My Top Three Most HeartBreaking Warriors Deaths



*sigh*  Erin Hunter just loves to kill cats, right?!  Warrior Fans will only get this post.  I think I cry at least every book!  Look at the “Allegiances” section at the beginning of the First book and count how many cats are dead.  Se what I mean?  So today, I have gathered the most heartbreaking Warriors Deaths.  I am on book six in the power of three, so that would be the eighteenth book.  Here is the list!


*couldn’t find photo credit*

1. Cinderpelt

*WAILS*  She was simply trying to help give birth to kits when a badger comes in and…  I was so sad!  I cried the most about this one.  At first I was even more angry at Erin Hunter when I thought she didn’t join Starclan, but Starclan always finds their ways!



Again, really!?  She died saving Fireheart!  And what did she get?  Thrown off a cliff!  At least she finally made peace with Starclan!


3. Yellowfang

She almost lived!  But of course she had to die in her den when Firestar was trying to save her.  Typical Cat death.

I hope you enjoyed this list!  If you have any you would like to add, comment below!  (But please no deaths past Sunrise, Power of Three.)



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