CWWC- Missing, Challenge Nine

Hello people of earth!  This is the last CWWC!  *Bawls*  I think next time, she does CWWC, I will totally do all of them.  Because I have only done three, counting this one.  But at the same time, I’m kind of relieved!  I don’t have any more contests or anything now!  I can post more WOTW and just normal posts!  And I’ve got plenty of stories to put up here, I’ll tell you what.  For the prompts, I used the shattered girl, the missing, the I can’t help you, the girl in the classroom, the girl with a torch, and the girl hugging a guy.  I also put in some of my own prompts.  Let’s get on with it!


I remember it clearly.  Domino had scratched up my favorite chair, and I scolded her, angrier than I had ever been.  she had darted away someplace, I didn’t know where, probably just to have some alone time, I had told myself.  But she never came back.  We searched everywhere, my family and I, we even put an ad in the local newspaper.  I plotted where to look, and I went looking for her every night, in the darkness that I was so afraid of.  We asked all our neighbors, but when all they said was, “I can’t help you”, it was like a gong had rung in my ears, reminding me over and over again.  There was no hope.  Domino would never come back.  I had to give up.

I cried for weeks, angry with myself that the last that Domino had known of me was anger.  I had what seemed like a thousand ideas of where she had disappeared to.  Maybe she got badly injured by the dogs next door.  Maybe she had gotten terribly lost.  But maybe, she was dead.  I knew it in my heart.  And when my family hugged me and tried to comfort me, I turned away from them.  Because sometimes, Domino was more like a family member to me than any of my real family.

When I was only a toddler, I wanted a cat so badly, that I prayed for one every night that I went to bed.  But one fateful day, my mother found a small kitten, abandoned on the road.  She was completely white, except for a wide, black strip down her back, and a black chin and tail.

Throughout the years, we had created a strong bond.  I loved her, and she loved me.  I gave her a treat every day, and she slept on my bed with me.  I played string with her and she licked my face.  She was sometimes my only friend.  I felt lost without her, shattered.

When I finally was forced back to school, I couldn’t focus.  Domino still roamed my mind, and I couldn’t get rid of her.  When everybody left the classroom, I was still sitting in my desk, not noticing that it was time to leave.  I felt a pair of arms rest on my shoulders, probably the teacher’s.  “It’s time to go”, she told me smoothly.  In a fluster of embarrassment, I packed up my things and practically flew out of the classroom.  But as I was walking home, I took the long way, to think of how to forget Domino.

But how could I?

That was the question.

But suddenly, I saw a small shape of a cat, leaning against a fence.  I bounded up to get a closer look.    And sure enough, it was a familiar, completely white cat, with a black, wid stripe down her back, with a black tail and chin.


Did you like that?  I hope you did!  GO TEAM HALF BLOOD!



Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

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