10 Summer Room Decor Diy’s

room decor diys

Hello everyone!  Today, I will be showing you the 20 summer room decor ideas that I have come up with!  Like, comment, and follow if you loved this post.  Also, please tell me in the comments if you would like me to do some more DIY posts.  Now read this post, run to Joann’s, and DIY it!


1-Rainbow Bookshelf

One of the easiest ways to add summery, vibrant color to your room is to put your books in rainbow order.  I did each level as a separate rainbow, but you can just do one, big rainbow shelf!  The order is:  Red/Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black/Brown/Tan/White


2-Watermelon Plaque

For this DIY, you need a rectangular wooden piece.  First, paint the sides pink.  Then, use red and dark green for the first, dark pink and lighter green for the second, and light pink and light green for the third.  Add black seeds.


3-Pink Ombre paint strokes

You will need another piece of wood for this.  Paint the sides pink.  Using red, dip your brush in and just stroke the paint along the wood.  You do not need to go back for more paint to cover it, just let it naturally run out of paint.  Keep adding squirts of white and brushing on strokes until you get to light pink.


4 and 5- pineapple and camera

For the camera, I just painted an old digital camera orange.  For the pineapple, I used the top of a gift box.  Using a dry erase marker, I drew the outline of a pineapple.  I brush on paint and the blotched it carefully with a sponge.  I used pink, orange, and green.  I used washi tape for the sides


6. Sunglasses Display

For this project, you will need two tacks and string or yarn.  I simply spaced the two tacks apart, and knotted the string on the tacks.  Now you can hang your sunglasses on the wall!

image7-Starry Wall

All I used was tacks and a strand of star lights I got at Target.  I pulled the stars off the light strand and I hung them on the tacks.


8-Dress Banner

I cut off the bottom ruffle of an old dress that doesn’t fit and I hung it on my wall!


9- Lipstick art

I took different shades of lip stick, and I literally kissed the paper!


10- Flower canvas

I used the bottom of the pineapple gift box and I hot-glued some faux flowers on!

I hope you liked my ideas!  Remember to comment if you would like more DIY’s!





Author: Samantha@ RedHeadWithABook&AGDollAwesome

I have 2 blogs, my doll blog, agdollawesome, and my personal blog, redheadwithabook. I am a redhead who loves to write, read, and play with dolls! Thanks for following. <3

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      1. I would, but we really don’t have many books of our own (I share a room with my sister). Actually… I think I own like one or two books MYSELF, but seeing as we use a homeschool curiculim with tons of reading, we have about five books in out school room. 🙂 And they are already sort of sorted.. so yeah. 🙂

        ♥ Megan 🐱

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