The Boo-ti-ful Books that I Love so, so, so Very Much and I will Pet Each Day that I Got For Christmas


I understand that I have infinity books and a TBR pile bigger than 3 of me stacked up.  But really, who doesn’t want more books for Christmas??

I wanted books for Christmas!   And guess what I got:  BOOKS!



Oh my, I’m very excited!

Mostly because the books I got have very pretty covers.  I regret nothing.

SO.  To show you all the Boo-ti-ful Books that I Love so, so, so Very Much and I will Pet Each Day that I Got For Christmas, I’ll start with all my cute little Pusheen stuff!



*I am definitely not trying to brag in this post, I'm sure what you got was as awesome as a mallow melt, but I thought you'd like to see what I will be reading and possibly reviewing!  I can assure you, no goblins or dragons or deranged house elves are forcing me to brag, or brag subtly about their expertise in forcing me to do something.  ;D*



Do you see how cute all that is?  I do.

FIRST, I got this super adorable and uber cute planner.  And then here comes the adfghdfgdf…

It’s so darn cute, I love my unicorn rainbow Pusheen SO MUCH!!

I received three Warriors Super Edition Novels, Crookedstar’s promise, Yellowfang’s Secret, and Skyclan’s destiny! These will be much enjoyed, and much tears and hot chocolate will spill on them…

Because APPARENTLY, the pages of warriors will stain if you cry on them.

I digress, most paperback book pages will stain if you cry on them.  But since I cry mostly on Warriors, it’s a stain that’s somehow more tainted…  (Don’t ask)


I got this adorable kitty notebook that says animal party on it.  Because cats are better than dogs.  *nods solemnly*

Please don’t kill me if you’re a dog person


I got The Greenglass house that won an award for Best Junivile Mystery.

Best Juvenile mystery sounds legit to me.

The cover is also gorgeous


I got the Shepherd’s crown that looks very doable in 1-3 days.    I admit, the cover is not as pretty, but THE BLUE BACKGROUND!

I’m freaking out right now that color blue is amazing…



AND Drumroll please…


Possibly the prettiest book I own, Counting 7’s, by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

The fishies are so beautiful, I don’t even know what to do!  I’m afraid to touch this book, I’ll probably leave a *cue gasp*  fingerprint!  

Ah, well, we’ll have to see if it’s any good!


I also asked for the wrong book.



I straight up asked for Neverseen instead of Lodestar!

I have already read Neverseen.

And while it was really, really good, I have no need for 2 copies.  I was sobbing and it was really sad because NOBODY understood my pain…

Maybe that’s what my Barne’s & Noble’s gift card is for, so huzzah!

I hope y’all had a very merry Christmas so..


The world wants to hear what you have to say and conversation is lovely.  Comment whenever!

What books did you get For Christmas?  Do you like pusheen?  Have you read any of the books I got?


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Bidding you a bookish farewell,




Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

16 thoughts on “The Boo-ti-ful Books that I Love so, so, so Very Much and I will Pet Each Day that I Got For Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas to you! All look like great books ☺ Animal Party looks fun! ! Love the fishes cover, too! Have you read “Ugly”? My grandson says it’s his fav book. I have it ordered with my library. XXOO


  2. WOW! Great blog post! And it’s funny, because I mostly got books for Christmas, too! I got a travel guide, “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World,” “The Girl’s Guide to Manners” (a Christian book), two books in a series that was published some years ago called “The Callahan Cousins”, a JCPenney Christmas catalog from 1999 (I like to collect those and other magazines and catalogs from Ebay), “Reminisce: That’s Entertainment”, “Reminisce Around the Table,” “American Girl: The Ultimate Visual Guide” (I REALLY WANTED that book!!), and “OMG”, a question/answer journal. I also got a few other things, such as clothes and etc. I had a great Christmas, and I’m so glad you had a good one too, Samantha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m half way through, and it has been quite tragic…
      I was so excited when I opened it because now instead flailing rapidly to remember stuff, I give them to Pusheen, who will most likely eat them if they involve donuts…


  3. I’m glad you got so many epic books for Christmas! LUCKY YOU.🎉 And that cat notebook is just about the cutest thing in all existence, right?!? SO CUTE.

    Liked by 1 person

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