My 3 Favorite Bookish Elves


Hello my bookians.  How’s it going?  As for me, I am in the Christmas spirit, so as the possessive feeling of sugar and general merry making means none other than Christmas posting!

I’ve been brain storming Holiday bookish post ideas, because, as you probably know, this blog is now mainly about books, and came up with my favorite elves from books.

Because, let’s face it, I’d much rather meet an elf than a dancing snowman named Frosty.  Elves are adorable, plus I can force, kindly ask them to make me stuff.

Which would you rather meet, an elf or Frosty the snowman?

Here are my top three that came to mind, and you are now poised to read my elfish fangirling!


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From the keeper of the Lost Cities series

First of all, let me just say that I love ALL the keeper of The Lost Cities Elves.  it’s just that Fitz is my favorite.  (I really want Neverseen, the newest one for Christmas.)

Fitz is the best because he is just so fictional.  (Which is generally good, for his home is in fictional books!)  It’s not just the stunning good looks, nature and awesomeness of himself that makes him for me, it’s the fact that he is so darn well developed.

He has the perfect ratio of struggles and secrets.  He blends so well with the other characters, and takes everything in the story so smoothly!  I also love that he’s friends with someone he was unlikely to bond with, like Keefe.


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From the Harry Potter Series

I absolutely love Dobby.  And who couldn’t, for one thing!

He’s sweet, loyal, and sometimes unnaturally humorous.  Even though he is forced to slaving for the Malfoy family, which put him in a familiar weak connotation, he still does it with loyalty, although sometimes fear and unhappiness.  I also love how the main heroine of the harry potter takes an extra liking to him, making things for him, and protecting him, however mischievous he may be.  🙂


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From The Magnus Chase Series


Like, a lot.

He may be deaf, but he can still portray the equality of a normal elf.  His backstory is also AMAZING, rejected by his parents, rejected by his own kind, and yet still using his magic to protect the main character, Magnus.  In the book, he uses a Norse rune to display his feelings.



Referred to as Perthro, meaning Empty cup.  This was a great opportunity to reveal his imperfect backstory to his friends.

And let me just say, LOVE his scarf.  😉



The world wants to hear what you have to say, and conversating is lovely!  Comment whenever.   what do you think of my choices in book elves?  Do you have any of your own favorites?  I’d love to know!


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Hope you enjoyed, and have a very merry evening.

Bidding a bookish farewell,




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