  How could he??

I threw away that marker.  The funny thing is, a lot of markers do that to me, and I end up overflowing the wastebasket with them…

And that is how the tops and bottoms of my books have attractive markings on them in red. #explanation

Scar #2- Books go Rogue

Once upon a time, a redhead reads a book, and is interrupted by one of the main activites she is willing to put her book down for-food.    Samantha goes to eat the food, and SWEARS she put her book on the shelf like a lovely little bookworm.  But when she goes back to her room, she shrieks because….




The book is lying on her bed, the pages split into two sections, so that the poor book’s spine, back, and cover is exposed!  *cue gasp*

She rushes to save it, but it’s too late-the spine is…


She sobs and sobs. And leaves the cracked book spine facing the other books to teach them what happens when they go rogue and stray from their little home…

Scar #3-Overly dog eared

Aint’ nobody got time for bookmarks!  That most practical of book nerds always does a tiny, PERFECT little dog ear to mark her page.

But then, the dog gets overly eared, and folds half the page!

Certainly couldn’t have happened due to nervous paper folding while reading a part about action, no siree!


Scar #4-Picky book jackets

I don’t know about you, but I HATE some book jackets, why not expose the book’s true colors?  Literally, I mean.  laughs at horrid pun

But some book covers are gorgeous and make you want to cry and cuddle it and stare at the book jacket forever…


So now your wastebasket is filled with possesed markers AND pretty covers!  

Scar #5-Oh, why don’t I just peel off the award sticker?  Lets see what happens?  Huh?  HUH?

I want to see whats underneath the golden award sticker though!  I scrape my fingernails underneath it little, by little, by little.  And..

Lets just say it ended badly.

Scar #6-Nah, that bag can hold it right?

Who the heck uses a bag meant to carry 2 books max, when you can stuff in, oh, I dunno, 12?  After all, I’m almost done with one, so I MUST bring the next one in the series or else.

Unfortunately for that PAPERBACK Book #2, the cover has seen things.  Bloody, bloody, foldy, foldy things.

Scar #7-SHINY…

You’re dying because the title of your newest book is labeled in foil green on the cover, you twist it and turn it as it catches the light, and sigh the happiest of bookish sighs, and then it happens-  You put it on the shelf, no harm done, right?!  RIGHT?!  WRONG.  That stupid hardcover next to it scratched it, with it’s talon sharp corners…



The world wants to hear what you have to say, and conversating is lovely.  Comment whenever!

Do you books have scars?

Do you have any other scarring book experiences?

Do you like the foil that shines on book titles?


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In other news, I’m in love with my newest fandom Tee-Shirt-IT’S WARRIORS. SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM HYPERVENTILATING RIGHT NOW.


And Twila just being Twila.  :3

Bidding a bookish farewell,



  1. The Warriers Tee is so cute! My Keeper #1 has a scar…
    That’s right. I know it’s gross, but it’s reality. I have held the book so many times, and treasured it in my grasp, that it has a discoloring to the sides of the pages.
    So yes. Don’t get stressed about your book while holding it, kids. It will scar it with sweat.

    Liked by 2 people

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