CWWC- Heaven

Hey there everyone!  I urge you to read this story, it’s the first time I have written for God and I think it was pretty fun and it felt better to write about that rather than scary, dark stories.  I think I’ll try it again soon!  Go Team Half Blood! We can pull through!  I used as many prompts as I possibly, humanly could:

-three girls sitting on stairs

-shattered girl

-not all haunted places are houses

-girl in classroom

-colorful bottles

-girl with butterflies

-bad memories do not always open


-here be faeries

three girls

One day, my two sisters and I sat down on our filthy stairs in the orphanage.  It seemed like everything at that place was filthy, from the clothes we wear, to the small bath tub in which we try to wash our hair.  We sit down on those stairs when we all know that things will not get better.  We had been in that same orphanage  our whole lives, but we still were what they called “forced” to go to church every Sunday.  We liked the church we went to, because if things indeed never got better, we would always have God to stand with us. We sat on one special step, the first one, because that was always the last step to go to church on Sundays.  So we sat down and talked.  We talked about our favorite things, raspberries, and fairies, and Christmas.   But today we talked about Heaven.  I remember it clearly, Annabelle, Mary, and I threw out tons of ideas about Heaven.

Back then, we thought heaven was a place where ballerinas danced on water, there were raspberries growing on a bush, at every corner, God had every color in a bottle, and fairies lived inside every tree.  We didn’t care what anybody said about our ideas, we just went on and on about our Heaven.  They laughed and scoffed, but Annabelle just pushed them aside.


Back then, we were five years old, not a care in the world.  We kept on telling ourselves, that someday, somebody would adopt us, together, but little did we know how wrong we were.

Five years later, my sister, Annabelle was rushed to the hospital.  Her head was hurting like fire, she had said.  Five days and 20 hospital visits later, the doctors decided that the only possible way to get Annabelle’s brain tumor better was to preform surgery.  Mary and I waited in that hospital all day, waiting for our beloved sister to come out with her tumor removed and everything back to normal.  But she never did.  The surgery went terribly wrong.  Annabelle had died at 5:27 P.M.  Mary blamed the doctors for what happened.  I blamed God.

I began to skip Church. I lay in bed all day, every day, wondering why God did this to our loving sister Annabelle. I lost my faith.  I felt shattered, broken.

shattered girl

And one day, a  blonde, rich couple adopted Mary.  Not me.  Only Mary.  That day, was the second saddest day of my life.  Mary said good bye to me and that she would see me again , but I didn’t see how that would happen.

So I never stepped again on that step that we sat on, those  many year ago. I simply skipped it, after all, I thought, I was never going to go to Church again.

On the Christmas after my twelfth birthday, Mary came to visit me.  I could hardly believe it.  She was wearing the nicest clothes, with a package for me.  She and I had a deep conversation, trying to convince me not to blame anybody, and to go to Church again.  I refused coldly, and it was the first time I had ever made Mary cry, but I didn’t care.   I told hr to get out and to never speak to me again.  I deeply regret that moment.  So with tears in her eyes, she threw me a white, unwrapped box and left.

On the box, a few words were scrawled in messy, black handwriting, “Bad Memories don’t always Open.”  I scoffed at the cheesy warning and quickly opened the box.  There was a letter inside, I don’t remember the words, but i do remember the last sentence, “Remember, not all haunted places are houses”

I wept when I read that sentence.  Mary was right, not all haunted places are houses, but hearts.  My heart was haunted by all of my sadness, and I had tried to blame it on God, when I knew deep down, that there was nobody to blame.  So I began to go to Church again, and I started to try much harder at school.  One day, I stayed in the classroom, alone, after school.  I pondered Heaven again.  But this time, I knew Heaven would be a place where Annabelle would be waiting for me.

girl in classroom


Dud you like it!?  If you did, comment below!  I love comments and every sweet word you say makes me smile!  GO TEAM HALF BLOOD!



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