Wagon Train at Hume Lake- The Run Down of My Time At Summer Camp


“Hey, where was Samantha last week?”

“I dunno, She wasn’t posting!”

Hey guys! I’m back from a week full of hiking, singing, archery, and all around fun!  You guys might have been wondering where I was, (or not…) and I know that you all live all around the country and even farther than that, so I decided to give you  a run down of what happened at Wagon Train, since I’ll be too old to go again next year!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Wagon train, it’s a Christian, week long camp that runs for a week.  It’s located up in the Sierra’s (California), next to Hume lake. The camp is for kids going into the 3rd through sixth grades.

Where We Sleep

One of the most fun parts about Summer Camp is sleeping in something other than a house, right?  Like a tent, or a log cabin… or a COVERED WAGON?!


They look like the image above, and they are all named after states.  I got Alabama this year, and Missouri last year.  The boys are completely separated from the girls, and there are ten bunks in each wagon.  The camp has wagon competitions, for the cleanest wagon, the wagon who memorized all their memory verses, and who decorated the wagon best.  We tried really hard this year, and…we lost.  To Kentucky!  We were in 4th or fifth place though!  The winner gets to sleep in the giant, tree house master worthy tree house on the last night and have s’mores with the staff, which brings us to..


The staff is basically about fifteen, awesome, hard core, Christian  leaders in their twenties.  There are two teams, the Mustangs and the Mavericks.  There are four trail guides, a boy and a girl for each team.  I got Sage for my trail guide, and she is SUPER nice.  The trail guide basically leads the girl half or the boy half of each team.  There is trail guide rec each day, Archery, hiking, etc.   They are all named silly names like Maple or Spark.  And on the first day, they dress up in Western Clothes!





Activities are the main part of the day, trail guide rec.  Like Super scary repelling, where you have to go backwards off a rock!


Or BB guns!  I got a bulls eye



Or Crafts!  We made leather bookmarks!


Or Wacky Water wednesday, a camp wide pool day full of fun pool activities!


Or archery, I won the camp wide Archery sharp-shooter competition!

Or D&G!  A David And Goliath game of frisbee tag played in the river!  War Paint!



Worship is held in the morning and in the evening, where we sing songs and praise the Lord.

I like bananas, 

And mangoes are sweet, 

I like papayas, 

But nothing can beat, 

The sweet, 


of God!


The food was eaten in an open barn, and it was great!  Thee was a dessert with every meal, you know, the usual camp food.  (PIZZA)

ris 'n shine

It was a great camp experience, and I am sure going to miss it all.  From the zip line, the giant swing, and kayaking, to D&G, Pizza, and Archery, it was the best week of Summer.


I think I’m in it!



8 thoughts on “Wagon Train at Hume Lake- The Run Down of My Time At Summer Camp

  1. OOOOOOOOOOH!!!! Wow, that looks fun! 🙂 😀 Wow… that ‘i love bananas’ song brings BACK SO MANY MEMORIES!!! :O From when we were at out OLD church… 😛 😀
    🙂 That’s cool that you won the archery too!!! 😀 EEEEEEK!!! 🙂 That looks F-U-N!!! 🙂 Hehe!! FRISBEE!!!!!!!! I LOVE FRISBEE!!!! 🙂 😀 Now I need to watch the video! 🙂 Thanks for posting this Sam!


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