The Killer Puppy-A Halloween Story

Hey guys!  Today, I have some writing for you!  It’s a Halloween inspired story, even though I wrote it last April. 🙂

I guess I was feeling spooky.  ;P

But  This is kind of a horror story, but it’s more funny than anything.  You see, in my class, there’s this girl named Julissa, and she is a real tomboy, and has a sense of weird humor, (like me). She comes over to my desk, and one of my best friends named Mia is sitting here writing with me, and Julissa asks her to put her in Mia’s story.  Mia ignores her, because she is a REALLY good writer, and Julissa does stuff like that all the time.  I’m still trying to come up with an idea for the assignment, and boom, light bulb!



 So I kind of killed her in the story…that’s kind of why it’s funny.  Julissa also loves dogs, so I thought the cat should be the hero, obviously.  Here we go!

The Killer Puppy

“Hurry up Luna!”, My little sister called from ahead, “Okay, Okay!”  I replied back

I usually would have been walking right with her.  But today was different.  In a few days, school would end, and we were focusing on the subjects other than math and reading.  tests were out, and grades were behind us, so today, our English teacher showed us a movie about superstitious beliefs.  The video was about the medieval idea that sleepwalking under the moonlight was somehow..diabolical.

The people that did this were called lunambulists.  The word came from the Latin root, “luna,” which meant the moon.  Lunambulists were people that came alive under the full moon.  I have to admit, I was a teeny bit creepy.

Shaking off the thought, I kept on walking, catching up with Julissa.  I had worked out a new way to shortcut from school to house: thought the alleyways.  Julissa giggled and raced ahead, the my little pony keychains on her backpack jingling.  She was eight years old, 4 years younger than me, and she was the best.  We did everything together, from sleeping, to eating.  Suddenly, the giggling came to an abrupt stop. And then I saw Julissa bending down with something in her arms…A puppy?!

I dashed ahead, ready to explain to her that we could never keep it.  But then I saw it, it’s cute little eyes, his folded ears, and baby soft fur.  I fought the urge to pet it.  It let out a pathetic whimper.  Suddenly, Julissa stood up, still cradling the puppy.   “I have the perfect plan!”  she exclaimed, “We need to take the poor scrap home.”

“Are you a lunatic Julissa?  Mom will NEVER let us keep it!”

“Excuse me?!  I knew that!  But we could always hide it!”

She zipped open the front pocket of her backpack, holding her finger to her lips.

That night, Julissa and I got ready for bed in our shared bedroom.  I climbed to the top bunk, stroking our fluffy cat, Gray.  Gray was an elderly cat, with wisps of long white and gray fur.  I drifted to sleep at the sound of Gray’s purring.

“THUNK!”  A loud noise suddenly awoke me.

I groggily sat up, “Julissa, are you there?”  I yawned, curious to what had made the noise.   No answer.


Still no answer.

Fully awake and completely curious, I looked down at her bed.  Empty.

As fast as I humanly could, I pelted down the stairs.  But I stopped dead when I saw what was at the bottom of the stairs.  It was Julissa alright.  Slumped on the ground, her throat..she was dead.  I felt like sobbing in agony, but no, not yet.  Because next to her corpse, the puppy stood next to her, eyes gleaming red with menace.  The puppy crept towards me. And that was the moment, the moment I knew I was going to die, right along with my sister.  I tried to scream, but nothing came out.  But then I heard a hiss.  An unmistakable hiss.  Gray dashed forward, fast as lightning in a gray blur, and pounced on the puppy, The fought in a flashing ball of of fur, claws and teeth.  I watched in utter shock, as Gray raked her claws along the dog’s throat.  Gray yowled in victory, standing over the dog’s body.  I came up and hugged Gray harder than ever before.  She had saved my life and avenged Julissa’s, and I could never repay her for it.

We were interviewed by the police, and once they had established I hadn’t done it, they labeled the case as a horrible sleepwalking accident.  But they couldn’t explain why they found traces of canine DNA on her body…and only I knew the truth.

I dunno, hope it wasn’t too scary.  🙂

If it scared you, here’s what I had to stare at after I wrote it:




And unicorn Twila wants to take a second a reassure you that puppies slobber all over you anyways, and cats are loyal and the best.

Bidding you a bookish farewell,





Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

11 thoughts on “The Killer Puppy-A Halloween Story”

    1. Oh no, that’s TOTALLY not what I meant! Puppies are cute! This was supposed to be a humorous story, not one that has a point that puppies are bad! I’m REALLY sorry if I offended you, that is not my intention AT ALL! This was just for a creative writing assignment, I thought it would be fun for Halloween. 🙂 If this helps, you know the scary doll movies? Dolls aren’t mean or bad, they just happened to be the subject of a horror story. Again, I’m really sorry if my writing offends you, dogs are adorable, I just wrote that story randomly. SO sorry!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You didn’t really, I know it was humorous… 😉 Sorry if I made it seem like I didn’t, but pups and cats are both nice. 😛 😉 I know you already know that. 🙂 That’s fine! I was half kidding anyways! XD haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I understand! I”M sorry that I made you think that! 🙂 I’m just not a HUGE one on scaryish stories.. 😛 😉 Haha! I love all animals too- except snakes and spiders… 😛 😉 Haha! 😉 DID YOU SEE MY POST ON MY BLOG!? ABOUT MY NEW ANIMAL!? You know, you and I used to chat quite often- we haven’t recently!


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