Green- A Short Story Part 1

“I’m NOT wearing green today.”

“But Merida, It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Besides, your just as Irish as the rest of the family.”

“No Ailee, St. Patrick’s Day is just a dumb thing for little kids.  Leprechauns aren’t real.”

“But then who turns the milk Green?”

“Just get out of here!  I need to brush my hair!

I watched as my eight-year-old little sister stomped out the dooorway, clearly defeated.

Who does Mom and Dad think they are, trying to fool me into believing as In LEPRACHAUNS!  I’m 12 now for goodness sake!  Leprachauns just some stupid kiddy thing that some guy made up. ,
I thought as I brushed my think, auburn hair in front of the mirror.  It was 5:00 in the morning and I was getting ready for the day.  Even though I left for school at 8:00, my little sister and I still liked to really take my time in getting ready.  I hated St. Patrick’s day.  Everyone always noticed me because of my Irish stereotype red hair and freckles.  I came from a long line of Irish ancestors and my great grandma first immigrated to America in 1931.  I decided that today, I needed to lay low and just wear something normal.  Besides, nobody at my school ever wears green on St. Patrick’s Day!  So today I decided to wear my normal light blue tee, converse sneakers, and jeans.

I didn’t like standing out and with such an unusual name as Merida, It was pretty hard to stay unnoticed.  I also had six brothers and sisters, and, of course, I’m in the middle of the family.  I slipped on my socks and laced up my sneakers.  I liked to blend in, so that people never knew how smart I was.  I’ve seen the kids that get teased just because of their knowledge and I had no intention of that happening.

So I slipped down the stairs and into the kitchen.  The It was still dark outside, but the lights were off.  Huh, I thought.  Mom and Dad always leave the lights on at night.  I flicked the lights on and I stiffled a scream when I saw them…The leprechauns.


Did you guys like it so far?  I’ll post the next part tomorrow or the day after!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





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