Back To School Days- Nine Effective Study Techniques

back to school days

Hey there everyone!  Today is a very special day… It’s the start of Back to School days!  Remember, if anyone would like to guest post for this, email me your post at, and post a comment telling me you’ve done it after you email it.

Anyways, let’s get on with today’s post!

How terrible is it to think you know something, but you get it wrong on a test?  You get a bad mark and everything.  This bothers you, especially if you’re a good student.  Now imagine you’re in class, or a home school co-op, whatever.  You sigh when you look at your bad grade.  You know what might have helped?  To study.  But studying is BO-O-O-RING, right!

Well not anymore!  I have come up with nine helpful studying tips to make studying FUN!

1.  My Study Special

I have come up over the years, that when I have to study, I tend to put this technique to use.  This especially helps if you’re trying to read about a concept from a textbook.  The formula is study 25 minutes, with a five minute break, and repeat for each subject.  

This really also helps if some kind of big exam is coming up, or if you are just trying to grasp one subject.

2. Pic Flash

No, this technique does not involve a camera, but it helps when you’re trying to study many things at a time, like state capitals.  Try to draw a picture to help you remember on a flash card.  Like, if you’re trying to remember that the capital of Maine is Augusta, write Maine on the front, and on the back, write Augusta, and say, a calendar of the month of August.

3.Teach it!

I like this one, because I like study AND do my dolls at the same time.  So first, dress up your doll in school clothes, (It might be fun to do this with a cat or dog to0, cats would be easier, though, since they would be sleeping in class.)  and get out your whiteboard or just a piece of paper, snap on your witty glasses, (fake or real,) and teach it!


When studying, I find it very fun to take notes.  Picture this, *Looks off into the imaginary thought bubble*

a person who knows absolutely NOTHING about the subject you’re studying, (Umm…lets say gerbils!)  He knows nothing about gerbils, and he’s walking on the sidewalk, whistling to shake it off.  And then he sees a folded up paper airplane on the ground.  He decides to open it up, and low and behold….the paper airplane contains all your notes about GERBILS!  Now he has the infinite knowledge about Gerbils.

This is how your notes should be, except that person is YOU.  *MIND BLOWN*

Even if you already know some stuff, don’t leave it out, you could always use a refresher. and add color to your notes, diagrams, flow charts, whatever makes it fun!

5. LOUD!

It helps to also read aloud when reading long periods of text.  You can say it in a french accent, whatever kills the boredom.  You can scream it, (just make sure not to wake up your cat. What?  Your brother is asleep too?  Well, never mind him, I’m studying.)

6. Set Goals

You might have a problem with studying too less or too little, so set about 3-5 goals for each study session to accomplish.  But make sure they aren’t too big!


Sometimes, you have to read a class book, and your homework is to read a few chapters, and then you take a test.  So how can you study for this?  So what I do is take a lined piece of paper, and every three pages, sum up what happened in a little less than a paragraph.

8.Helpful websites

simple wikipedia

Simple Wikipedia takes a complicated subject and puts it into words you can understand.  it’s super helpful for studying, and ! totally recommend it!


Ted ED is a YouTube channel packed to the brim with wholesome videos.  They are all animated in the coolest way, and has just about everything.

Study With Jess

Study with Jess gives you some helpful study tips from an experienced student, Jess is totally clean, she also motivates you.  This channel also really helps1

9. Study Recipe

And the last fun part of studying is planning your study party!  So I make up a study recipe on an index card and keep it if it will help me again someday.

Here’s an example:

-1 cup TedED

-3 tablespoons Simple Wiki

-A can of notes

Well, I hope you liked this first installment of Back to School Days!  Comment on how YOU study or if you liked these tips!  Don’t forget to guest post too!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,




Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

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