Green-Part 2

I stared right into the leprechaun’s eyes and they stared back at me.  I studied them as they froze in shock at the sight of me.  There were three and they all had polished black shoes with golden buckles at the toe.  They wore cream colored tights all the way up to their shorts, which were green.  They had dark pine-colored vests with golden buttons over lime green tops.  Their belts came up to their bellies and they had green hats to tamed down their curly, red hair.  Their red hair was uncombed on the top, but their beards looked carefully groomed.  They were pale skinned and they had tiny specks of gold in their green eyes.

“What are you staring at, my lady?”  One of them asked in a thick Irish accent.

“Um…Are you Leprachauns?”

“Why yes we are!  What might your name be?”


The first one politely took of his hat and bowed to me.  “My name is Patrick and this one here,” he said, pointing to the one on the left, “His name is Lorcan and the other one be Collin.”

The two bowed to me in unison.

“Why are you in my kitchen?”

“For goodness sake, don’t you know?  Today is St. Patrick’s day!  Why are you not wearing green?”


“You know, a leprechaun’s pinch can kill a man…” Lorcan commented.

“Lorcan!  Have you no respect?  You don’t warn a human before you pinch them!” Patrick scolded.

“No!  I don’t want to be pinched!  Please, what do I have to do for you to not pinch me?”

“Well… Do you have any gold?”
“I’m sorry, but no.”

“Do you have any rainbows?”

I thought for a moment.  And then I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could trick them with my rainbow prism.  A long time ago, i got a glass prism that’s called a rainbow prism. You turn the ligh off and shine a flashlight on it and a rainbow emits from the other side.

I quickly ran up the stairs and retrieved it for the leprechauns.  I came back down and turned the lights off.

“Alright Miss, lets see you rainbow.  They all gathered around anxiously as i shined my flashlight on the prism.  Sure enough, out came a rainbow of light.

I turned the light back on and waited for their reply.

“Merida, you have magic!   We accept your wondrous rainbow!”

With a snap of his fingers, a beautiful Irish green dress appeared in my hands.

“Goodbye, Merida, and may the luck of the Irish be with you.”


How did you like that?  I worked super hard on it and thank you so much for reading!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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