/Bookish Christmas Tree/

Hello lovelies!  Today, I will be showing you all the trees in my room and how you can make them as well.  Sort of a little DIY, and although ONE book was harmed in the making of one of these bookish holiday DIY’s, it was one I had two copies, so you can stop hyperventilating now.. ;D


First off we have this book tree, that I LOVE!  I want to keep it up all year round, and hug it, and snuggle it every single day..

Stop Samantha, that’s creepy


ANYways, you just need to gather some books, I recommend holiday colors like the above red one.  First, just put about 4 or 5 books on the bottom as the trunk, be sure the bottoms of them are facing out though.  Then, put your biggest, hardcover books on the bottom.  Divide the pages in half, and place!  I wouldn’t reccomend this if you like your books in pristine  condition, it might not do their spines much good.  Keep going, from biggest to smallest, hardcover to paperback.   THEN, I just wove round some fairy lights, and BOOM!  You got your bookish Christmas Tree.   😀


A blue one…


A green one that is missing a trunk…

img_1950And another one on another shelf!



A bookish advent or Christmas count down chain.  I prefer to not count down each day by ripping it, it already almost made me sob cutting up a book, but it ended up worth it.. 😉

So basically, all you do is take the cover off so it is easier, and start cutting up the pages in about 1 inch wide strips.  Be sure to cut off the little blank page space at the bottom and top of each page.  Then, staple them together, and voila, a book chain!


And last but certainly not least, I introduce you to Gerald!  He is a lovely little snowman made out of books!

SO.  To make Gerald, or Randy or whatever you want to name him, you need lots of white books, or books with white bottoms.  Like a snowman, stack the books from bliggest to smallest.  (Make sure the bottoms are the same sizes, as with the middle books, and the head books.)  For Gerald’s snazzy little hat, take black books and stack like a snazzy top hat.  Because Gerald is very snazzy, cut up black ribbon or paper to give him buttons, eyes, and a smile.  Gerald requested a red scarf, so you can make him one out of red silky ribbon.  I love you Gerald, you snazzy little you!


Anyways, be sure to drop me a comment!  The world wants to hear what you have to say, and conversating is lovely.  Comment whenever!

What was your favorite DIY?  Do you think Gerald is snazzy?  Are you going to make any of these?


Also, be sure to likety like like!  Because if you loved this post, light up that like button!

Goodbye Darlings.  😉

Bidding a bookish farewell,




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