The girl gulped in the salty air.  Her toes wriggled in the sand, and with her eyes closed, she listened.

She listened to the water crashing against the cliff side.  She listened to the repetitive sound of the tide.  The listened to the sea bird’s call, and to faint sound of her long hair rustling in the wind.

The girl walked closer to the shore, and she saw.  She saw the sun setting in the horizon, giving out a burst of beautiful pastel colors in the sky, reflecting on the water.  She saw the tiny whisps of clouds, the glint and sparkle of the water farther out, and the foam bubbling at the shore.

She inhaled slowly and she smelled.  She smelled the salty tang in the air, the dewy palm tree leaves, and the wonderful scent of an oncoming storm.

She knelt down in the water, knees sinking deeper and deeper into the pebbly sand, and she felt.  She felt the icy Spring water, that didn’t bother her the least bit, because she knew that soon, it would be Summer, and then it would be as warm as a hot bath.  She felt the gentle rocking of the waves, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

It was as if the waves were whispering to her, “Harper, Harper,”  They called her name.

She scooped her hands in the sand, and picked up a sand dollar.  It’s color was mesmerizing, and the detail of the sea blossom in the center was incredible.

Her damp sweater clutched to her skin ans she stood.  The foam lapped at her ankles and she clutched her sand dollar treasure in her hand.  This was her paradise, her celestial home, with treasures buried underneath, and wonders found above ground.  Her Paradise.  Paradise.



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