Where I See Myself in Ten Years


Hey guys!  Today, I decided to do a post inspired by Loren, from Letsbelost, and I thought it would be really fun!  So here We go!

Where do I see myself Job-Wise?


I would be in college.  So, I would probably be a waitress or something to earn pocket money, but I’d be studying to be one of these:

-Teacher, I think it would be really fun and exciting to show children the world around them

-Novelist, this is a definite.  I could always have two jobs.

-National Geographic photographer, It’s be really interesting to see all the places, know everything, and capture it all on film.

Do I see myself married?

In college?  Maybe, but probably after, ’cause studies come first.  (hopefully)


Not in college, not if I’m not married, but I will after college and if I am married. I want two twin girls, a girl, and a boy.

What about Housing?

In college, I’ll either be living in a dorm, but since I’ll be a junior by then, I might live in a friend’s house.

What position will you be in in blogging?

Hopefully this site will still be here!  But Agdollawesome probably will stop before 21.

Will you have any Pets?

DUH!  I will have one or two kittens, and I’ll adopt two older she cats named Minerva and Athena.  No dogs please.

Do you see yourself having a car?

Maybe. Probably, but it won’t be no Mazzarati…

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Bidding a bookish farewell,







Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

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