Problem Of A Bookworm During Christmas Time+Sugar Cookies


It is now a time to rejoice because TODAY is Christmas Adam.  (Adam came before Eve, ya know?!)

Anyways, Today I will be talking about the numerous problems that bookworms like myself and you often have.  (You know you do.  Or maybe you don’t… read on so that you can know for sure!)  And then, once you’ve enjoyed relating to me according to Christmas time bookish problems, you can see some so-so pictures of Sugar Cookies!  Does anybody else eat half of the dough in one sitting?!



Number One- List Making

Person who wants to buy something for you:  “What do you want for Christmas?”

You: “Uh..”  Trying to think of something other than books.  Fails.

Person who wants to buy something for you:  “Come on, there has to be Something!”

You:  “Uh…Books?!”

Person Who wants to buy something for you that is also sitting in front of your giant TBR pile:    “Anything else?”

You:  “Fuzzy socks to read books in…”

Who else cannot think of something other than books and fuzzy socks and AG gift cards?  *raises hand*

And how big is your TBR pile?  Mine is huge.  Because people buy me books, and I pet them every day but many I have yet to read.  #bookwormlogic



Number 2-  Events interrupting your reading time

This one is kind of a year round thing…

You curl up in your knit mermaid tail blanket which is you favorite thing in the world with your hot cocoa mug in your hand from Loren’s awesome post.  You’re perfect, and then just as you are about to begin your hermiting by reading, one of your family members, namely your brother, shrieks at you.  



It contained nothing but books…..


Number 3- You can’t get Books for yourself during This time of year.

So you have to casually reference them in the conversation:

Family member:  “So, are you excited to see the Christmas lights?”

You:  “Yeah!  I’ve NEVERSEEN them before!”

I really want Neverseen for Christmas.  #Subtleselfpromo

Imagine this, except me with books instead of cards.


Number 4-There are too many Holiday beverages that can spill on your precious books

This is the worst.  I have spilled much hot Chocolate on both myself and by books, as well as Apple cider, eggnog on a brand new book, and then of course much an ice cream scoop on a brand new book.



Number 5-  I can’t read 10 of the Christmas books I ordered 3 months ago, I just can’t.

It’s really hard to read ten books within 25 days isn’t it?



Okay!  So that wraps up the 5 Book nerd problems during Christmas time!  I hope you enjoyed!  Now it’s time for some of the photo’s I took of the sugar cookies we made yesterday.


That wraps it up for today!



The world wants to hear what you have to say and conversating is lovely.  Comment whenever!

Which bookish Christmas problem could you relate to most?

Do you like sugar cookies?  Have you made any yet?


If you loved this post, light up that like button!

Also, Merry Christmas Adam!  Are there any books you are hoping for?

Bidding a bookish goodbye,







9 thoughts on “Problem Of A Bookworm During Christmas Time+Sugar Cookies

  1. OKAY THANKS FOR NOTHING BUT I NEED A SUGAR COOKIE NOW. *tries not to drool all over laptop* And yesss I totally related to the “what do you want for christmas one”. I don’t know why people don’t want to buy me books though?!? Strange creatures. *SIGHS* 😂 But I mean, all we bookworms want is books…AND SHELVES. And just more books. We’re easy to please.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m freaking out right now! Cait from my favorite book blog actually commented on my blog! EEk! I crown you as my favorite celebrity Cait, who cares about Katy Perry or anyone else. 😀
      Oh yess, I need MORE shelves!
      I had quite the bookish Christmas problem today! I ACTUALLY ASKED FOR THE WRONG BOOK.
      I had already read that one and nobody understood my pain… It was quite devestating. Oh, well, I guess that’s what my gift card to Barne’s & Noble’s is for! Thank you SO very much for commenting on my blog Cait!!!


      1. Cool!!
        I got a Hermione wand (we’re in Universal Studios) and a Harry Potter patch to iron onto my sweater.
        And money. 😋🤑
        And there was candy and stuff from friends… 🤤🤤🤤🤤😂

        Liked by 1 person

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