Back To School Days #3-Back to School Planner Tips

back to school days

Hello everybody!  Today, I am going to just show you guys some of the really cheap school supplies you can get at Target right now!


1.Cute Pencils

Because sometimes, plain yellow just won’t do.  Each pack was 1 dollar each.  The first one was the cute pastel pencils with gold phrases on the top, like scribble, or to-do, and I just LOVED them.  The second pack were the coral pencils with dots and stripes.  They are so adorable because they go perfectly with my room!  And the last set were my favorites, the ones with cute floral and confetti prints!

2. Cactus Erasers

These are the CUTEST!  They were only one dollar, they come in a cute little package, AND there are four adorable cactai!

3. Cat Notebook

This notebook was found while I passed by the Girls’s clothing section, and it is super!  I spiced it up with some matching washi tape, and it will be used for English.


4. Planner

Fourth, we had a ten dollar planner, and I love it because it’s gold, and the design on the inside is perfect for me!


5.  Page flags

Super adorable and helpful for the planner.  🙂


6.  binder clips

These were also 1 dollar!


7.Binder Clips



8. Pencil case/purse

And last, but not least, we have this awesome pencil case!  I keep all my supplies in it!  Thank you Aunt Sarah!  (This was found in the purse section, but I like it as a pencil case)

And that’s it!  I hope you plan your trip to Target, the stuff is SO cute!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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