Beautiful Books #2



Hey everyone!  Are you guys busy with NanoWrimo?  *wipes off word sweat*

(is word sweat a thing???)

Today, In honor of Nano Wrimo, I’m doing Beautiful Books #2.  My book is coming along, and you’re lucky I’m posting today…. *secretly posting as a break from writing*

Here are the questions, let’s start answering!

  1. Is the book turning out how you thought it would be, or is it defying your expectations?

It’s changed SO MUCH.  I completely changed the physical state of one of my Main Characters, and I added so many new things in!


2. What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?

I don’t believe in things that are hard to believe in.  It’s that simple.

You’re welcome, TWO SENTENCES!  I’m really proud of myself for memorizing my novel’s pick up line without even looking in my notebook… GOALS

3. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Have you ever tried both methods and how did it turn out?

I’m a bit of both, mostly pantser. I started plotting yesterday, and as for the rest, it was kept in my head.

4. What do you reward yourself with after meeting a goal?

I don’t really reward myself, I just tell myself keep writing.  I guess you could say my reward is a BREAK from writing, like right now…

5. What do you look for in a name? Do you have themes and where do you find your names?

In my characters names, I tell myself at the beginning, No Nancies, no Susans.

I dunno, I guess those are more normal names to me.  I like my character names to be exotic, and from all over the place, for example, one of my MC’s, Olive, was a name that one of my friends said they would name their kid one day.  And Truly, my MAIN MC, is a play on words, because the title is Truly Miraculous.

6. What is your favourite to write: beginning, middle, or end — and why?

I’m hoping the end in this book, I want to wrap it all up in glitter wrapping paper!  (And tie it with a bow, but lets save that for revising, shall we?)

7. Who’s your current favourite character in your novel?

I absolutely LOVE Olive, everything’s JUST SO hard for her!

8. What kind of things have you researched for this project, and how do you go about researching? (What’s the weirdest thing you’ve researched?!)

I researched the population of Flagstaff, Arizona.  The weirdest thing would have to be how I researched if people could change prosthetics and how doctors put them on.

9. Do you write better alone or with others? Do you share your work or prefer to keep it to yourself?

I keep it to myself.  For sure.

10. What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!

I can write anywhere, preferably on my bed.

How is your novel going?

Bidding a bookish farewell,




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