What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hey everybody!  So I’m sitting on the couch, half watching Dual Survival, with a REALLY Cracky voice, in my volleyball uniform.  Like seriously, I sound close to Darth Vader.  BUT, We DID win the Volleyball Game today!  We won the first game, lost the second game, tied it up with a third game, where I made seven serves in a row over to win the game!  But I couldn’t really cheer without sounding like nails on a chalkboard.  I haven’t posted in a while. At least, on THIS blog.  In don’t really have a post ready, but let’s just go over some recent things happening in my life!


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Of course, I’m sticking with my Warriors forever, hence the recent drop in book reviews, but in April, I got this wonderful book called Chains, and it is so heart-breakingly well written, with deep, compassionate, meanings, and it really makes you think.  I also left it out on the hammock at my grandma’s house, and unfortunately, the sprinklers came on overnight, so my awesome grandma ordered a new one for me!

Listening To


I’m in LOVE with Fifth Harmony’s hit single, “Me and My Girls”  I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I listen to it on coaches sterio at practice.  😉


Not a video game person, but Volleyball, if that’s not too much of a no-brainer.  🙂



Yes, I still LOVE Disney Channel, but the best of them is Backstage.  It’s so dramatic, and transforming.  😀


I’m working on editing some of my school narratives, but I’m also writing a novel about this girl and a crown. No spoilers, but the crown chooses the queen, not the other way around.  *fangirls over my own book*

And that about wraps it up! I’ve also been organizing my doll stuff, practing photography, and looking at other blogs.

bidding a bookish farewell,




Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To Lately”

  1. Awesome! I remember renting Chains from my local library about 2 years ago, but never finished it because I couldn’t get into it. Maybe someday I’ll check it out again. Laurie Halse Anderson is a great author-I LOVE her book “Fever 1793”.
    Oh wow, that is SOOOO COOL that you like the Disney Channel show “Backstage”. I mostly prefer the DC shows from when I was younger, but I’ve seen promos for that show and it sounds REALLY COOL. One of these days I’ll have to watch it! It sounds like my kind of show.

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